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Dear HM Queen Elizabeth...rescue these children.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth could stop these children being abused....

HM Queen Elizabeth
please stop the abuses
and rescue these children



Real Story : Letter to HM Queen Elizabeth.

To Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth,
cc Theresa May.

Your Majesty,
I beg your help for my children and me as loyal subjects.

Law and order has broken down in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, England.

My children are being abused right now with the approval of police, judiciary and social services. These people allowing the abuses of my children and me are agents of your government. Can you please get your government to protect my children, behave legally and morally decent.
There is a worldwide scandal about the behaviour of social services, especially in the huge numbers of children being abused and families being destroyed. This is your England, where thousands of abusive, criminal, bad social workers destroy families for so many wrong reasons.
This is no theory, the exposures of their abuses is accelerating due to the huge number of people being abused. People who are decent, not druggies, not alcoholics, not child abusers. I'm a highly regarded father and consultant physicist, poet, writer. . . .

The social services first got involved in my family because my then children's mum was carrying out child abuses and domestic violence. Then, the social services left us with me as the primary carer and her to attend mental health. Social services were sympathetic but too busy. They said i was to protect the children and only if the violence got extreme - like she was stabbing them - should i get them back involved.
So, they left and it got worse. This bad mum left marks on both children many times. My daughter phoned me on ocassions screaming and crying and begging me to get back to the house to protect her from her mother.
On one nasty assault mum carried out on our toddler boy on 23rd July 2010 i stopped her and she reported to the police that i had assaulted her. This was the start of cascading acts of negligence by the police and social services. There is a huge prejudice against men concerning domestic violence. Gender has become a scapegoat instead of correctly understanding the real problem
The police arrested me and charged me with assault -
- upsetting the children ( one of the children's drawings about this ).








The case taking until April 2011 to get me cleared.

Using lies and perverting the course of justice, my then wife used the police to help her take possession of the family home and move in one of her boyfriends - a pervert who abused the children. She destroyed the family business and destroyed my personal finances.

The Police response was to state they had behaved professional. They could not charge her as it was more than 6 months since wrongly arresting me and throwing me out of my own house FOR THE ERRORS THEY MADE THAT NIGHT, but, they could have investigated the ongoing child abuses, harassment, abuses, theft and destruction of property.
Cheshire police stated they had acted as professionals at wrongfully destroying families. They investigated nothing during the arrest of dad , in opposition to their procedures. They even justified not investigating the domestic violence and assault by this bad mum in a statement ; they said they ASSUMED dad had made it all up because he had been arrested.

The police ignored reported child abuses, harassment, destruction of property by this evidenced bad mum and one of her boyfriend's who she nick named the pervert. She let him move into the house and abuse the children.


( CAFCASS report ).






I was forced to move into a rented house at 6 Coventry Avenue Great Sutton.
The police informed the Chester Chronicle in Sep 2010 ( search use Google ' Dobbie Chester Chronicle ' ) that i had been found not guilty on charges of assaulting my wife and publishing our names and addresses. A complete work of fiction by the police putting a taint on my name.
The police did not inform the Chester Chronicle the Crown Court result finding me not guilty and showing the police were wrong right at the start and that mum had not only been abusing the children, but she perverted the course of justice.
So Cheshire police have lies and slander printed about me and don't have the truth printed. This is harassment by the police as well as negligence.
Now, having reported child abuses of my children and harassment of me by mum and her boyfriend numerous times, Cheshire Police chose to ignore it.
When i report the abuse of my children and the harassments of me to the police by 101, they ignored it.

When i used a public media to report the child abuses of my children and harassment of me mum and her boyfriend, the police arrested me and charged me with harassment and put me in HMP Altcourse on remand to gag me for most of 2014.

I appeared before Chester Crown Court on 9, 10, 11 and 12th March 2015 and was acquitted of the charges of stalking and harassment of the children's abusers because he had indeed reported crimes

The Crown Court judge said he could do nothing about the reported child abuse crimes because the abusers had not been put on trial by Cheshire police.. 

It was commented on during the trial that this was a mess of Biblical proportions - by the authorities. 

Right now, Cheshire police are refusing to investigate. The children have been kept in abuse for over 1800 days by Cheshire Police and the local authority of Cheshire West and Chester.

There is a clear pattern here. The police and Cheshire West and Chester local authority are desperate to cover up their cascading negligence and abuses of my children and me. Law and order has broken down in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, England.

I make a request to your majesty to instruct her government to stop these particular abuses of my children and me.

I make another request to your majesty to instruct her government to stop the abuse of tens of thousands of children and the destruction of families by dismantling the social care system and implementing a new fit for purpose department.

Your humble subject


Who's who guide to the criminal, evil immoral characters involved

John Dwyer - Cheshire Crime Commissioner

Email: police.crime.commissioner@cheshire.pnn.police.uk

Inspector Orton - Ellesmere Port Police
Inspector Wenham - Cheshire Police D.I. Nigel Parr - Cheshire Police
Steve Robinson - Cheshire West and Chester Mark Palethorpe - Cheshire West and Chester
Gerald Meehan - Cheshire West and Chester Judith Griffiths - Cheshire West and Chester
Kevin Buck - Cheshire West and Chester Helen Jones - Cheshire West and Chester
Sara Hughes - Cheshire West and Chester Andrea Blears - Cheshire West and Chester
Vivian Saunders- Cheshire West and Chester Dana Murray - Cheshire West and Chester
Alan Rawlinson - CAFCASS
This evil man said in court under oath that a man forcibly pushing his penis into a child's mouth was not rape.

Judge K Barnett - Chester Family Court

An evil narcissistic manipulative controlling immoral vile man, who abuses children.



Click here for a table of evidence -
- various documents that show the domestic violence, domestic abuse and corruption.

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