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judge Woodward -
forced to betray children...


"I cannot do anything about the child abuses ...
because the police put the victims on trial... "

The authorities in Cheshire carried out an amazing number of crimes
against three children and their dad ....
As eEvidenced in Chester Crown Court .....

1. Put children 7yrs and 12yrs with the 43 yrs woman who abused them for years,
2. Put children with a woman's cohabiting pervert 56yrs boyfriend,
3. Isolate and gag the children from telling of being abused.
4. Making the schoolgirl live in fear.
5. Isolate the children from the dad they desperately want to live with.

6. Isolate the children from their older brother.
7. Isolate the children from their extended family.
8. Approval of the schoolgirl having her education destroyed.
9. Approval of social workers telling the children they are liars.
10. Approval of cafcass guardian telling the children they are liars.

11. Approval of a woman to carry out domestic violence,
12. Approval of a woman to carry out child abuse,
13. Approval of a woman to carry out sexual abuse,
14. Approval of a mum to destroy other people's property £40,000,
15. Approval of a mum to destroy a private business £300,000,

16. Approval of a mum to lie to police numerous times,
17. Approval of a woman to lie to the court numerous times,
18. Approval of a woman getting police to victimise the victims,
19. Approval of a woman to perpetuate domestic violence,
20. Approval of the pervert looking up the skirt of the schoolgirl,

21. Approval of the pervert grabbing the screaming boy by the neck,
22. Approval of the pervert letching and learing at the schoolgirl,
23. Approval of the pervert pulling the schoolgirl onto his knees,
24. Approval of the pervert running his hands over the schoolgirl,
25. Approval of the pervert asking the schoolgirl for a kiss,

26. Approvalof the pervert manipulating the police to distress the schoolgirl,
27. Approval of the pervert to tell the children he will assault their dad,
28. Approval of the woman getting dad's car destroyed by the police,
29. Approval of the woman repeatedly telling the children her version of adult matters,
(smearing the dad ) .

30. Approval of a woman to pervert the course of justice,
31. Approval of a woman to repeatedly commit perjury,
32. Approval of social worker Helen Jones to repeatedly commit perjury,
33. Approval of social worker Andrea Blears to repeatedly commit perjury,
34. Approval of cafcass Alan Rawlinson to repeatedly commit perjury,
35. Approval of the local authority to try and wrongfully imprison the dad,

36. Approval of the local authority to repeatedly gag the dad,
37. Approval of the local authority to repeatedly perjure the court.

Worst of all - evil judge Barnett..

.. deliberately put the children into more abuse.

all to cover up the gross cascading negligence
across the authorities in Cheshire West and Chester,
Cheshire, England.

This man is corrupt, immoral and a criminal.

The above money is for his salary and overheads.
just for this one evil judge to abuse children
and bring havoc into the community.

That's your hard earned money taken to abuse children.

2. Public Challenge
to these Evil People In Authority.

Dad challenges Judge Barnett
and his cronies in the local authority

to have a trial with dad

in front of Parliament,
the House of Lords,
the Highest court in England,
on the Television live -

- the subject of the trial -
........................that TH Judge Barnett
........................and his cronies in the local authority
........................are evil,
........................are corrupt,
........................are immoral
........................are child abusers.


Calculated Probability
of guilt exceeds 95%



3. Evil people in power
can easily hide their bad acts ....

judge Barnett and this local authority's cronies


click on image



have everything to hide from this.
They will try the usual excuses used many times
by the English secret family courts
of pretending to protect the children's identities;
when in reality, it is to hide their guilt and gag people.

The live debate / hearing can be done easily
with dad and witnesses kept anonymous.
If necessary, it can be recorded and edited for identity leaks -

If they do not accept, it says they are guilty as charged......

4. Stop the £340,000 of your money
being spent to do evil......

This Dad
- a loving father
- Consultant Physicist
- a highly moral witness

wants this evil man -

Judge Barnett
- an evidentially corrupt judge
- an immoral man
- who has sacrificed children Alice and Ben
- in order to protect those in authority.

brought to justice.

5. What evil really looks like.

If you ever wondered what evil looks like -
these people are part of the evil
that is propagating abuses on children and families.

See Zimbardo talk on Ted Talks
for an excellent presentation
explaining evil from a brilliant
psychologist's point of view.

Is THJ Barnett really a Machiavelian
who believes that those in power
must always stay in power - at all costs ?
(no matter how evil).

Is THJB a man who will commit the most dreadful acts
to ensure the mob are controlled
by the pigs on animal farm ?
A man who keeps with the Lord of the flies ?

Does he get saddistic pleasure ?
Or does he get compensation ?

What we do in life is echoed in eternity.
Here in Chestser, Eternity held up a mirror
and we were allowed to see that
judge Barnett will readily put children into abuse
to cover up for his friends in authority.

Dad says -
judge Barnett has shown his true self
as a perturbation
of localised liquor puris
in the extended subconscious.

As such, God requires that we
Ubi pus, ibi evacua.

Click here for a table of evidence -
various documents that show the domestic violence,
domestic abuse and corruption.

You can help rescue the children and bring these criminals to justice - from your computer - Page with email addresses. .

Also link here to know more About Moral Propositions.

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