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Your children are NOT safe in Cheshire - Why ? .

Judges Barnett, Dutton, Woodford, Berkson,Sanderson, O'Leary and others,
while operating in Chester, Liverpool, Manchester and Crewe
and/or assisted,
and/or knew of,
and/or covered up
numerous clearly evidenced criminal acts against -
criminal adults
by numerous criminals inside Cheshire police and in particular Ellesmere Port police.

It started off by nasty malevolent child abuse by a parent (mum),
and Ellesmere Port police being stupid, negligent, thugs
arrested the victim man instead of the perpatrator woman.
They ignored the evidence and followed their personal prejudices -
even though there was already health and social services records
that showed clearly the mum was a women violently out of control.

When police get it wrong, ALL of the justice system covers their backs -
including PPC and IOPC.
When they lost their conviction,
they did everything to bury the person who had suffered terribly by their negligent arrest.

They helped the original domestic terrorist destroy her husbands businesses, steal his house, make multiple threats, harassments, stalking, coercive control by proxy and even torture. All of this was confirmed by professionals and evidence. This only made Cheshire police more and more desperate to bury the man and the evidence.

This has gone on for 132 court appearances, 16 arrests into overnight custody, 6 incarcerations on remand to HMP Altcourse adding up to 2 years, along with an additional 320 days of isolation on electronic tag, theft of over 10 computers, 3 tablets, various smartphones and other items
They keep stealing any computers to stop the reporting of the crimes they are party to.
They steal other items to plant dna on crime scenes ).

You all complain of covid isolation, and yet this is a thousand times worse and you all ignore it. The police control the media - so, 132 court appearances never appears in any newspapers. I am still fighting on to rescue my children. Link to some of my recent academic work - Archetype Calculus will get a Nobel Prize eventually.

We NEVER present things without evidence
Video Evidence
- by Tom Dobbie and Graham Dean of child abuses that judges Pearce and Barnett want covered up to protect their freemason cronies in Chester. They are keeping the 2 children with their vile abusers in order to keep the children gagged. Cheshire police refused to interview the children. The children were refused to be allowed to be heard in court. In Chester, the Devil walks freely as you all sit and let it happen.
Graham Dean (The two children's older step brother no longer lives in Ellesmere Port where the children are ) - video witness statements.

All statements as a story

Video55 Who I am

Video56 Reporting abuses

Video58 'Alice' Abuses

Video59 'Alice' hair ..(also)

Video60 Fights

Video61 Early violence

Video62 'Ben' bath abuses

Video63 Ben thrown across room

Video64 Dad abused

Video65 Reported to CWaC

Video66 Reported Court

Video67 Reported to police

Video68 Available as witness

Tom Dobbie (dad of the two children living in Ellesmere Port, Graham who lives away from Ellesmere Port, and ex husband of the vile abusive mum who stole dad's house in Ellesmere Port and is living in it with the 59 yr old paedophile keeping the children gagged) - video witness statements.
All statements as a story Video1CheshireSurprises Video2WifeSurprises Video3StepChildAbuse
Video4NowWantedChild Video5ComputerBeforeChild Video6DontDareCriticiseHer Video7WifeLeftBaby
Video8Abduction Video9Prohibited Video10MoneyEverything Video11Kidnap
Video12BadCheshirePolice Video13BadPolice Video14PoliceLies Video15DarthVader
Video16CutPasteLies Video17PregnantAgain Video18CycleOfViolence Video19SoughtHelp
Video20DoNotDoNot Video21UselessSocialWorkers Video22MumAssaultsChild


Told to hate men in situations of domestic violence


Ultra Stupid


Criminal self protection


Preys on vulnurable lone women


50 / 50



CAFCASS report abuses


Lying, smearing, perjuring


Run children's services


Gag gad to prison for 1 year


Allow crimes by their cronies





Injunctions by CWaC















contract rules



ArrestSurprise8 a

possibly sinister laugh


always anxious

Left blank as i expect police to criminally harass me more

Left blank as i expect police to criminally harass me more Left blank as i expect police to criminally harass me more
Alan Rawlinson - CAFCASS children's guardian who said it was ok to force a penis into a child's mouth. Helen Jones covers up proven child sexual abuse - Helen Jones perjures the family court yet again John Dwyer the freemason criminal Cheshire Police crime commissioner
A dreadful story of children being abused Judge Barnet
the freemason criminal of Chester family court
John Mann MP Victoria Derbyshire
Traffic1 preview CAFCASS Zimbardo on evil organisations Senator Nancy Schaefer 1
Senator Nancy Schaefer 2 Mum with low empathy Childrens services destroys children Childrens services tell lies
Nasty mum Gove - Justice Minister HM The Queen Letter to Munby
Child now 12yrs old. 'Ben' - Videos, audio and wishes (name protected)
'Ben' Screaming for dad Cold low empathy mum Social worker lies about 'Ben' Ben's wishes
Psychologist reports about 'Ben'      
Child now 14yrs old. 'Alice' - Videos, audio, Blogs, drawings, letters (name protected)
Mum with little empathy for 'Alice' Mum shouting and slapping 'Alice' Mum abusing 'Alice' ( Hair ) List of abuses
Photographic evidence Holes kicked in doors Alice early blog Transcript of Blogs1-20
Blog1 Blog2 Blog3 Blog4
Blog5 Blog6 Blog7 Blog8
Blog9 Blog10 Blog11 Blog12
Blog13 Blog14 Blog15 Blog16
Blog17 Blog18 Blog19 Blog20
Letter to judge Letter to judge Letter to judge Letter to judge
Bad Police Take Wrong Parent Mum using parental alienation 1 Mum using parental alienation 2  
Mum teaching children to steal dad's property Mum approved alienating children    


Other links below : In the future, generations will look back in their history books. They will see a shameful period in history - this is

The Jillings Report..(.Bryn-Estyn children’s home in Wrexham.) ........ Link .........Download PDF

This shows the extent that police and local authority (social services and their mob) will CRIMINALLY go to in order to cover up child abuse and crimes against children.

List of Public Figures Convicted of Child Sex Abuse ... Link ......Download PDF .....

Their are hundreds of groups on facebook across the world who are exposing the criminality of social services and the family courts.
Think about that .. - .. the government bodies called local authorities are carrying out thousands of criminal acts against children and families. They get away with it, because fighting people with so much power and funding is a nightmare for all the abused people. A lot of it is error, even more is vindictiveness against anyone who speaks out against them. Try telling your bosses boss that he's made a bad mistake, and you are likely going to be treated like someone who complains about social workers. Links to be supplied soon here of reliable news reports on some of these events.

Websites against domestic violence - awaiting new link


awaiting new link for a table of evidence -
- various documents that show the domestic violence, domestic abuse and corruption.

You can help rescue the children and bring these criminals to justice - from your computer

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