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Child Abuse Cover Up Questions

Ellesmere Port Child Abuse Cover Up

Child abuse cover up

Q. What do you do when bad things happen ?
A. Switch on as many lights as possible and shout for help.
Q. What do you do when the bad people are those in authority ?
A. Pray, hide, subordinate, tolerate, coexist, live a dreadful life.....
all very, very quietly - schhhhh ....or ........Expose them ...


If you want to help thousands of children, please inform as many people as possible about this website. We need to reform the government system and remove the dreadful infection of onging abuses.

Please contact others and spread the messages of this website. Please feel free to contact us directly with your help, comments, feedback, and more stories to our main editor : edmonddantes424@gmail.com


Reply from Moral Propositions

Please see the page of Evidence and the documents available to download or inspect in each section.

Surely you abused your own child by photographing the marks on her that mum left.
If you wanted it recorded, you should have gone to the hospital.
Hi Mum2. I cannot agree that this is abuse.
Was evidence needed ? - yes.
Why ? - because this manipulative abuser woman had previously conned police and social services just in the same way as Baby P and many other cases. The police even said on previous involvement to photograph and record everything.
Was a hospital needed ? - yes/no. The hospital report would have been just as much twisted and manipulated by the social workers in line of covering up to protect themselves. There are a lot of victims of abuse who have taken their abused child to hospital only to have the child removed from them.
Why did you just not run away at the very start ? Mum1. pt1 Hi Mum1. This is a question that is asked to lots of abused women and men and children who stay with their abusers. It seems such a stupid thing to stay with people who abuse you.
However, it is very very commonly reported where people have studied domestic violence.
There are many reasons, but one of the commonest is that the abused person lives in hope that things are, or will get better.
It is also reported in psychology (the Stokholm syndrome ) that even a kidnapped person will become attached and loyal to an abuser who was previously a complete stranger to them.
So, why don't you run away with the children now then ? Many mum's have run away and hidden with their children from an abusive husband.
Mum1. pt2.
If the police and social services have already gone to extremes to cover up the crimes here, they would simply make a huge issue of saying 'abusive dad abducts children' and set about a severe manhunt. After they catch you, which is without doubt, you will be branded and smeared by them as a child abuser - you would have helped them to cover things up more.

Your description of Mr R scares me. Why would any mum let him near her children ?
Karen, mum.

Hi Karen, what can I say ? Anybody who pushes a schoolgirl onto a couch and looks up her skirt is not up for election in my books. Why would any woman entertain such a man near her children ?

See latest BBC report where two mum's allowed a pervert to have sexual access to their children so they could be favoured by the man. It's a sick world - don't ask THJB as he thinks this kind of stuff is pretty cool.

A lot of things are being said, but surely the evidence in the court is what counts.
Gemma, para legal.


Hi Gemma, there is reality, and opinion. A court result is an opnion. Many Judges go on gut feeling and not the evidence. There are rediculous situations where people can pass legislation that the number Pi = 3.2 (it happened in America !). A good judgement is one which accounts for all of the hard evidence. The situation in our first composite case study here is that the judge has taken a peculiar position that just conveniently covers up - what lots of the evidence shows - is corruption by the authorities.


Is it true they are only letting the father see his children 3hrs/month fully supervised ?

Surely, he would need to be a terrible person to justify that ?
Ian - Glasgow.

Hi Ian, if you look at history, the nasty people usually killed people to keep them quiet, or put them in solitary confinement for life. That social services - a known abusive secretive organisation - can, and does make authoritarian orders to gag and silence parents, shows clearly they are hiding things. They already imprison people just for talking about them. Ultimately, it is the secret family court that makes the decision. From that, we can only conclude that the secret courts are immoral devices used to hide the abuses of the social workers.


Good to see this site exposing bad people. It is needed, more goes on than people are aware of. However, there seems to be anger in some of the case studdy comments.

Thank you for your support. Please keep passing on to all possible news feeds about the cases in this site. We want a big spotlight on these abuses.

If these things had happened to you, would you be calm, happy and accepting, or angry ? Child abuses, domestic violence are very wrong things. We should not have a high tolerance level to them. Vigilantiesm is wrong, but authoritarian abuses are the most awful crimes to detect and stop. Most people just give up, or commit suicide like those children in Wrexham, UK. Somebody has to stand up against the bad guys.


Your case studies here are all about one woman causing havoc with her family. Surely most abuses are by men ?


Hi Alison. We have not completed the statistics page - sorry. Here is our current understanding based on researching lots of documents and web sites.

ALL Physical violence is overwhelmingly male/male
ALL Adult domestic violence is 2 women victims to 1 man victim.
Extreme adult domestic violence is almost all women victims.
Child domestic violence is slightly more women perpetrators than men.
Hope this helps.


Can so many people in all of these authorities be so dishonest just to protect themselves ?

Hi Ian, I used to be nieve about these things. Authorities only continue to exist because they are very very self protective. Every complaint against them is one more flaw in their armour that you've just told them about. They are the ultimate experts in camouflage of their faults, because they get to practise lots.

In the case of the English secret family courts, social workers could do what they like through reports that nobody really could check (tick the box reporting). They just get away with it until the odd dead body appers and then we hear those infamous words 'lessons learned'.


Why is all this case study set in Chester in England ?

Chester person.

Well, I make no appology, but our first case had to be somewhere. This one had the timing of the first made public judgements of the secret family courts. It is a landmark experiment to see if the system has been just or not. In our opinion, the system could not move from it's historic momentum - which was authoritarian abuse.


It seems to me you would rather bash social workers than fix things.
Margaret - social worker.

Hi Margaret. We have our humanity in common. Social worker is just a tag, a badge that somebody puts on. It doesn't make them bad or good by having a badge on. As a social worker you should be deeply upset by reading things on this website, and things reported in newspapers and the internet. You chose to be a social worker, so stand up and make your organisation great !

Nothing would please us more than to hear thousands of people saying 'social workers are great'.

It's not the rest of us who are stopping social workers being great.


You don't tell us much about the dad in this first case. Is he just a clever manipulator who made the mum's life a misery and twists everything ?
Angela - mother.

Hi Angela, good question.

It lies at the heart of all we believe to ensure that it is truthful. The children here reported abuses and the social workers told them they were liars. I think this is the most important part in all of this. There were also other witnesses, family and friends of the children, who reported abuses of the children by mum. Click her to download pdf of the older brother's statement. Everybody, and all evidence reporting the violence to the children has been ignored or brushed under the carpet in this case. Even the 'tame' psychologist hired by the local authority said the norm in the mother's own childhood was physical chastisement and that she had a cold relationship with her own mother.
There are also very reputable people who speak up for the dad. Here is one example (click to download pdf).

There is too much evidence here contrary to social services reporting. They are just trying to cover up their negligence. The document where they report the opposite of what the little boy feels for his father is absolutely shocking. There is another document we are working on sanitising that shows definitively how social services can perjure the court and write the most obvious and blatant lies. The BBC reports just how afwul some social services departments are - and it is endemic in England.

Like you, we just want what is best for the children, and that must involve the truth of the situation.

Click here for a table of evidence - various documents that show the domestic violence, domestic abuse and corruption.

You can help rescue the children and bring these criminals to justice - from your computer - Page with email addresses. .

Also link here to know more About Moral Propositions.


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