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'experts' abuse Alice and Ben

Ellesmere Port Police Child Abuse Cover Up

Psychologist abuses children

What do you do ?
He is appointed by the criminals of
the secret family court to write what they want
and help pretend their decisions are rational.


So, what can we do to rescue Alice and Ben ?

Alice, her stepbrother, dad , family friends, expert child carer,
professionals, Prof X, Dr S ALL say ....expose them ...

1. The court appointed experts knew -

that many acts of violence and child abuse
had been reported by the children,
and in one particular CAFCASS interview
Alice had said -

" Every time Mum hit me, ...






dad was very defensive of me and Ben (toddler)
One time when mum was giving Ben a punishment
she was stopping dad getting in
and she told me to F off.

One time she held me to the floor and spat in my face.
It's like she's got a mental problem"

The court experts ignored
all of the abuses that Alice and Ben reported.

The later CAFCASS guardian,
Alan Rawlinson betrayed the children
and abused Alice and Ben
by helping to cover up
the social workers negligence
and abuses.

2. Secret court experts get easy money....

Dr Nick Alwin,
and the people like him
are contributing causes
of the SocialServices In Crisis.

Why not look at current BBC reporting just to show you
how endemic this problem in England is -
- BBC Report On One Of The Bad Authorities Ruining Lives.

3. The Scare crow....

Dr Nick Alwin

is a one man band
private psychologist company
(APS in Bolton, England) .

He gets his business from the secret family courts,
CAFCASS and social services.
There have been lots of articles about these so called experts
who are either not very professional
or are simply supplying bulk verbage
in a form their masters can use very selectively
to justify doing immoral things.

The whole system is like
the old McKinsey consultant routine
where you get to pass the buck
on doing something immoral or unethical
and you can blame it on the consultant.

The consultant has great insurance and
get out of jail cards amongst other things.

As a private psychologist,
you cannot complain and have him struck off
by the BMC, because he is not covered by them.










I have put up a picture here of what I consider to be
the most striking feature of Dr Alwin's persona.
From my experience, I believe the iconic figure of 'Scarecrow'
the mad bad psychologist from the Batman films
is really what Dr Alwin's inner person looks like.

4. Cronies.

In the Cheshire West cover up of the child abuses reported here,




Dr Nick Alwin shows he is an unusual version of a psychologist
who deliberately chose various psychometric tests
and then writes his clinician reports
with selective reinterpretation of the results -
- sometimes the exact opposite of the test.

He is supposed to come to an understanding
of each of the parents,
so he can advise on
how they have,
how they will,
how they can behave
with the children.

There was no mention in his assessment
of mum's abusive 12 years of parenting
her stepson. Not a single mention,
even though he had documentation
about it.

We see his clinician report is
skewed in the direction required by the paymasters desires.
We see how the paymaster recites and emphasises
the bits they want to make dad look bad
and mum look good,
rather than a balanced approach.
This is typical of authoritarian abuse tactics.

After all, who can argue with the expert ?

Really ?

I can, and you can
and any reasonable thinking person can.
If that's not enough,
how about an NHS psychiatrist who outranks him
along with an NHS psychologist who equals him
and how about NHS mental health specialists
who all disagree with him

But really, any reasonably analytical peice of thinking
can see the report is dreadful
and the local authorities interpretation of it
is simply unethical and grossly biased.
As a report to a court,
that's perjury
and perverting the course of justice
- yet again -
- and yet again
the evil TH Judge Barnett just lets it happen.

5. Nearly Decent Expert.








Now, the secret family court appointed
another psychology expert
called Professor Tom Billington.
He works at Sheffield University and
seems a nice enough chap.

He wrote mainly about the children.
He got some very important things
completely wrong,

and amplified hearsay
by the social workers
including the smearing
Barbra Goldsmith mistake

One example of his mistakes
was where he said dad was never there
when Alice was a baby,
so therefore
Alice had the strongest attachment to mum.
Reality was almost the opposite
if he had checked his notes and dates.

However, he was cut off in his prime
when he said it was very important to know
if the children had indeed been abused
as they had described to CAFCASS and others.

The local authority then made sure
that he was stopped at that point.

So, he left it hanging.
He knew there was abuse,
didn't know how much,
but was happy to leave the children at risk.

You almost made it to be a decent person Tom Billington,
but you also sacrificed the children based on money.

6. Hiding the truth about the domestic violence.





The local authority
and the mother strongly opposed
any possible judicial review
to investigate the mother's violence to the children.

They cleverly got it stopped
by having it recorded in a court finding
that the mother had only slapped the children once.
Even though this did not account
for a recording of the mum
giving the daughter a slapping,
the Judge and social services
all were very happy to accept this
(because it got them out of trouble).

It was reported to THJ Barnett as perjury,
who tried to make it look innocuous.
This was his tactic
to yet again allow perjury

by the local authority.

Click here for a table of evidence - various documents that show the domestic violence, domestic abuse and corruption.

You can help rescue the children and bring these criminals to justice - from your computer - Page with email addresses. .

Also link here to know more About Moral Propositions.


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