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Sherlock Holmes: Case notes 1

Ellesmere Port Police Child Abuse Cover Up

Morality and justice - for all

Q. What do you do when bad things happen ?
A. Switch on as many lights as possible and shout for help.
Q. What do you do when the bad people are those in authority ?
A. Pray, hide, subordinate, tolerate, coexist, live a dreadful life.....
all very, very quietly - schhhhh ....or .......Expose them ...



Follow the links below to know more about each of
the characters and organisations.

The people involved -

The family
Alice , Ben , SpepBrother , Dad , Mum ,

People who know the family very well -
ChildWelfareExpert , AnotherMum , Professor R , Doctor s , CEO ,

An evil man -
The Pervert

Evil people in power over others -
Judge Barnett, Steve Robinson , Mark Palethorpe , Gerald Meehan
Kevin Buck , Judith Griffiths ,
Dana Murray , Vivian Saunders , Andrea Blears , Barbara Goldsmith , Helen Jones
Alan Rawlinson ,

Special appearances of passive evil -
Gary Hogan , LA Solicitor , Dr Kingston , Midwife
Nigel Parr , John Dwyer ,

and, the only well behaved social worker we ever found -
Carolyn Harley

and the only well behaved CAFCASS we ever found -
Rachael Farrington Allen.

and the only decent judge we ever found -
Dodds of Liverpool.

The organisations involved -

Cheshire West evil social services.

Cheshire West and Chester local authority.

Chester Secret Family Court.

Cheshire Police.

Chester Magistrates Court.

Chester Crown Court.

Chester Probation.

Local Member of Parliament.

1. The children.

The two children, Alice and Ben,
have been given these anonymous names by the courts.

Alice is currently 12 yrs old and very bright.
She has repeatedly told all authorities
that she has recieved and witnessed much domestic violence
and child abuse by her mum.
She does not feel safe or happy or positive
living at her mum's house.
She is very angry at the lies told by mum,
pervert boyfriend, social workers.
She hates her CAFCASS gaurdian Alan Rawlinson
because he promises one thing, and does the opposite.
She hates the social workers
because they repeatedly tell her she is a liar
for telling about the abuses she
and her brother recieved from mum.
She desperately wants to live with dad
to feel safe and be happy again.
She likes dad and his friends
because they are all very good people,
do lots of good things for other people
and know lots of things.

Ben is 7rs old and very bright.
He is extremely confused
by what the authorities have done to him.
He knows they have lied about things
he has said and done - see smearing.
Ben deeply misses dad on an emotional level
and it shows.
Ben has always made it clear and consistent
that he wants to live with dad.
The evil social worker Helen Jones
has been carrying out nasty social engineering on this child -
by repeatedly trying to persuade Ben
to be ok with not wanting to see his dad.

2. The dad.

Well, that's obviously me - Sherlock Holmes ! [1]
I would like you to know everything about me -
- and you can judge what I am like;
but this is a game of shadows
created by the evil secret courts,
that will not let me reveal myself [2].

55yrs old and was born in Sctland in poverty.
A good time for me as a child was to be taken
to the local rubbish dump and bring home 'treasures' -
- other's people's rubbish
that we could use and make into things.
Always working
was a feature of my childhood and all of my life
up until these last four years.
As a child, I did all the usual household chores
like cleaning out the fireplace in the morning
and setting a new coal fire.
An extremely early morning milk run gave some pocket money
and later jobs like gutting and trussing chickens.
An extremely curious child,
the electrical junk brought home by my father helped me to thrive.
It was not in my wildest dreams as a child
that I would go to university and travel the world.
One thing was certain to me as a child -
- my father helped many, many people
even though he was poor,
and I would do the same -
- simply because - that's what you do -
- and I did - all my life. ( example reference ).

Getting a lot wiser about how the world works as I grew up
was inevitable. In the early days, I was a bit 'Sheldon Cooper' like,
but a divorce and a few relationships was a big education
on the practical human stuff. The biggest education of my life,
has been these last three years when I have learned
how utterly corrupt the authorities can be.

As a man with a strong moral framework based on decency
(treat others how you would like to be treated),
I have learned a very painful lesson -
- all government authorities are essentially
a big 'thing' that only has loyalty to itself.
Think of the police, always getting complained about,
so lots and lots of practice at defending and hiding
and deflecting complaints.
Subterfuge to placate the complainers - or destroy them,
wear them down.
Look at news where police or other authorities
are exposed for abuse and negligence -
- it takes years - that suits the abuser as most people just give up or die.

Well, we are at a historic place and time
with regards to the dreadfully abusive, evil secret family courts in England.
A time when they can no longer easily gag, bury and destroy people
for exposing them as corrupt.
So, I'm here to do battle with the most evil thing
I have ever encountered in my 55 yrs on planet earth -
- Corrupt, abusive, child destroying

by evil people to keep their jobs
(or worse, to satisfy their personal psychologically toxic cravings).

3. The mum.

Well, Sherlock originally loved her and married her.

You hear stories of women and men
who change rather rapidly after the wedding;
it happens; it happened; it happened to Averice Deadborn[3].
A pretty tomboy
who carried out domestic violence readily on her own family.

My job involved a lot of world travel before and during my marriage.
Averice spent a lot of time on her own in the early days.
She was an enthusiastic computer game player,
but was still lonely a lot of the time.

She mainly played very violent games. In an effort to
change the games she played, I bought her The Simms.
Within 15 minutes into this game, she had
figured out how to brick up people and set them on fire.

The friction started with my little boy
who I brought into this second marriage.
Averice made clear and plain hostilities to him;
but only after we were married.
She objected to him just being present in 'her home'.
She objected to him being in 'her time'
She objected to him taking up 'her money'.
She told him frequently to his face
from 4 yrs old onwards. see his evidence.

Dad was a target for abuse and violence
on many occassions
. One time she cut up
all of his work shirts, put them in the sink,
filled the sink with boiling water and instant potatoes.
What had dad done ?
- arrived late from a board meeting.

Averice never wanted children - until -
- she became furious with sibling rivalry
about her mother always saying so many nice things
about her sister's boys.
She became absolutely desperate to have children -
- for the wrong reasons.
In motherhood with Alice, she was manic and biploar;
one minute loving the baby,
next hating it for the inconvenience on her life.
She loved the attention it got her from other mothers
she hated the time it took away from her computer games
and television watching
(big brother, Dexter etc).
She quite bizarly had Alice crying lots
when Alice's hair got long enough to be tangled in a brush.
The same abusive behaviour was repeatedly demonstrated
by making Alice cry in the bath while getting soap in her eyes.
It was some kind of toxic controlling
(or revenge)behaviour by Averice over Alice
This went on for years
and included when Alice would be made to cry
getting her hair brushed every morning getting ready for primary school.
Averice was not willing to talk about it
and shouted at me and others who dared to talk about it.
There wasn't one other person who brushed Alice's hair and made her cry.

Averice wrote a letter saying how much she did not enjoy being a mother
and was going to leave our family.
Then she was persuaded by her sister to abduct Alice
to take her to Scotland and live with the sister -
- a woman who had always been against our marriage
Averice was stopped by the police from abducting Alice.
Averice lost a court battle and left to live in Scotland with her sister.
She returned and reconciled as she had become pregnant,
but the cycle of abuses started again after Ben was born.

Averice used to slap baby Ben lots
if he had done a poo in his nappy.

Domestic violence, domestic abuse and child abuse
from Averice had become frequent in the house

Averice was very unhappy with everybody.
Her own mum abruptly left after a big argument with Averice
and never to come back and stay in our house.

Toddler Ben had some fearful asaults from Averice.

We tried to sort things out ourselves by discussing 'the problems' ,
but Averice would change her mind frequently about everything.
I had stopped travelling frequently on international routes before Alice was born.
Now it was a nightmare to leave the house at all.

Some nasty slapping assaults ocurred on both children.
Averice attacked Ben on 23rd July 2010
in the middle of the night because he wanted a drink.
Having stopped Averice from hitting him (a frequent event)
she later went to the police and reported me as assaulting her.
This was a calculated lie
that would win her a massive power game
to get the house and whatever monies she could.
The Cheshire police were unbeleivebly
[4], negligent and prejudiced.

By not investigating what actually happened,
the police promoted the complete destruction of the family,
the destruction of the family business
and the continued victimisation of the victims[5].

Through 40+ court cases,
mum and evil social workers put forward in courts
that mum had never carried out any[6] domestic violence and domestic abuse.

The fundamental legal case
that the evil social workers had
to remove the children permenantly away from dad
was to stop the knowledge of Averice's violence being known.

A corrupt judge gave the evil social workers what they wanted;
fully against hard evidence
and against the wishes of the children.
Remember ;
everything originated and continued from Averice's lies.
Averice is evil
She is a very bad mum.

[3]. Averice - mum's pseudoname chosen by Sherlock
as it reflects her actions over many years.
[4]. There can be no reasonable defense of how utterly stupid the police were.
[5] The victims are - Alice, Ben, Stepbrother, dad, family, friends.


4. The pervert.

Averice Deadborn originally called him the pervert and told her children and extended family members he was a pervert and to be avoided (ref Judge, othermum, professor X).
Alice says he gives her the creeps and detests; he makes her scream in her head him and wants him to vanish forever (CAFCASS and Judge).
Sherlock feels that Pervert Badman is a suitably representative name and the Ian Brady photograph is going in the right direction.

This man moved into into the house next to our family home. That house was owned by a woman living in Australia and renting out one more of her UK houses. On the very first time Pervert talked to me, he introduced himself as a stalker of women and described how he bullied people managerially under him at work (and he was only one step up from the bottom). Well, what can you say to that ? - Pervert !!

After Averice had assaulted our toddler, lied to the police and gotten dad thrown out by negligent police, within 4 months she was entertaining this man in her bedroom and letting him scream and shout at the children. Averice let Pervert drag Ben upstairs screaming grabbed by the neck. Averice allowed Pervert to pull Alice onto his kneees, rub his hands on her and ask for a kiss. Pervert later pushed Alice onto the couch and looked up her skirt. Evil social worker Helen Jones made Alice apologise for telling about Pervert doing this.

Alice posted on Facebook about crying because Pervert phoned the police to get them to tell Alice off for telling people things he had done to her. Pervert had done similar in phoning the police about dad saying he was a pervert. When that particular manipulative controlling attempt failed, he reported that he had possibly said something that dad had misunderstood.

So, class1 psychopath. Looks out of bedroom windows with curtains drawn at children playing in garden. Follows the schoolgirl babysitter down the road - stalking her until she swore at him. Pushes 12yr old girl onto couch and looks up her skirt, and subsequently manipulates the police to get his version. Nasty, nasty, nasty. TH Judge Barnett says dad's concerns are unfounded and Pervert is a good guy if you get to know him like mum eventually did.He said it was ok and sensible for Alice to coexist in the same house as Pervert. Who is he kidding ?

5. The corrupt and criminal TH Judge Barnett sitting in Chester, Engand, (says dad)
awaiting update.

6. The corrupt and criminal Steve Robinson Chief Executive of Cheshire West (says dad)
awaiting update.ecuti

7. Evil social worker Helen Jones. (says dad)
awaiting update.

8. Evil social worker Andrea Blears. (says dad)
awaiting update.e

9. Evil CAFCASS guardian Alan Rawlinson. (says dad)

awaiting update.

Please remember, the number of corrupt and bad people above is very small when you consider about 190 policemen's statements were changed in the Hillsborough cover up.

Click here for a table of evidence - various documents that show the domestic violence, domestic abuse and corruption.

You can help rescue the children and bring these criminals to justice - from your computer - Page with email addresses. .

Link here to know more About Moral Propositions.

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