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judge Barnett, Chester.

Child Rape, Child Sexual Abuse, Child Abuse - Cover Up

Judge Barnett abuses children

Chester court, Cheshire police, Chester Police, Ellesmere Port Police,
Cheshire West and Chester Council chief exec Steve Robinson (judges crony ),
CWaC Social services,
they all know - they are all part of the child abuse propagation and cover up.



Here is a witness's message to judge Barnett - Click for video.

1. So, what can we do to rescue Alice and Ben ?

Alice, her stepbrother, dad , family friends, expert child carer,
professionals, Prof X, and Dr S. .......

ALL say ....

......expose them ...

2. What of Chester's Judge Barnett - a criminal ?

What should we make of evil judge Barnett
given -

1. He heard recordings of mum slapping
....... and deriding her daughter
.......and shouting at her toddler
.......who was screaming with fear.

2. He had an email from the bad mum saying
....... she had hit the daughter leaving marks,
........thrown the toddler,

........and frequently screamed at the children
....... allowing them to fight
....... and leaving marks on each other.

3. He read CAFCASS and social services reporting
.......of mum hitting,
...... spitting on
.......and throwing about her children.

4. He saw photographs of violence and abuses.

5. He had children's written testimony of abuses.

6. He had witness statements of a range of abuses.

7. He had hard evidence of repeated perjury
..........by the manipulative abusive mum.

8. He had hard evidence of repeated perjury
.......... by the evil social workers.

and with all of these results
evil judge Barnett produces his
maliciously criminal judgement

that the violence and abuses reported by the children
and witnesses and evidence
were all essentially fiction?

evil judge Barnett has been tested before God.

The test verifies that he is -



.....Abusive....Criminal......................Child abuser .....
.....Immoral ....


Dad says that THJ Barnett
has dishonoured the family court in Chester.

This evil judge Barnett knows perfectly well who dad is
and dad invites him to take legal action against dad.

See all the times they have already threatened dad
with imprisonment
and gagged him

3. We want justice ...

Dad asks
that evil judge Barnett
be brought to account -

- for abusing Alice and Ben,
- for allowing perjury,
- for covering up domestic violence of two children,
- for allowing ongoing abuses of the children

- all to the purpose of
removing culpability
from the authorities in Cheshire West.

4. Criminal acts recorded in eternity......

Every single thing we do in life is a test,
and the test is of everybody involved -
- even the evil judge Barnett.

What was tested
in Cheshire West and Chester
was not only the possibility
of where the children
would be best placed,
but the integrity of an entire system.

IT FAILED CHILDREN - Alice and Ben -
in order to cover up the negligence
and abuses
by the authorities.

large numbers of errors
propagated all through the system.

covering up violence,
covering up abuses and negligence

no Sherlock Holmes here,
not even Lestrade....

it allowed perjury at a high level.

5. My first experience....

.. of the family court in Chester, England in 2006.
At that time my ex wife unilaterally
tried to abduct our daughter and take her to Scotland.

She had left the family home and written a letter
saying she did not like family life and that
I was better at looking after our daughter than she was.

Having stayed in Scotland
for a few months earlier at her sister's,
she was enticed by the sister
to return to England and abduct our daughter.
This was to take her to live near the sister.

The sister never wanted the marriage to take place
and she schemed incessantly against it.
In court
my (then) wife told the
standard cut and paste lies
about what a bad person I was supposed to be -
- typical adverserial divorce type stuff
available pro forma from many websites and lawyers

It was shown in court she had lied lots
and I had custody of our daughter.
I felt dreadful about taking legal action against my wife,
but there was no other choice.
I felt the court had been fair, if not costly.

6. Background to my second experience....

... of the family court system in Chester
started in July 2010 and continues to this day.

My ex wife had assaulted our toddler again
and lied to the police saying that I had asaulted
her during the incident of stopping her
assaulting our little boy.

Through police negligence
in not investigating a contested assault,
I found myself both at the family court
and the criminal court.

I was told it was a common thing
that a woman wanting to break up the family
and get as many assets as possible
acuses the man of dreadful things.

It happens to women as well.

The important thing is that
the system is based on people telling lies
and the lawyers,
social workers,
and CAFCASS all beefing it up.

In this case, the police are only too pleased
to charge a man with domestic violence.

I'm told they are pressurised to bring charges
against men to meet targets. Like lots of the modern state,
they work by tick the box targets and know how to play the system.

It is essentially a well developed and well entrenched
corrupt system

and my children and I have had the misfurtune to suffer it's abuses.

7. This second term at the secret family court ....

.... started off bizarly. We sat in front of TH Judge Newman
who was told by the mother's solicitor
that the dad was to have no contact with the children.
THJ Newman asked them why and got an amazing reply -
- 'he is a very good father and he loves the children
and they love him, he is no threat to them,
but we feel he cannot look after them !

Given social worker Caroline Harley's report of Q4 2009
(where my ex wife had even reported herself
as violent and abusive to the children,
and CH reporting I was making dinner for everybody
while she talked to mum,
that the situation was to be improved by the dad (me)
taking over the responsibility of the primary carer)
this is a blatant statement of lies to the court.

It was the first of many, many lies
that the judges just turn a blind eye to.

It seems perjury is fully accepted in the family courts
by social workers, CAFCASS and the public.

What sort of justice system
runs on being littered with open perjury

- Answer - England's secret family courts.

8. Destruction and mayhem....

It took almost a year to get cleared in the criminal court
just through beaurocracy. This lengthy mayhem resulted
in the destruction of much of the family business.

It did not help that the police let my ex wife
destroy the infrastructure of the business
under their protection to do so.

9. The evil authorities hold a seige on my life ...

It is now over 3 yrs in mostly Chester
and sometimes at Liverpool
with 45 court appearances.

At a cost to the taxpayer of £500,000 just for this one case.

I am forced into being a connoisseur of being abused.
The taste is dreadful, gives you extreme indigestion
and only gets worse the more you appear in court
and in social services meetings.

As a well educated consultant physicist
with high level business and managerial training,
global experience in presenting and negotiating high level business
I took on the role of litigant in person
quite a few times.

I am an existential witness for the whole process.

10. A system known to be corrupt........

This is hardly a surprising result
given the very large, and growing criticisms
of this system.

Even the man at the top of the Education system
says 'bad social workers ruin lives'.

Even the man at the top of the family court system
knows they cannot keep it secret any longer,
and has only now permitted public criticism.

This case in Chester followed the momentum
of the old behaviour -
keep up with the authorities
and cover up their abuses -
- even covering up perjury multiple times.
(see Hillsborough as an example )

click on image



Strong words, and dreadful because they are true.

This system is as archaic and indecent
as the courts who would send children to Australia
for stealing bread.

11. Please help rescue Alice and Ben.

These two beautiful children have suffered
at the hands of their mother
and then at the hands of truly evil people in authority.

Click here for a table of evidence -
various documents that show
the domestic violence, domestic abuse and corruption.

You can help rescue the children and bring these criminals to justice - from your computer - Page with email addresses. .

Also link here to know more About Moral Propositions.

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