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Prejudice destroying children's lives.

Innocent parents and children abused by police, social workers and family courts.

"the industrial scale child abuse " says David Cameron talking about social workers ..

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Summary Parts


Summary UK.

40,000 children abused by social workers over 5 years.

Leading to 13 million years of total abuse for innocent children and innocent parents. ,

All covered up by people working inside local authorities like Cheshire West and Chester council as well as higher government.

1. The symptoms

1.1. Data collected across the world shows that children are being abused and sexually abused at very high levels. Nobody is denying this.

1.2. Additional data shows that the systems put in place by governments to protect children are not fit for purpose.
In particular, the police and social services stand out as focal points of the failures.

1.3. There are deliberate failings, where people are covering up and hiding the abuses.

1.4. There is negligence, where children are wrongfully being taken away from good families, and put into a care system that is not fit for purpose - out of the frying pan and into the fire.

1.5. The whole mindset behind social care is to be aloof, bully your clients and be very forceful if they disagree. There are large numbers of cases reported from the court of appeal, newspapers, news programs, published books, academic studies - where children are taken BECAUSE the parents argued with social workers.

1.6. Historically, the absolute bulk was hidden by social services abusing the powers of secrecy of the family courts. Originally designed to protect children, these have now predominately become used to cover up abuse.

1.7. Money. In the USA in particular, stealing children is very big business. Social workers HARVEST children for great monetary rewards from the state.

1.8. Proportionately more children are killed in care , fostering and adoption than in the general population.

1.9. We hear the same excuses again and again and again.

2. Social services is not fit for purpose.

No matter which way you examine it, the government's social services and child protection is an abysmal failure. There are hundreds and hundreds of reports of these failures - and that's with a system having draconian legal powers to hide what it is doing. What kind of people are drawn to an organisation that -
1. Gives you extreme power over other people ?
2. Gives you secrecy ?
3. Gives you the chance to remedy what you think is wrong in the world ?

The answer is psychopaths, sociopaths and people with a revenge agenda on the world. This is the script for a horror movie. The horror movie has been realised in the organisation run as children's services.

3. Can we control such an organisation as it is ?

NO. It is simply not possible. Even if the managers outnumbered the staff. It is compounded further by having cut and paste prejudiced 'answers' that judges like for the familiarity of terms. All gangsters and cronies together. External auditors cannot get anything worthwhile out of the tick the box reporting systems. These tautological management systems simply mean they can fool the world by ticking a box; when children are put into abuse, the box was still ticked. Munby has tried to use a control system of allowing social workers to be publicly named and criticised - as long as children's identities are not put at risk. This is a sensible approach, but needs more bite to be effective. David Cameron is pushing for changes in the law that will allow social workers et al to be handed prison sentances for deliberately covering up child abuse. This should add more bite. However, you cannot force gangsters to be moral; all this is doing is putting more hoops in the way for them to jump.

4. Is the problem endemic to the system ?

YES. Various critics and cover ups have tried to blame the problems as a few bad apples in the barrel. Typical tactic of psychopaths blaming their underlings. The problem is that the barrel is rotten. Wrexham, Rochdale (Smith and later ), Rotherham and many more have shown that the heirarchy of management knew exactly what was happening. Brazen lies flowed from these managers during the abuses and after the abuses started to crawl out of the woodwork.

We have a good test case just becoming ripe for exposure - the Cheshire Child Abuse Cover Up . It started with years of child abuses by a mother, then negligence by the authorities and then became multiple abuses by the authoritiesin order to cover things up.

5. Is it easy for bad people to cover up child abuses ?




(unfortunately ) and it is happening on an industrial scale.

See page here NoEscape

These groups of people

social workers,
local authority
local authority
family court judges -

are all in the perfect places of authority
.to cover up
.the abuses of Children.

See how many children are wrongfully placed with a parent who subsequently go back to abusing them Click this

6. Numbers


and quantitative.


40,000 children abused by social workers over 5 years.

Leading to 13 million years of total abuse,

All covered up by people working inside local authorities like Cheshire West and Chester council as well as higher government.

Work is usually measured in man hours for simple projects. We measure work in manyears for big projects.

The estimated amount of abuse injected into the UK Over the tenure of David Cameron and Nick Clegg running the UK gives 13 Million manyears of abuse.

Based on 200,000 children who were FORCIBLY removed from good and bad families, and 40,000 children who were wrongly removed from good families.


That's what is becoming more and more exposed. Cameron and Clegg allowed and propagated the abuse of 40,000 children and used your money to do it. What would you do if they removed your children and gagged you and the children ? Clegg said he knew nothing about Rochdale ! - not believeable. Cameron said he would stop the industrial level cover up of industrial level child abuses. However, he simply avoided it in election discussions. See how he has allowed industrial scale abuse take place in Cheshire and Chester.

I'm a physicist, and we are quite good at analysing how big or small things are. Here is a reasonable model of this.

Model parts.

1. Various government reports show around 35,000 children taken into care each year in England and Wales.

2. So, in total UK say that is 40,000 children per year. 

3. Cameron and Clegg supported this for 5 years = 200,000 children.

4. We know that cps get things wrong lots; we will be kind by saying they get 20% wrong (this is far too few, but is being used here).

5. So, 20% is 40,000 children who have been wrongly ripped off their parents and put into a dreadfully flawed care system leaving both parents and children traumatised usually for many years.

6. So, say 80% stay full term away from these good parents.

7. Now given that this system has been operating for 30 years ,
 we now get -
Children = 40,000children * 6 * 18 children abuse years
Adults = 40,000*2 adults * 6 * 18 parents abused years .

This is approximately 13 million years of abuse.

Abuse across INNOCENT children and INNOCENT parents.

An abusive treatment that many psychologist describe as 'worse than living death'

This is Holocaust levels of abuse .....

That is what David Cameron and Nick Clegg have helped to cover up. Please stop UK's huge monster of child abuse. Stop the liars who permit it. Please challenge everything said here.

All of this is evidenced. see - on.fb.me/1UL8DKb and on.fb.me/1NiXjmh and

Your children are not safe in Cheshire

Click here for a table of evidence -
- various documents that show the domestic violence, domestic abuse and corruption.

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