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MoralPropositions - helping to bring decency into the world

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Moral propositions

A short essay ...

Morality and justice - for all

Q. We live in an immoral world ?
A. The justice system is nothing to do with moral decency ?




See ' physics and morality ' here for a precursor to this page and it's articles


I have to start somewhere. The reality is, all knowledge is a big smorgasboard that individuals both have a standpoint of cognisance, and an output of responses to.

The smorgasboard used to be quite limited; long ago - the transmission of ideas, concepts, feelings was conducted at the essential level of survival+.( I'll explain the + later ). Our very existence is defined by the local content - 50% in our DNA, 25% in our general environment and 25% in our specific environment ( Oxford Book Of Evolutionary Psychology). In actuality, the DNA is not constant; it consists of parts with different time constants. The local environment comes from a perturbation in the totallity of the collective subconscious. The individual experience is where we see the big differences in people in the same family. It's a big game.

We must understand ourselves, how we work, how we behave individully and collectively if we are to be anything but a robotic illusion.

Here is an important point, everything we do is from our subconscious swimming in a pool of the collective subconscious. The thing that totally controls our actions, is not that part of consciousness we would call 'I'. It is the thing in us we would call the unconscious. That part we only get to know by 'being'.

It is not at all required that we know our own subconscious to write poetry, play sports, be a musician. These things happen to some people who have little awareness of how they do it. Mozart said that his music 'just came to him'.

Now, this begs the question of 'am I responsible' ? . The answer is twofold -

That thing which is you, in totality, is 'responsible' .

That thing which is your conscious, is merely an observer.

This is no cop out. It is simply that if we do not understand how we work, what we are, the environmennt in which we exist, then we cannot make good judgements about MORALITY.

In the umwelt of a crocodile, there is little concept of morality. Tearing the flesh off of a living animal is little different to a human eating a sandwich. It makes little sense to judge the morality of a crocodile - it is amoral.

A moral proposition is a question about behaviour of humans, as understood in a situation. It has no meaning without a situation.

To be continued. .

Please join us in helping ourselves, helping others, and especially by creating a less psychologically toxic world for all of our children.

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Click here for a table of evidence - various documents that show the domestic violence, domestic abuse and corruption.

You can help rescue the children and bring these criminals to justice - from your computer - Page with email addresses. .

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