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Cheshire West & Chester cover up Child Abuse

Child Abuse Cover Up by Cheshire West and ChesterCorrect


Child abuse cover up

Bad people in positions of power, will frequently
use those powers to cover up their negligence
even if it means abusing children.




1. These people ALL abused the
children - Alice and Ben

bad people -
Steve Robinson
Mark Palethorpe
Gerald Meehan
and the board of
Cheshire West & Chester Council,
HQ, Nicholas Street,
Chester, CH1 2NP



In our case study,
children who suffered domestic violence
for most of their lives,
and then it got worse-

- when the corrupt and bad people above got involved.

2. A tale of multiple failures

Failure, after failure, after failure
Failures cascading
and consequential abuses
to cover those failures.

Ultimately destroying a family
and victimising the children

all paid for by your taxes

3. Just like Wrexham before.

Cheshire West is only 20 miles from Wrexham
where the local authority had an expert report
confirming multiple dreadful abuses of children
by the people employed by the local authority.

The local authority had the report hidden
for fear of being sued.

The equation is -
- children abused for money.

It only came to light to the public after 17 years
in which a number of the children who had been abused
had commited suicide.

This was





In Cheshire West,
you would think that they would not
behave like this. However,
chief executive, Steve Robinson
and his cronies Mark Palethorpe and Gerald Meehan
were informed in detail of what was happening,
and yet still supported
covering up and
ongoing abuses
of two children
- 'Alice' and 'Ben'

They supported the
and ongoing child abuses -

- all to cover up
to protect themselves
from being identified as negligent.

They did it all by spending your money.

The public are being treated as sheep.

4. What happened in Cheshire West ?

Years 2001 to 2009.
A family was distressed:
the mother was carrying out
domestic violence and domestic abuse
on her children, her stepson and her husband.






This was all witnessed by various people

2009 Q4.
The mother reported herself to social services
for her violent and abusive behaviour.
Independantly, the father reported her
to the medical authorities
who got him to report her to the social services.
Social services became briefly involved,
but never cured the problems
believing it would be solved
with the father taking the role of primary carer
and the mum getting mental health assistance.
See Evidence.

2010 July.
The mother never took any mental health support
and the situation got worse (see blog1 and blog2 ) .
The mother during one of her more aggressive assaults on her toddler,
was stopped by the father.
The mother repoprted the father to the police
as assaulting her.
This was to cover up her own domestic violence.

The police never investigated properly.

They arrested the father and charged him with assault.
He was not allowed near his house
that he had paid the mortgage for 20yrs,
not allowed to go and see his children at his house
or even the neighbours in the street he had lived in for around 12 years.
It took almost a year of isolation from his children
before the father was eventually cleared in criminal court.

In that time, the mum, under police protection to do so,
destroyed the family business
and further abused the children.
The police then said they could not investigate the [badmum]
as they had technically run out of time to do so.

The police had promoted domestic violence
and victimised the victims.
(see Crown Prosecution interview about making things worse).

Cheshire West Social Services became involved again.
This time, the social workers behaved dreadfully.
They told the children they were liars
for telling about the mum hitting them.
They behaved extremely confrontational to the father
who, because of their extreme prejudice,
they deemed to have committed domestic violence on the mother.






As with Baby P,
these social workers were manipulated
very easily by the controling abuser - the mum.

The Cheshire West social workers
abused the children
abused the dad
and promoted
the victimisation of the victims.





The father managed to get some contact with the children
through the family courts
The children were distressed
and did not want to return to the mother
but had to continually be forced to her.

The Cheshire West social workers
not only did not listen to these abused children
but told them continually that they were liars
and that dad was the bad one
and gagged them as much as possible.

When you research this kind of situation
it turns out to be very common. Social workers
have toxic minds and can abuse people very easily.

Detailed complaints (Download) were made
directly to Steve Robinson
and the Chief Constable of Cheshire.
Both tried to ignore these as much as possible.
Steve Robinson incredulously
passed the complaint about his social workers -
- to the social services team responsible
of course they wrote they were nice people
and no mistakes had been made.
It was requested that the complaint went to the next level,
but they simply buried it.

Hard to believe ?
No ! Compare with how many police statements
were corrupted and changed in the Hillsborough cover up;
and that's a huge case compared to this one.
The local authority is still sitting on it.

The corrupt judge Barnett said it was not his business
if the local authority was corrupt;
he said he would believe them anyway.
His pals !


click on image




This abusive fiasco of abuses went on
through 45 court appearances over 3 years
at a cost to the taxpayer in excess of £500,000
for this one case alone.
Your money getting paid to the lawyers who thrive on this.

It cost the father his family business (~ £300,000 )
as well as costing him all of his private cash
in paying for the court costs and a new rented house
which he is currently waiting to be evicted from on Jan 2014.

The local authority refuse to acknowledge any responsibility.





Cheshire West and Chester local authority
created more abuses

as they continually tried to cover up their initial negligence.

The Cheshire West social workers
wrote the most unprofessional
and smearing reports against the father.
The corrupt judge has avoided admitting
that his court was repeatedly perjured
by the mum and the loacal authority.

5. Imprisoned for writing poetry.

Cheshire West local authority
issued imprisonment documents on the father
for writing poetry.








A dreadful evil social worker Helen Jones
wrote the affidavit to have the father imprisoned.

She wrote a lot of lies in a lot of reports.

She was very happy in the court
on the day they thought that they were going
to have the father imprisoned.
She had glazed tears in her eyes
when the judge told them that they could not imprison the dad
for he had not done anything illegal.

This one abusive fiasco alone
cost you the tax payer about £50,000.
So, Steve Robinson is using your hard earned scarce money -
- to abuse people,
- and cover up his negligence.





A letter had been sent to the MP Andrew Miller
outlining some of these abuses
and the horrendous costs to the taxpayers.





Andrew Miller wrote to Steve Robinson
and was fobbed off
with a letter full of lies by Mark Palethorpe.

So, your tax payers money was spent heavily
by Mark Palethorpe
writing lies
and getting a box ticked
that said how good he was
at answering complaints.

I assume Andrew Miller is satisfied
and can tick a box stating he has supported
the local public.

Isn't it nice to know how well these corrupt
people are taking your money
and wasting it ?

6. All criminals together.

They are all in it covering for each other.

Before the final court hearing,
the immoral,
and smearing social worker Helen Jones
told health professionals that
it was a done deal,
that they would win
When questioned about the meaning of this,
asking if the Judge
was in the same immoral group
as the social workers
there was no reply.

7. Extreme actions to gag and cover up.

In the last week of Oct 2013,
TH Judge Barnett
of the Chester Family Court
sided with the corrupt local authority

and agreed to make their most evil abusive legal order
to gag the children
and hopefully gag the father.







How far will evil people go to cover their abuses ?
Cheshire West and it's social workers
gagged the children and dad by imposing -

no telephone calls,
no letters,
no emails,
the only meetings -
- highly supervised contact limited
to 3hrs every two weeks at a contact centre.

Remember, this is a father
who the children are desperate to live with.

A father who never hurt his children.

A father who went to extraordinary efforts
to protect his children
and help his abusive wife
who he deemed 'mentally distressed'

The children are now forced to live in fear,
with a mother who hurt them often,
a mother who abused them often,
a mother, now with a bad man cohabiting
- mum's 'Pervert' boyfriend.

8. The criminal judges judgement
that's not very clever.

To try and achieve this cover up of the abuses,
the criminal judges judgement -
had to hide numerous acts of perjury,
had to try and hide the domestic violence of the mother,
had to hide the abuses of mum's pervert boyfriend,
had to hide the negligence of the authorities,
had to hide the abuses of the authorities,
had to hide the judgement of the Crown Court -
- that showed the mother had lied to the court
- and perverted the course of justice,
had to hide all of the evidence,
had to hide all of the witnesses.

and ..... he did not manage all of the above
in his 81 pages of 'Perfected Twaddle'.

An audit of his judgement shows
he allowed lies,
he allowed perjury,
he made dreadful analytical conclusions,
most of all .....
he went a long way to abuse the children
all to cover up for his friends in Cheshire West and Chester.




9. Put me on trial before a Jury .....
if you dare !

This judge has been tested in front of God,
and is exposed as corrupt,
and is invited to take dad and the witnesses on in public.

The executives of Cheshire West and Chester
have been tested before God,
and areexposed as corrupt,
and are invited to take dad and the witnesses on in public.

Just as with the evil local authority in Wrexham
that tried to hide child abuses that it created,
this evil local authority and criminal judge will discover -
- you cannot bury the truth for too long.

The children and witnesses know the truth,

and dad is helping the truth get out ....every single day .....

Click here for a table of evidence - various documents that show the domestic violence, domestic abuse and corruption.

Click here to see a summary of social services in crises.

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