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Child abuse .....cover up....evidence

Your children are NOT safe in Cheshire ...

Always go with the evidence...
the children, other witnesses, photographs, documemnts.... .
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Alice said "..every time mum hit me..."

What Alice told CAFCASS .....

Alice - "Every time Mum hit me....... dad was very defensive of me and Ben.
One time when mum was giving Ben (toddler) a punishment
she was stopping dad getting in and she told me to F off.
One time she held me to the floor and spat in my face.
It's like she's got a mental problem"'

An audio of this is available, as with all of the blogs describing abuse


CAFCASS extract
This is a sanitised extract of the CAFCASS report. Sanitised to protect the children's names. This is an extract from the earliest replies from Alice to CAFCASS about the domestic violence and abuses the children endured from her mum.

When dad got 100% custody of the children in 2011, the then CAFCASS people were removed and a new CAFCASS guardian put in place - Alan Rawlinson. This evil man pretended the violence and abuses never took place.

Rawlinson swore under oath that a boy forcing his penis into a child's mouth was not rape.
Alan Rawlinson helped the local authority social workers to cover up the abuses and violence of the children in order to hide their negligence and criminality.

click to see real copy of page

The criminal judge Keneth Barnett of Chester family court, took sides with Cheshire West and Chester council, in order to protect the council.
This criminal agreed to cover up the child abuses abuses said no such violence and abuses took place and he called the child a liar.
He put the children into abuse to protect his freemason mates in the council .


I'm Sad When I Don't Get To See My Daddy - (Ben)

- smearing and perjury reported to evil judge Barnett of Chester
who then reported that it never happened.

You can click on the picture on the right hand side to download a higher resolution picture of how social workers smear people and perjure courts. ...and how judges like THJ Barnett allows them to.

in an example of one of the MANY smears and perjury carried out by the LA social worker Helen Jones, she wrote a report saying the little boy had WRITTEN that his dad had hit him. She reported this in court in writing, but never produced the document in court. After being requested lots to produce the document, the little boy had written -

" I am sad when I don't get to see my daddy " " I am angry when somebody hits me. "

The social worker wrote in pen on top of the little boys writing. This is blatant smearing of the dad by the social worker yet again, to put forward the opposite of reality.

Evil judge Barnett accepted the evil social worker Helen Jones saying it was a mistake- - yet again.

As usual, smeared and no apology and no corrections written in the documentation - A 'normal' feature of social workers reporting littered throughout these years.

In criminal judge Barnett's version of law - Now reffered to as Barnett's Law - states that
" if you are one of his criminal cronies, you can commit perjury as many times as you like, and if at some later date you are discovered , you just say , oh I made a mistake " .
Think of all the criminals who could walk about freely with Barnett in charge.

Alices blogs on abuse

The young schoolgirl - Alice's blogs

These blogs about the abuses were recorded by Alice at her mother's house, while she was isolated and gagged by social services. Alice made these blogs because nobody believed her other than dad, her older brother, the childminder Lydia and Lydia's mum, and close family and other friends (all the people who knew about the abuses and who social services helped mum isolate from Alice).

The frequent social workers kept telling Alice that she was a liar and that the abuses that happened to her and her brother were not real. This is very nasty emotional abuse by the social workers; it is called INVALIDATION. Invalidation is the opposite of psychological VALIDATION. Validation makes people mentally strong and well. Invalidation causes mental health and personality problems. Invalidation is a part of torture and brainwashing.

When the blogs were discovered and played to evil judge Barnett of Chester, he reported that they never happened. He did this to protect the soicial workers.

Alice made many blogs. In some of them she tells about
the violence and abuses to Alice and Ben by her mum

[ Go to page Blog 1 ] Notes on Blog1.
This shows incidents where mum carried out domestic violence and child abuses on Alice and Ben starting when they were very young and up to the age where mum's particular boyfriend - the manP was pushing the first year secondary school girl onto the couch and looking up her skirt.
[ Go to page Blog 2 ] Notes on Blog2.
Incident1. Mum slapping and being toxic in her parenting of both Alice and Ben.
Incident2. Mum changing Ben's nappy and Ben screaming for daddy. Listen !
About half of the times she changed Ben's nappy, it would involve her slapping Ben lots.
Dad would intervene when she was slapping the baby and get slapped and abuse directed at him as well.
THJ Barnett's judgement said no such violence and abuses took place and he called the child a liar - even though he heard the recordings and heard witness testimony. Corrupt TH Judge Barnett did this criminal act in order to cover up for the abusive and negligent authorities.


Alice's older brother Graham is a witness

Alice's older step brother's witness statement -

Alice's step brother is much older than her and she loves him dearly. He was 4 when his dad married Mum - his second wife. Before getting married, Mum behaved great with the little boy. After getting married, Mum frequently abused him;
she was very angry that dad paid money to this little boys mum, and she hated the imposition of having this 'other' child in her house. The stepbrother not only had to put up with being abused himself, but he was badly affected by not being able to intervene
and protect his little sister and little brother

Graham submitted written evidence to evil judge Barnett of Chester who then reported that it never happened.

.[ Download ]
( sanitised version. )

Graham gave evidence of Alivce's mum's abuses over years.He gave evidence in person and writing in a number of courts and to Cheshire West social workers and to Cheshire police. Only the Crown Court in Chester did not try to cover up Graham's evidence.

Cheshire West social workers and Cheshire police betrayed and abused Alive , Ben , Graham, dad and all the children's friends and relatives.

THJ Barnett's judgement said no such violence and abuses took place and he called the child a liar - even though he heard the recordings and heard witness testimony. Corrupt TH Judge Barnett did this criminal act in order to cover up or the abusive and negligent authorities.


One of Alice's written letters

One of a number of letters from Alice -

Alice told the evil judge that she was scared of mum and mum's boyfriend. The boyfriend who mum had been seriously and scared of this man had called him 'the pervert' for over a year.

In this two page letter to the TH Judge Barnett, she tells him of being scared and wanting to live with her 'silverback' (her pet name for her dad).

Letter side1.

Letter side2.

This young schoolgirl has told social workers and CAFCASS and the judges on numerous occassions that she is scared living at her mum's house and wants to live with her dad.

Alice knows that THJ Barnett let her down and sacrificed her well being to protect the social workers and the authorities.

Evil judge Barnett of Chester who then reported that it was ok for Alice to be scared and coexist living in fear with mum and 'the pervert'. .

Mum's first written admission of violence and abuse.

Mum's first written admission of hitting and screaming at the children

In 2009, mum sent an email to social services. Previous to this email, her violence towards her children and her husband had escalated to such a level that the children were starting to tell people.

Mum had a sister who worked for social services and she knew well that social workers cannot pursue you
if you are apparently 'compliant' - in the same way that BabyP's mum was.

So mum became apparently compliant. She told the social workers how she had improved,
but away from them, she actually got worse.

[ Download ]
( sanitised version. )

Mum used to hit her toddler so much he would wee himself when she shouted at him.

She was assessed as a cold narcissistic woman by the psychologist employed by social services.

On the right is a link to a video showing her low empathy way of looking after her toddler - when she wasn't being violent that is.... Click on the picture or here ...

THJ Barnett's judgement said this this was the only violence and abuse to have taken place - because even mum said it.
He commended mum for being so good to report herself.

The criminal judges 'Perfected judgement' is a work of dreadful self perjury. It hides lots of evidence and then went on to call the children and witnesses liars all to cover up for the negligent authorities.

Mum's second admissions of violence
Mum's second admissions of violence and abuses -
These are snippets from the reports and discussions with a good social worker !
Mum said she hit the children because she had psychological distress.
[ Download1 ] ( sanitised version. )
Mum justified her violence and abuses, but continued when social workers were not about. [ Download2 ] ( sanitised version. )
Her only complaints about her husband was that he worked too much and he was critical of her parenting style (remember, this parenting style is domestic violence and domestic abuse). [ Download3 ] ( sanitised version. )
The social workers never talked to the children. [dad] was not only willing to give up his career and high salary, but he made drastic changes to stay much more at home and look after everybody. Mum wasn't willing to work full time for the benefit of the family.
[ Download4 ] ( sanitised version. )

Mum did not do as the social workers planned.

(Stock photo. Not this actual mum in this picture).


Later social workers covered up always saying she was compliant even though she was not.
(same mega error as Baby P yet again).


THJ Barnett's judgement said this was all part of the one incident of one smacking of the daughter.
It seems he cannot read or hear evidence or hear testimony. He sticks with nice mum being so good to report herself and then went on to call the children and witnesses liars all to cover up for the negligent authorities.
Mum's 3rd admission of violence.
Mum's third admissionsof violence and abuses.

Having repeatedly denied that she had ever been violent and abusive
in many courts and in many meetings with social workers over 2010 to 2012,
Mum then made an officially stamped agreement with the court that she had once slapped her daughter.

This was in order to stop a judicial finding of facts of the violence and abuses.

[ Download ] (awaiting sanitised version. )
THJ Barnett's criminal judgement, said this was all part of the one incident of one smacking of the daughter. It seems he cannot read and sticks with nice mum being so good to report herself and then went on to call the children and witnesses liars all to cover up for the negligent authorities.
Mum, after first lying, admits terrorising Alice into a fit...
On Saturday the 4th Feb 2012, the children were with dad in the rented house. There were family friends and visitors all having a great time. Mum came to collect the children at teatime
and terrorised Alice into a fit.
[ Download ] (awaiting sanitised version. )

Mum was very angry because the children were having a good time with the visitors and dad. She was also angry about Alice wearing one of dad's pink fleece tops. Social worker Barbra Goldsmith had stearn words with Mum.

Mum said sorry to Barbra Goldsmith but consequently had a lawyers letter written to say the fault was with dad and the visitors.

Subsequent evil social workers Andrea Blears and Helen Jones wrote mum's version in their reports. After yet more documentary evidence, mum finally admitted again she had terrorised Alice.

The criminal judge Barnett in his summing up says all these abusive incidents did not happen - - even when recorded by social workers. He says Mum was really compliant with the social workers. TH Judge Barnett is corrupt and criminal.


Cheshire Police deliberately hide violence and child abuse
They hear Mum describe the man she said was a scary character and pervert. The man she later chose as one of her new boyfriends who then himself abused the children.

[ DownloadP ]
( sanitised version. )

A man who introduced himself as a stalker of women, the 56 yr old man who stalked the schoolgirl babysitter and was always peeking through closed curtains from the rented property next door to Mum and dad when they both lived in the family home.
This man was described as a pervert by Mum to the children, to family and friends. She told her daughter he was a very bad person and to keep away from him and keep the curtains closed so the pervert could not see them going in and out of the upstairs bathroom (adjacent).

[ DownloadJ ]
( sanitised version. )

From here on, I will use the name
manP for this man
that Mum named the Pervert.

Mum started having sex with this new boyfriend and had him move into the house she had stolen from dad, and let him live and sleep in the house with access to the children - all within 5 months of getting rid of dad by lying to the police.

Mum achieved getting rid of dad, who was the main witness to her violence and child abuse, very easily. Mum simply told lies to gullible Ellesmere Port police that she had been assaulted. The police obliged without investigating. This was simple ABUSE by PROXY. She manipulated stupid police to get them to ABUSE dad; to throw him out of his house, stop him protecting his children, and steal control of the family house.

Mum and social workers continually said in reports that it was dad who had made up the name Pervert about this man, Even judge Barnett was not stupid enough to try and cover that bit up.

Having seen how easily Mum had manipulted Ellesmere Port police, the manP joined in and manipulatively reported dad to the police saying that it was dad who had made up the name about him being a pervert. Then he changed his mind and said it was possibly people taking things he had said out of context. Even judge Barnett had to agree it was Mum who invented this name for him.

The manP repeated his manipulation of the police and had dad arrested on numerous occassions while he enjoyed abusing the children and stealing and occupying dad's house. Dad even showed Ellesmere Port police photographs of this man turning up at dad's rented house and making threats to kill. Ellesmere Port police said it was not their business.

Dad reported theft of property and attempts at more theft and harassment by this man, and on each occassion, Ellesmere Port police said it was not their business.

Alice reported this manP as dragging her onto his knees and rubbing his hands over her while asking for a kiss. Social services told Ellesmere Port Police that nothing had happened because Alice would not talk to them about it - section 7 report - done in mum's house with manP present.
Dad took Alice to Ellesmere Port Police. They asked Alice "if your dad had pulled you onto his knees and asked for a kiss, would you have found this acceptable" ? To which Alice said that idea was ok. So, Ellesmere Port Police reported that no sexual abuse had taken place.

Alice reported manP as downloading porn onto her tablet computer, leering and letching at her, forcing his way into bedroom and bathroom to watch her; and pushing her onto the couch to look up her skirt.

Social worker Helen Jones of Ellesmere Port (with full approval all the way up toSteve Robinson the Chief Executive of Cheshire West and Chester) told Alice she was a liar and refused to let Ellesmere Port Police interview Alice.

When the police repeatedly refused to investigate all this - even with lots of hard evidence - dad reported the abuses and crimes to the police in public. Of course, the police refused to investigate - however, when the two manipulators complained to police, they arrested dad and charged him with harassment of the manipulators.

Now, police hate being exposed as criminals, so, as quick as they could they got dad in prison on remand for most of 2014. However a trial had to happen sometime.

Dad was acquitted at Chester Crown Court on 9,10, 11 and 12th March 2015. He had indeed been reporting crimes. Ellesmere Port police had indeed been easily manipulated and helped the criminals ALL the way.

Having shown the police they had made a mess of Biblical proportions , Cheshire police now hid themselves and bolted the door. They refused to listen or read anything dad and all the witnesses and evidence said.

Even a new appearance of the older brother being recorded on video about the child abuses has been hidden by Cheshire police.

Even now 28th Aug 2015 , Cheshire Police are hiding from this.

manP also reported Alice to the police for telling her friends about abusive things he had done to Alice. Evil social worker Helen Jones was angry at Alice and ordered her to apologise to manP for telling about what he had done to her.

Alice put on public media that manP was phoning the police on her. This was another manipulative act by the manP as he had done the same with dad. .

This is a psychopath put to coexist in the same house as Alice on the 'Perfected Order' by the criminal judge Barnett - a child abuser.


A Competition Of Idiots
Consider -
THJ Barnet said that mum had indeed said this man was a pervert and she had this opinion of this man and she reinforced this opinion to her daughter Alice. He then tries to rescue mum and the authorities abuses by declaring that this man was now ok once Mum got to know him better.
Does TD Judge Barnett realise that he says Mum has been a liar for many many times in court, but now she is good ?
THJB doesn't seem to realise that he has confirmed that Mum and the social workers lied and perjured the courts many many times and worse, he now says they are telling the truth !!!
This entire debacle is a competition of abusive idiots and a competition in criminality by Dwyer, Robinson and Barnett.
Complaints procedures just ignored
48 Pages of detailed and cross referenced complaints to the local authority. It gives a chronology of events and the abusive and nasty way the various social workers have behaved. [ Download 552KB PDF] ( shortened and sanitised version. )
TD Judge Barnett made a deliberate decision to trust these people, he said in his judgement that - - it was not his business to know - if he shoud trust the authorities reporting

How can a high court judge say this ? It is like a doctor saying he has no idea if
the equipment he is using actually works correctly.

Judge Barnett appears to be an outstanding idiot.

Response by Cheshire West and Chester to the complaint. .

It is the opposite of what they tell you, the public, about how they care, about how they handle complaints, on their website !

2 Very brief pages. Written by evil social worker Judith Griffiths saying simply 'we don't believe you' and ' our pal judge Barnett will cover for us'.

[ Download ] ( sanitised version. )

An amazing document.

If you understand government systems, they allow the abusive authorities to tick a box on a form that says they replied; so they can hide the truth, while 'statistically' saying they have done their job. Cheshire West reporting system - designed to wash whiter than white ! (but only if you are stupid ).

Judith Griffiths , with full approval all the way up to Steve Robinson, gets paid lots of your tax payer's money to write 2 page cover ups of child abuses. Welcome to Cheshire West and Chester council.

Hide , Gag , Bury , Destroy , Ignore , Wear Down..

Cheshire West and Chester employ these tactics when you complain to them. The more serious the complaint, the harder they will respond to cover up.

These gangsters have spent over £1,500,000
to try and cover up their negligence and abuses
in this one case alone.

These gangsters have gagged-
- a 12yr old school girl
- her dad
many times in order to cover up abuses.

Cheshire West Lies to a Member of Parliament.

MP Andrew Miller was informed of some of this situation. Especially the abuses of the children, the waste of £1,500,000 of tax payer's hard earned money taking one father to court 45 times, and the issuuing of imprisonment documents on the father for writing poetry.

Andrew Miller wrote to the Chief Executive -
- Steve Robinson
- who had Mark Palethorpe reply with a lot of lies.

[ Download ] ( sanitised version. )

Cheshire West and Chester executives
do not know where lies stop and truth starts.

Perhaps the New MP's will take action - don't we pay for them to do that ? You can try the links on the right to ask ?

More a few hyperlinks to be repaired.


Do you dare to complain about Cheshire Police or Cheshire West and Chester council ?


If Cheshire Police will falsely imprison you to gag you,
how far will Cheshire West go ?

£1,500,000 to gag a child and her father that's what you gave evil Helen Jones. when you paid taxes.

Approved all the way up to Steve Robinson, the evil social worker Helen Jones has abused, and allowed the abuse of Alice and Ben. That's why she is desperate to gag the children and gag the [dad] and prevent the children seeing, or being with, or talking with anybody who knows of the abuses. That's 80% of family.

Helen Jones has organised that Alice and Ben are never allowed to see their older brother, or any relatives on the dad's side - ever !

Helen Jones and her bosses, pushed to only let the children see their dad ( who the children are desperate to live with) for 3/hrs a month fully supervised - for life !

NO emails,NO letters, NO phone calls - - only those words allowed by evil social worker Helen Jones during these few and short highly supervised contact.

The highest level criminals and worst mentally ill people are not treated this way.
You can understand how they easily gag people and cover up all the dreadful abuses that take place and only come to light years later Now you have witnessed the reality of what these corrupt social services and corrupt secret family courts can do to decent people.

Exactly the same way as was done in Wrexham, Rotherham, Rochdale and so many others - the same in Cheshire West and Chester.

People in power abusing the victims to save themselves money and reputation.... ...and some of those children go on to commit suicide. This is the England that David Cameron is so proud of.

Examples of the perjury and smearing
by Cheshire West and Chester social workers

Barbra Goldsmith wrote that there was emotional warmth between the daughter and the mother, but no emotional warmth between the daughter and the father.

When confronted, tThe social workers said it was an error. This known error was subsequently deliberately propagated across other social services reports, court documents and was even amplified (in reference to) by the court paid psychologist.

This is almost the opposite of reality. Previous social workers had even commented on how the daughter aligned with the dad.

[ Download ]
( sanitised version. )

Approved all the way up to Steve Robinson, this evil social worker Andrea Blears just cuts and pastes any abuses she can find into reports.

In response, the dad gets a highly qualified and highly experienced
child welfare manager's evaluation of this dreadful smearing reporting
by the local authority social worker Andrea Blears.

[ Download ] ( sanitised version. )

TH Judge Barnett's corrupt and criminal Judgement.

As was the case in Wrexham and many other abuses of children incidents ignored by the authorities, the criminal Barnett covers up for the the authorities and therefore has to say that he doesn't believe the children. This is what happened in BabyP - nobody believed the child, and the social workers -really liked and believed the evil mum.

Same failures again and again....

It is reported again, and again that the same failures come up in these kind of cases. Nobody listens to the children concerned. THJ Barnett had heard and read lots from the children that contradicted the social workers and contradicted evil Alan Rawlinson of CAFCASS. THJ Barnett had an opportunity to talk directly to the children and ignored to do so. THJ Barnett simply rubber stamped what the corrupt and perjuring gang of authoritarian CHRONIES put in front of him. The criminal judge Barnett gave them a get out of jail card and sacrificed the children to do so. He is an evil man.


Brief Summary
Gagging, harassment, child abuses, torture, theft, destruction of property, misconduct in public office .....
The secret family court have tried to cover up the abuses of the local authority becoming public numerous times.
In this one case alone they spent £1,500,000 of your money, in repeatedly gagging and threatning the [dad] with imprisonment.
The local authority cronies in Cheshire police (see John Dwyer page ) arrested the dad and charged him with harassment and had him gagged in Altcourse Prison for most of 2014.
In the Crown Court in Chester on 9,10,11, 12th March 2015, the dad was acquitted of the charges because he had been reporting crimes
Crown Court Judge Woodward said that the criminals and abusers he could not do anything about because they (had not been arrested by Cheshire police ) were not on trial.
The trial was described in court as a mess of Biblical proportions caused by the authorities.
Even after this trial and the acceptance of the evidence, Cheshire police are still refusing to investigate themselves.
Even after this trial and acceptance of the evidence, Cheshire West and Chester are still refusing to investigate themselves.

This is all real. All highly evidenced. Some serious criminal incidents have not been divulged here, and never will in public in order to protect the children.

Only some of the names have been changed to protect the children. The criminals mentioned are vile, immoral, shameless and only too too real.

Welcome to Lawless Cheshire. Run by the gangsters Dwyer, Robinson and Barnett.

You can help rescue the children and bring these criminals to justice - from your computer - Page with email addresses. .

Also link here to know more About Moral Propositions.


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