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Poetry Book3: Introduction to book3

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One of the poems from Book3.

Poem227: . Still Above The Ground.





these feelings
that are ‘me’
‘I’ like them
and even
cherish them

this ‘me’
has so much
in ‘me’
and around ‘me’
through all ‘my’ time
above the ground

‘I’ know
that 'I' am watching ‘me’
and am content
that everything ‘I’ do
everything ‘I’ feel
is from ‘my’ shadow
‘my’ sub conscious






the real ‘me’
inside this body
the real ‘me’
‘I’ don't see
the real ‘me’
who takes ‘me’ for walks
the real ‘me’
who chooses ‘my’ friends

‘I’ wish this ‘me’
would never end
would never even sleep
never lose
all of these feelings
never give up
‘this’ amazing history
never give up
‘my’ beautiful children
never give up
‘my’ most excellent friends

never give up

the feelings
of being
being switched off;
every night
the feelings
of being
being stolen;
to rambling noisethoughts

the feelings
of being
being switched off forever
the feelings
of being
being nothing to help my children
the feelings
of being
being nothing that has sights,
the feelings
of being
being nothing that has sounds
the feelings
of being
being nothing that has thoughts
the feelings
of being
being so forever empty forever.

and so
the feelings
of being no more

are curiosities
accepted humbly

and so
in that shadow
‘I’ am part
of everything
‘I’ am eternal

‘my’ smiling, hoping, comfortable mystery
is that
‘my’ 'I'
will also
eternally be

Poems will change occassionally. Please see below to get the complete works of Dr Morality.

I have to stay as Dr Morality or the English authorities will imprison me. They issued imprisonment documents once already for me writing poetry.

Please join us in helping ourselves, helping others, and especially by creating a less psychologically toxic world for all of our children.

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A book of poetry that progresses from book 1 and 2 but concentrates on the re-building of the psyche of the abused person.

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Chester's Dirty Little Secrets

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A current list of moral propositions

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You can help rescue the children and bring these criminals to justice - from your computer - Page with email addresses. .

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