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Child abuses..she spat in 'Alice's mouth

Click on the blue link above to hear one of the many abuses
reported by a witness who Cheshire police made a video of ,
and Cheshire police subsequently hid the evidence.

See the latest postings of a man desperately fighting to rescue his children and expose criminals in the authorities in Cheshire - TomDobbieFaceBook ..

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We NEVER present things without evidence

Mum sat on 'Alice' and spat in 'Alice's mouth.

Graham evidenced in Chester Crown Court about mum spitting in 'Alice's mouth - . I first thought this was made up, because I'd forgotten about it. I knew my ex wife when we were kids. She was brought up by her older sister and brother because she had a very cold relationship with her own mum. These three kids did horrendous things to each other. So, she thought it was normal to do horrible things to her own children (she also did horrible things to her pet cats ). Her behaviour was also seen clearly in the psychology report on her - cold, narcissistic, self centred, like of violence.
Hearing Graham's evidence brought back a lot of memories I'd buried about this child abusing woman. Both Cheshire police and Cheshire West and Chester social services forced the children against their wishes to stay with this child abusing mum. They knew the background of this mum who had even let her own daughter be raped by one friend's son and then sexually abused by mum's pervert live in 58yr old boyfriend. Mum named him the pervert as she was originally terrified of him and his stalking. .
14yr old 'Alice' and her 9yr old younger brother are still being forced today to coexist in what was dad's house - mum stole the house by lying to Cheshire police saying she was assaulted (see prejudice). Forced into custody of this cold heartless cruel mum and her live in paedophile boyfriend thanks to judge Barnett of Chester covering up negligence and criminality for his cronies in Cheshire West....feeding another bit of the industrial scale child abuse ....

A moral proposition: - are ALL social workers evil ? . Answer.








This is 'Alice' when she was younger. She was abused for years. She is 14 now and is forced to live with her abusers along with her 8yr old brother.

Abuses of children right now, allowed and caused by social workers and police to protect themselves and their organisations....

'Alice' contacted NSPCC and others. They simply passed it back to the criminals in social services - .who gagged the children.

'Alice' ......" I'm scared "

" don't be scared sweet pea"
.....Graham ...

'Alice' ......" .please help me .."

." I'm trying to.
I gave evidence for courts in Chester,
about your mum sitting on you
and spitting in your mouth;
about all the times she assault you
and your little brother 'Ben'.
but judge Woodward said
he wasn't allowed to rescue you
from abuse .."
.. Graham.

'Alice' ..." can't anyone help me ? "

" I gave evidence to Manchester Police
and Chester Police
and Cheshire Police
..two times, even on video,
that's months ago now"
......Graham ...

'Alice' ... " ..who will help me ? " ..

( left in fear and anxiety every day )

......Graham ...
left in anxiety and distress every day...








This is Graham holding Alice'
many years ago.

Graham is his real name, he no longer lives with the abusers.

Graham gave evidence statements to Cheshire police - once on video. Cheshire police said they would investigate due to the seriousness of the abuses. Then they were stopped - presumably by Dwyer to cover up the police negligence and criminality.

We are protecting the two younger children by using the pseudonames 'Alice' and 'Ben'. Also, we are showing pictures of when they were a bit younger to protect identification by sight.

"How is it possible that the neighbours of 14 yr old Alice and 9 yr old Ben are still allowing children to be abused ?

(Alice and Ben are code names to protect the children; Graham you can meet and ask questions)

'Alice' and 'Ben' live in abuse. Their abusers are carefully threatening and bribing the children now. This is how children live who have been trafficked - live in fear and anxiety. This is how children who have been sexually and physically abused live - in fear, anxiety, and the abusers manipulating the people around them. All the power of child protection - except it is being used for the opposite purpose of keeping children in abuse , just like Rotherham, Rochdale, Wrexham....

Police and social workers were originally easily manipulated in a Baby P type response to interviewing the abusive violent mother. They are now avoiding any investigation of the abusers so that the negligence is not evident. However, there are people not easily gagged - like the children's dad - Tom Dobbie of Ellesmere Port. Police even unlawfully imprisoned Tom Dobbie for a year in HMP Altcourse in Liverpool - to gag him. Chester Crown Court acquitted dad because he had reported crimes. That court case was in March 2015. Cheshire police are still today refusing to investigate the child abuses and crimes that satisfied Crown Court. Both Cheshire West and their subcontractor NYAS have assisted the children's abusive mum to further isolate and gag the children into more emotional abuse.

Cheshire Police arrested Tom Dobbie of Ellesmere Port and imprisoned him for a year on remand - because he reported crimes against his children and himself. Chester Crown Court acquitted Tom Dobbie. Crown Court said the police made a mess of Biblical proportions and put the victims instead of the criminals on trial. To this day, the children are still in abuse and Cheshire police are still trying to cover it all up. Your children are not safe in Cheshire.

Please email the home office and ask them to take action to rescue the children.

click to see court listing


Authorities exist for themselves - not you or your children.

How far will immoral people in authority go to protect themselves and their organisations ?

Rochdale, Rotherham, Wrexham and more - it's a fight to the death
..forget your TV, this is real. Turn up to Chester Crown Court on March 2017 for full details of these criminals.

1. It starts as negligence,
- then you complain,
so they tell lies,
- you complain,
they tell more lies,
they close ranks,
and get other authorities to tell lies,
they also close ranks and tell lies ,
- you complain....
now, they are helping the child abusers,
which allows them to abuse the children further,
all in order to try and cover up more ....

2. It's as if the devil is conducting an evil symphony,
it spirals -
the nighmare of abuses
is evidenced here
created by
- social workers and their bosses
- CAFCASS guardian Alan Rawlinson all the way up to Anthony Douglas.
- police officers and their bossess all the way up to the crime commissioner John Dwyer
- judges , especially Barnett.

Every child and parents worse nightmare - the holocaust revisited .

in 2015, David Cameron's Industrial Scale Child Abuse was caused by an industrial scale cover up.

Click here for a table of evidence - - various documents that show the domestic violence, domestic abuse and corruption....

Click here for videos. dex

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