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Ellesmere Port Social Services are child abusers

Ellesmere Port Social Services covering up child abuseCorrect

Covering up child abuse

Q. What do you do when bad things happen ?
A. Switch on as many lights as possible and shout for help.
Q. What do you do when the bad people are those in authority ?
A. Pray...........very, very quietly - schhhhh


or ........Expose them ...

As shown before on this website in this first set of case studies, it's like a competition between the various authorities in Cheshire to see who can be the most abusive to people and still get away with it. Also see Evidence.

Is social engineering as practiced in England - a good thing or a bad thing ?


Social engineering has gone on as long as their have been any humans. It's not a pretty history, with aggression, infanticide, burning at the stake, garroting, enslavement.....
In these 'modern' times, we see social engineering outplayed by government in many forms - social services, police, health services.....
We see large numbers of reports and complaints about abuses by the system.
We see large numbers of reports and complaints about negligence by the system

Q. Is it surprising to read so many things gone wrong ?
. It is not surprising from an intelligent look at the system.

What has been created is a system of people having power over others. A system that behaves, or is allowed, to be secretive. They are SUPPOSED to be ethical and moral powermongers. The hard data shows that negligent, unethical, immoral and criminal events are commonplace within this system. (see Zimbardo on authoritarian abuse )

We also see the social workers creating a two teir concept of any distressed family to make their own job easy in deciding who is good and who is bad. They simply promote as good the person they like (usually the bad person manipulator) and smear the person they do not like. See errors diagram to understand how easy it is for them to do this.

Fundamentally, the government takes large amounts of taxes off people to promote a system that is not fit for purpose. A system that spends lots of this money in hiding it's abuses and promoting itself as 'possibly good'.
If you are a social worker and reading this, please challenge all of this seriously and professionally. The more you dig, the more muck you will find.
You, if you want to be a social worker, have a responsibility to clear up the muck.

Please join us in helping ourselves, helping others, and especially by creating a less psychologically toxic world for all of our children.


Contact us

Evidence of social services in crises.


The destruction and abuses of a family in Cheshire West

see our current case studies - Legally Abusing Schoolchildren In Cheshire | blogs 1 | blog 2 | Cheshire West Social Services | Chester Family Court | Chester's Dirty Little Secrets | Cheshire West LA |

Problems are across the whole social care system. BBC Report.
Presenting his annual report on social care, Sir Michael delivered a series of hard hitting messages about weaknesses in protecting children. "Manifestly and palpably weak" leadership and a high turnover of directors are undermining efforts to improve children's services in England, says Ofsted's chief inspector, Sir Michael Wilshaw.

Threat of removal of Birmingham Children's Care from the Local Authority

BBC Report On One Of The Bad Authorities Ruining Lives

Removal of Children's Care From Doncaster Local Authority




Esther Rantzan Concerned. BBC report
South Yorkshire Police criticised over child sex victim protection The report said: "Many of the staff interviewed for this inspection felt that the emphasis from senior and middle local managers was still more focused on dealing with offences such as burglary and vehicle crime, rather than child sexual exploitation."

Failure of Baby P and Child T


See BBCreport1 and BBCreport2

Daniel Pelka: Fresh report to be published into failings

Report after report after report. All they are doing is spending your money to write yet more reports about "Lessons Learned"


Failure of police to investigate crimes


See BBCreport


Failure of police to ask correct questions in sexual assaults of children.

See BBCreport
Hamzah Khan: Minister attacks glaring absences of starved boy review findings BBC Report On Ministers Criticing Report Failure To Identify The Causes Of The Problem Within The System

Click here for a table of evidence - various documents that show the domestic violence, domestic abuse and corruption.

You can help rescue the children and bring these criminals to justice - from your computer - Page with email addresses. .

Also link here to know more About Moral Propositions.

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