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MoralPropositions - helping to bring decency into the world

About us: - to expose

To expose that criminals in Cheshire police have -
- abused victims of crime
- helped criminal abusers to further harm the victims...
- all, in order to cover up and to protect themselves..

Morality and justice - for all

Cheshire Police - run by criminals
Cheshire West and Chester Council - run by criminals.

1. What do you do ?

What do you do when the bad people abusing you, are the very people, with power over you ? Bad people, nasty people, criminals who are police, social workers, judges ? You can pray, hide, subordinate, tolerate, coexist, live a dreadful life..... all very, very quietly - schhhhh or.........expose them.....

We say .......Expose them ...If you want to help thousands of children, please inform as many people as possible about this website. We need to reform the government system and remove the dreadful infection of onging abuses.

2. DrMorality is a new group of people

We got together with the objective to promote morality and decency in the world. We invite you to join us in doing so.In particular, to help children by breaking the propagation of immoral and toxic behaviour across the globe. Given human history, that's a big task. Given the love our children deserve, we all need to take part, and take action. We believe that every single person has an incredible amount of potential and we hope to assist people in achieving that potential.

We are starting off with case studies where we have detailed knowledge of a very disturbing case - in Cheshire, England that will shock decent people everywhere round the world - - yes, serious human rights abuses right now in England.

How real are we reporting things ? See our page SocialServices In Crisis. Why not look at current BBC reporting just to show you how endemic this problem in England is - BBC Report On One Of The Bad Authorities Ruining Lives.

3. Legal notice.

Because we are exposing abuses, and possible abuses, created by people in authority, they will use the same authoritarian powers that are used to create and cover up abuses, in order to try and silence these exposures.
Unlike Julian Assange (Wiki Leaks) or Edward Snowden in Russia, we aim to stay as legal whistleblowers and not allow legal reasons to block our messages. See Munby.

The police arrested Tom Dobbie and put him in prison on remand for a year - UNLAWFULLY - TO GAG HIM. He was cleared in Chester Crown Court where the judge recognised not only was Tom reporting crimes, but Cheshire police had victimised the victims.

Cheshire Police had taken serious steps to help the criminals abuse the victims. As of the date of writing, Cheshire police are criminally trying to hide all of this.

4. Every single act of decency..

Every act of morality, act of love, act of kindness is a wonderful thing in itself.

Each good act is also a seed for others to follow and do similarly. It is an interactive process -'no man is an island'. Could you imagine a world where the happiness of every single person NECESSARILY involves the happiness of others ?Imagine being selfish with the objective of being happy for yourself and others.

There are many wonderful people in the world who have achieved great things for themselves and others. If the basis of all progress
is the transmission of decency and love between people, then we encourage and promote ALL who bring good things into their own lives and the lives of others. Some require praise and encouragement, some go about doing these things quietly; you are whatever you are, and every bit helps.

5. Social engineering.

The world has always had 'social engineering' that has varied from partial success to genocide. The world has had human infanticide on a global basis for a huge part of our human history and it was commonly swept under the carpet.

Charles Dicken's showed us how supposedly moral and decent people glibbly allowed attrocious abuses - - especially of poor people - - and especially children.

Watching a video of Furtwangler conducting Beethoven's 9th we see the the audience mostly made up of upper class Nazi's who look so elegant and proper; even though they are commiting and authorising autrocities of others. Please remember, the first people that were abused by the Natzi's were the good people of Germany - germans.

From ancient times to recent, social engineering uses the same mechanisms of power and control over others - for good and bad. In the past twenty years, the world has changed a lot in how it deals and portrays child welfare - - especially in the use of social engineering
through government authorities like social services and family courts.

6. Secrecy promotes abuse, corruption and criminality.

It is very concerning that the criticisms of the English social services and the English secret family courts has increased dramatically in the last few years. This has mainly been seen through the odd 'explosive' newspaper report - like Baby P - or through the high numbers of comments on websites, blogs and other social media like FaceBook.

Authoritarian abuse and negligence has been reported frequently with the same mistakes occuring again and again. Why does it continue ? One answer is the secrecy with how children and families are dealt with by the authorities.

The word secrecy should alarm us greatly. There are good and bad people in all groups. When you give bad people the combination of
power over others combined with secrecy, this is a nightmare for the abused
; and we keep seeing it being reported again and again.

Zimbardo shows clearly how normal individuals can, and will easily become abusive when engaged within a system designed to have power over others .Even now, we only get a partial uncovering of the very restrictive secret family courts with their secret 'experts' be open to some criticism thanks to Munby.

7. This web site is historic.

It is the first website to challenge and expose the corrupt secret English family court system and being allowed to name and shame the people and expose some of the evidence that is proving the corruption without succumbing to contempt of court, imprisonment and the hiding of what was exposed (as previously carried out lots by the abusive English government). .If I should die unexpectedly or vanish..........

8. The bigger picture.

To promote morality and decency, we need to understand ourselves as well as the society we live in.To this end, it is useful to know about the positive and healthy things we can do. It is also necessary to describe the processes of how abuses take place, and ensure we can take steps to stop and reform the processes.

As humans, we did not come with a detailed users manual, so there is a requirement to put all things in context. To this end, we have to spend a little time in exploring psychology, philosophy and history. It is not to be exhaustive, but to be useful.

9. Case studies.

This is our first case study. It involves just one distressed family. It is a little unusual in that the mum is the one lashing out at everyone [ref 11.1]. We don't know how unusual it is to have so many multiple abuses created across the authorities on one family. [ref 11.2] because the authorities are good at hiding their abuses on people.

As the daughter, older son and dad said - domestic abuse, domestic violence and child abuse for years is dreadful -
- and then - - when the authorities got involved -------it became a nightmare !! .

(Social services) (police) (family court) (magistrates court) (local authority) all failed and victimised the victims
(when the authorities get it wrong[12.3] ......they can do a lot of damage[12.4] ...)

[11.1]. Adult/Adult Domestic violence is normally 2 female victims to one male victim. Adult/Child domestic violence is almost 50/50 mum/dad (NSPCC statistics). In the much fewer cases of extreme domestic violence, it is inevitably the weaker females who are victims.
Domestic violence is normally an ongoing thing; a locked cyclic of violence and regret.
[11.2] The evidence here is that the secretive courts will readilly gag and hide and obstruct and wear down and destroy people -
all to protect the authorities involved. The authorities will readilly carry out a vendetta on those who try to expose them.
and they have almost unlimitted money, time and resources to cover their trail.
[12.3] An error in one part of the authority gets carried to other parts like dominos falling over. When one part of the authorities discovers an error, it protects the authority and not the client. It has always been that way. Why do you think we need government whistleblowers ? It's because these systems are self protecting.
[12.4] Not only do the authorities not help the victims in these cases, they will sacrifice clients very easily, very quickly, very nastilly,
to cover up their own negligence. (examples Hillsborough, Rochdale, Barnsley......)

10. Names and photographs.

We are allowed to name the secret family courts involved, the judges involved, the secret court 'experts' - - paid by the authorities to say what the corrupt authorities want said [12.1], all of the people in various authorities. see our page Sanitisation

We are not allowed to disclose the children's identities - - so that they can remain abused !!! [12.2]

The people who's names could be used to derive the children's names have been changed. As the author of the case studies needs to convey as true a picture as possible of what the various characters are like, (ie their normal archetype behaviour), then the photographs and pseudonames are chosen to reflect the personalities involved.

If you find any name or picture offensive, you are supposed to - - child abuse is not acceptable or pretty !
It was chosen to reflect the behaviour and actions carried out by the person.

See Sherlock Holmes notes on the characters. [dad] invites anyone to take him to the highest court in the land based on his descriptions,
, as he can, and wants to be challenged in court.

[12.1] The experts only get chosen if they say what the paying authority wants.
[12.2] The secretive system was supposed to protect children. Evidence here suggests it leaves them open to gross abuses.

11. 'Alice' and 'Ben' need your help...

and thousands of other abused children do as well. Please help us to reform the nature of our local and national government and legal systems to stop the secretive abuses of families - - real children, - real parents.

Click here for a table of evidence -
various documents that show the domestic violence,
domestic abuse and corruption in our case study.

You can help rescue the children and bring these criminals to justice - from your computer - Page with email addresses. .

Also link here to know more About Moral Propositions.

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