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What they did to Tom Dobbie...a good dad

His children suffered domestic violence and abuse, then it got much worse....

A bad parent, can abuse the children and their spouse (man or woman)...
but the authorities can make it unbelievably worse.....

Tom's daughter 'Alice' told CAFCASS - "..every time mum hit me.."..

It started in an ill matched marriage.

Tom was not the average male. His wife was not the average mum. He was very high empathy and had a warm nurturing up bringing. She was low empathy and had a cold disociated upbringing. She never wanted children, until her mother fueled sibling rivalry into a frenzy by continuously mentioning and praising her sisters's children. From the start, children were unwanted, but a source of compliments while in the company of other mothers for her.

The most important thing in the world to Tom Dobbie is his children. This is witnessed by his children, family friends, psychologists reports.







When it went wrong the first time.

In 2005, she wrote a letter saying she did not like being a mum, and she was leaving the child with dad who enjoyed children. She left and stayed with her sister who hated the marriage. Her sister pursuaded her to abduct the little girl to force dad to pay child maintenance. This attempted abduction in early 2006 failed, but not before she had lied to Cheshire police and manipulated them to criminally assault dad. This was the first act of man hating prejudice by Cheshire police. It taught this woman that Cheshire police could be very easily manipulated.
However, her long list of cut and paste lies supplied by the huge pool of man hating women's organisations let her down in court. So her 2006 court claims were shown to be lies and dad got custody of their then 5yr old daughter. Mum and her family trashed the family home before driving on to Scotland. The daughter had been left in a care centre with no codes to get her free. So, it was late before Tom Dobbie got her free and for them to return to the trashed family house.

A false repair of an unsuitable family.

Mrs Dobbie returned from Scotland pregnant, and the family made up. This did not last as her frustrations turned her short temper into physical and emotional abuse to all in the house once again.

The children were lashed out at constantly by her, both physically and verbally. Dad frequently got marked by getting between her and the children when she tried to assault them. By 2009 the violence was getting uncontrolable. Dad got health services and social services involved. This was disappointing as they made dad the primary carer and said mum was to get mental health help and go on a parenting course.

In yet another nasty attack on their toddler boy on 23rd July 2010, dad got kicked in the face while getting the little boy away to safety from her. She phoned the police saying she had been assaulted by dad.

The easily manipulated Cheshire Police arrested dad, did not examine the children, did not contact the authorities - they simply charged dad with assault and put him on bail not to go near the house he had paid the mortgage on for almost 20 years. Much worse, they were stopping him from protecting the children. When he asked the desk sergeant at Blacon custody suite who would protect the children, this sergeant phoned mum and asked if she was ok. She said yes. The sergeant put the phone down before smirking at dad and saying .." she's ok .."... . After lots of investigating, it turns out Cheshire police policy is to always trreat the man as the criminal, irrespective of evidence.

It took a year of not being able to protect the children before being cleared in criminal court. It was clear in criminal court that mum was violent and abusive to all in the house. An application by mum for an injunction to stop dad being near the house was accepted by Chester family court. The authorities had helped her abuse the children, abuse dad and steal the house.

When Cheshire police had wrongfully charged dad with assault (they never followed procedures for assault clarification) , the social services changed the people involved and reversed everything to align with the police. The previous reports were hidden. It was now - 'bad dad' , ' poor victim mum' ' children are liars '.

After dad being cleared on evidence clearly showing the opposite of Cheshire police and the second version of social services, the police refused to investigate and social services refused to change their position.

Dad had to hire another house to be near the children and try to keep his business running, When the police threw him out of his house, they also handed full control to mum of the business infrastructure. She destroyed the business infrastructure, erased computers, cancelled internet and ISP , destroyed company records and canmcelled all fax, telephone and internet. This harassment of dad made keeping the business running an extraordinary amount of work. Police said it had nothing to do with them. Even dad's company car was taken by police and destroyed because the company records were mostly vacant.


CAFCASS to the rescue.

Applications to the family court by all parties were divergent. Social services were repeatedly still claiming mum had been assaulted totally against the evidence and the court outcome. They were still backing mum very hard and covering up the child abuses and even their own records.

The children at this time were now at 50/50 contact. However, new abuses made the children refuse to go back to mum's. She had moved in a next door neighbour as a sexual partner which was not being kept secret from the children. He also was repeatedly sexually approaching the daughter and had seriously assaulted the little boy. Cheshire police refused to investigate saying it was none of their business. Social services kept it covered up to keep justifying their erroneous position.

The children gave statements to CAFCASS and dad won 100 contact with the children. Mum was asked to have psychiatric assessments.

Cheshire West go berserk.

Cheshire West on realising the children were with dad and there was another official report showing how negligent they were, took severe actions to cover up their negligence and criminality. Dad was hounded to family court after family court with harassment, smearing, perjuring, lies.

CAFCASS corrupted by Cheshire West.

More disturbing was the removal of the CAFCASS people who had written the report showing Cheshire West were lying. They were replaced by a man called Alan Rawlinson who quickly aligned himself with Cheshire West and Chester.
This is a man who stood in family court under oath and said that a penis forced into a child's mouth was not rape and not a sexual assault. So, that is everything you need to know about this evil man.

The smearing, perjuring, lying were highly evidenced and reported to police and the local authority. Neither was interested.

After 20 + court appearances Cheshire West in a trial that eventually will be reconstructed for the public got a judge who was willing to give them what they wanted. He covered up serious crimes - all evidenced.

The whole process stopped dad from being able to work - especially the theft and destruction of his car by Cheshire police (because they gave mum control of the business)







How far will people in power go to cover up ?

Dad reported all the crimes to Cheshire police who repeatedly said not our business. Cheshire West refused to investigate and even lied to MP Andrew Miller to cover up. Dad reported the crimes in public. So Cheshire police arrested dad and charged him with harassment of the abusers. They put dad in prison for most of 2014 to gag him, which also prevented him trying to protect his children.

In Chester Crown Court on 9,10,11,12 March 2015 dad was acquitted because he had reported crimes. The judge said he could not rescue the children because Cheshire police had not put the abusers and criminals on trial. The behaviour of the authorities was described as a mess of biblical proportions.

Dad went back to Cheshire police who still refused to investigate because they were complicit.

Dad started a broadcasting exercise to expose all the criminals. This has proved that the criminals in Cheshire police and Cheshire West are treating this as a fight to the death. They do not care that children are in abuse. They do not care their organisations are running criminally.

So, expose, expose, expose..... and ! ..Cheshire West applied to Queens Bench to gag dad. They wanted to stop him reporting crimes or exposing the abusive behaviour of Cheshire West employees. This is an abuse of process that is currently scheduled to be in Chester county court on 23, 24 March 2016. Almost a year later than the same charges that were cleared in Chester Crown court.

The children are still with their abusers against their will as you read this. This is trafficking.
The abusers have stolen the house, destroyed the business, made threats to kill dad, had him wrongfully imprisoned, harassed him at torture levels....... all evidenced...


You can help rescue the children and bring these criminals to justice - from your computer - Page with email addresses. .

Also link here to know more About Moral Propositions.


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