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Chester's Dirty Little Secrets 2 - 1

Cheshire West and Chester cover up child abuse

Child abuse in Ellesmere Port

Who do you complain to ?
When the people you are supposed to complain to..
are the people abusing you........




Switch on as many lights as possible and shout for help.

Alice, stepbrother, dad, family, extended family, friends, professionals,
Professor X, Doctor S ...ALL say ..Expose them ...

Events and feelings

BELOW is from the father of two beautiful children
Alice and Ben and their older brother .

The children and dad suffered domestic violence
and child abuse for years.
the authorities got involved .....
and it turned into a nightmare.....

Social services had been negligent
from the start, and so then
lied, smeared and perjured the court
to have the children removed
from the dad in efforts
to cover up the social services negligence.

Where do you start ?






The world is surreal now.
It is difficult to deal emotionally
with the fact that the people
who abused my children
are the people who are with them now
and in control of them now.

It might possibly be easier to come to terms with
if I had been a bad father or a bad person
or if the children were now in a better situation -
- but none of these are true.

Help my children ...NOW !

My children are in the physical presence of,
and controlled by....
people who abused them
every single day now......

Every day ,
every day,
every day,
every day,
every night,
every day,
every night,
every day,
every night
every weekend,
every holiday,
every day,
every night ..... :((

Children in abusive slavery..

My children know they have been abused.
They know they will be punished
if they tell
they have been abused.







They are now like those trafficked children
you hear about who become enslaved.

Beat up, assaulted, not beaten....

I am a consultant physicist, very well educated,
the mental stamina of a champion.
Before the birth
of my children,
a hardened intensive world traveller

of 200 flights/yr for many years.
Very well read and practiced in psychology,
I helped many people
and sponsered children for over 30 years.....
.and now,
after trying to fight corrupt social workers
for over 3 years,

.... I am sitting in the ruins of a life
bombed by the criminal terrorists
of Cheshire West and Chester in England

...but I can still switch the lights on....

Expose them....

My children mean everything to me.
So, I keep going.
I will not abandon my children
to the sublife these people are creating for them.
So, I am here,
and am going to use every single part of my being
to undo the injustices
that have been done to my children.

Emotional abuse of my children....

My daughter missed me very much
in the first lengthy session of the victims victimised -
- mainly caused by the police negligence then.

She used to get physically sick
going back to her mum's house under police escor.

She told social services many times
that she wanted desperately to live with her dad
because that was the only place where she felt safe.
Social services didn't listen to her.
She made me the 'blue tack girl' (below)
so she could always be near dad,









and we both could both talk through
the blue tack girl to each other.

At contact sessions which are used to gag us all,
my little boy cuddles into me in a foetal position
and suck his thumb while putting his finger in my eye.
His body language is a cry for comfort,
for reunification with who he belongs with.

The social workers complained about me cuddling my children.

Can there be any more evil than that ?

Actually, yes.

Evil social worker for Cheshire West - Helen Jones -
- wrote in a social work report and a court report
that my little boy had written about dad hitting him.
She never produced this written evidence
from my beautiful son who loves me dearly.
After much delay, the paper was found.
My son had written 'I am sad when I don't get to see my daddy'.

The evil Helen Jones wanted to promote that dad was bad,
and the children were scared of him.

Helen Jones is evil; an agent of abuses on children and adults.

She did lots of more very bad things to my children and me.

You ! yes YOU......

....the public are paying her to do this

with those taxes you lose out of your pay packet.

The taxes robbed from the health services
and other necessary things -
- used to promote domestic violence and child abuses.

Why do YOU let her do this ?

It's hard....

It is mentally very, very difficult now.

I know myself well having spent years
with just myself during travelling
and in solo bedrooms of hotels;
sitting on aeroplanes meditating
to make my heart speed up or slow down.

Also, so much time
developing the thoughts and feelings
that keep me in a good mental health place

I knew that I liked myself as a kid.
Didn't make a big thing about it,
after all, I'm just a very small thing
on a very big planet.

A planet that I liked.

Twilight zone.....

I find it so surreal
that ALL law and decency
has been so blatantly abused
by the authorities

They are just a gang of thugs,
gangsters who bury the little man in concrete
if he dares to stand up for the decency
and the well being of his family.






They have good salaries
and warm homes
and good holidays
for their own children -
- just like the guards at Auschwitz.

Everything in life ....

Everything we do in life is a test.
What we do is the reality of us,
who we are,
what we are.

This whole dreadful situation
of abuses caused by Cheshire West
and a criminal judge is a test
of each person involved individually....
...including you the reader.

I was not surprised at the social workers
and their managers failing this test.
There are strong psychological, anthropological
and organisational reasons to expect these
people to be just short of psychopaths...
... see Zimbardo on you tube
... and see our page 'How To Stop An Abusive System'

I was surprised by the judge failing the test.
He has very little to lose if he is negligent,
but he has everything to lose if he acts criminally -
- and he has acted criminally.
Did he get a big payoff from Cheshire West ?
Why did he risk everything ?
His judgement is only viable to an idiot;
but there are plenty of those in authority
who will bail him out by covering it up,
or if forced to, defend him saying it's negligence.

It may be that the judge
and the local authority
are lazy
and are too used to abusing people;
and were never prepared for the convergence -
convergence of -
- Munby,
- The Internet,
- A trail of hard evidence,
- A highly capable person to expose them

So, the judge and his test results say he failed miserably.
He was asked by my children,
for him to rescue them.
He sacrificed them
to keep the other authorities
from being exposed as corrupt.
No more needs to be said of him.

Scraping the bottom of the barrel...

The immoral judge Barnett
said I was narcissistic.
He promoted this idea because
his immoral psychologist said so
- a psychologist who would not get new business
- if he did not say such things.

My NHS psychologists and psychiatrists
said I was not narcissistic
and even if I was,
it was neither a crime or a problem.

So, judge Barnett
like the social workers
scrapes the bottom of the barrel
to conjour up smearing,
and pronounces himself a qualified psychologist,
against the professional opinions
of real psychiatrists and psychologists
and many professional friends.

Coping mentally ....

I need my times of 'being'.
Just sitting and 'being'.

Feeling the wind on my face
and seeing the sky, and being.

Sitting quietly;
quietly from the noisethoughts in my head.

I have to sleep,
as my being knows
it has been attacked and abused.


My friends are wonderful.
They have helped again and again without complaint.

They are hurt by seeing the abuses
that have fallen on my children and me.
They have been effected as well.

They all know the system is corrupt now
from being one person away
from the direct experience of this evil corruption.

Not just the children's world has changed....

One of my friends,
in one of her jobs,
was a well qualified senior child welfare expert.
She does direct caring now
rather than the managerial side
as she prefers to help directly.

She has had her entire belief
in the governments ability

to look after distressed children

She has seen directly
how awful the social workers
have been,
and still are being.

The public being educated....

It's funny how the large group of friends around me,
nearly all very well educated people,
are horrified that these corrupt social workers
have achieved the criminal act so easily.

The whole debacle is a test of the morality
and decency of the local government,
and it has shown so so many people
how poisenous Cheshire West and Chester is.

Are there any good people in Cheshire ?

Again, and again, my mind finds it difficult to comprehend
how such evil can be so easily hidden.

I used to think this was the stuff of films,
or happened in what we are told are corrupt countries.

How can such blatant evil
be so easily happening to my children ?

and yet all around
we are surrounded by people living in their houses ?

Why don't the good people come to the rescue ?

Where are the good people ?

Are there any good people here in Cheshire ?

They all sit and watch 'children in need' ,
while there are children are being abused
just under their noses.

What kind of sick world is this ?

The pain of isolation.....

Each night, I miss my children; lots.

My prayer last thing every night -

"Still above the ground big God
- Thank you for this day
- Thank you for this life
- More than anything
- I thank you for,
- and ask you to look after
[daughtername] - because I cannot even say her name here because of the abusers.
[ little boy name] - because I cannot even say his name here because of the abusers
[big boy name] - because I cannot even say his name here because of the abusers......
goodnight big God,
thy will be done this night
and tomorrow"

then I put on a Sherlock Holmes audio story
that switches off after 30 minutes on the timer.

I need the story;
to stop my mind
being caught
by wanting and wanting my children......

My children...

My children are the most precious thing to me,
and I will do everything to help them.

If this evil authority has taken my children away from me,
it has given me lots of time
to work on exposing it,
and reforming it.

So be it.

Switching on the lights...

They tried to imprison me for telling you,
the public what is going on.
They have imprisoned other's for doing so.

The rules just changed.

So, now we can legally heat things up
by putting a spotlight on the truth.

This is painfully real....

My children and me are very real.

You could be living right next door right now,
but would not know.

Please help us.

Contact us

Please help us
by putting this story to all possible
members of parliament
and everybody you know.

The current child social care
and family court system
is much worse
than anything you ever read
in a Charles Dickens novel.

I am fighting onwards for
for my children.

For now
I have to be anonymous
and have chosen the pen name of Dr Morality.

Please join us in
helping others,
and especially
by creating a less psychologically toxic world
for all of our children.

please help my children
and thousands of other children
and families.

Get the spotlight shining.
Get us out of the darkness.

Repost the content of this website
if you want to help thousands of children.


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