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Mental Health -1 - Healthy mind

This is a subject that seems to be very badly understood
by the general population
Whether it is simply good mental hygiene,
or coping with eternal factors
or coping with organic mental problems.

First and foremost : if you are currently in distress then look at http://www.mind.org.uk
or dial 999 or 911 and explain you need help.

Now, if you are relatively ok or just interested, then welcome to the information below.

How do we get ourselves into a good attitude ?
How do we get ourselves into good sustainable feelings,
How do we get ourselves into good sustainable actions ?
Let's talk a little to explore this....

What is good mental health ?

My sense of humour feels tempted to use the advice by Dr Frasier Crane's (TV series that shows psychology through comical irony ) examples for us. This is not as trite as it sounds, for humour and introspection and good role models are part of the essence of good mental health. If we look at the diagnostic manual for describing 'bad' mental health, we see that anything other than a robot must be unhealthy. If we look around and search for information on good mental health, we find a plethora of information, much of it designed to help the 'authority' make a few bucks.

High Sensitivity Individuals (HSI)

People with high sensitivity are a special group. They have a gift that can also be a curse.
Follow this link.

So, what do we trust as good mental health ?

I happen to be lucky, as I have had a very adventurous life with some wonderful people. What I thank God for is mostly my children and my friends. What I ask God for is mostly that we can all be safe and happy. No riches, no material things, just good old family friends and fun.

It seems important to our mental health that :-
1. We like ourselves
2. We like (some) others
3. We have something we value to do.

to be continued...

Tom Ventomiglia - Professor/Counselor - and a very good source of advice.
( Counseling, Guidance & Career Development )


his presentations are excellent starters
and also suitable for most people to 'do it yourself'

01 How to Make Change

01 Identity Statuses

01 Life Stages

02 Birth Order 2

02 Political Values

02 Values

03 Enneagram Personalities

03 Motivation

04 Personality Theory

04 Purpose in Life

05 EFT Powerpoint Presentation

05 EFT with S.E.E.

05 Heart Mind

06 Life Balance Powerpoint

07 Anxiety Disorders

08 Defense Mechanisms

08 Depression

08 Grief

08 Thinking Errors

09 Self-esteem

10 Jung's Individuation

10 Vision Quests

11 Goals

12 Moral Development

12 Respecting Differences

13 Men and Women

15 Boundaries

15 Romantic Love


- http://www2.palomar.edu/users/tventimiglia/Powerpoints.htm


Deeply distressed.

if you feel a bit desperate - or feel 'lost' - or feel the 'blackness' ...please contact ...http://www.mind.org.uk .....
- they are nice people...








..i've been there in the 'darkness' .....
........ and did not like it.....
................ and I got help to get back on my feet again
................................... ....and I'm still standing...

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