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Alice's abuse blogs...

The abuses of Alice and Ben from Ellesmere Port

that Cheshire West reported never happened ...
even with photographs, witnesses and police reporting...

Alice and Ben Abuses..21 blogs from a victim's recordings..

What Alice Reported

Alice reported her abuses many times to different people. CAFCASS originally reported the abuses in 2011. When Cheshire West found out what the CAFCASS team had reported, the Cheshire West people had the cafcass team changed. Mum and criminal social workers kept covering up the abuses. Mum and social workers stopped the court having a finding of facts investigation into the children's abuses when Professor Billington (children's psychologist) requested a full determination of the abuses the children had suffered.
Anyone who signs up to be a part of the legal team can have full access to the original recordings and evidence.

Alice had always blogged, so, Alice also made blogs about abuses.

Mum abused the children. One of her boyfriends she called the pervert, abused the children. The social workers covered up the abuses and let the children be abused more.

To CAFCASS, Alice said -

' Every time mum hit me..
..dad was very defensive of me and 'Ben' (toddler).

One time when mum was giving Ben
a punishment [note1] she was stopping dad getting in
and she told me to F off.

One time she held me to the floor and spat in my face.

It's like she's got a mental problem'

[Note1] Alice was so used to Averice's punishments that she just accepted punishments could be quite brutal.

Click on this to see Actual Cafcass Report Evidence










Some of the 20 Blogs Recorded by Alice about being abused.

Transcription of a recording of
mum ( codename - Avrice Deadborn )
hitting her daughter Alice
with her toddler son Ben in hand.

Daughter - crying. ".. mum ‘’ – (cannot make out)
Daughter - ‘leave me alone, I want to go to the child(ren's) home..’
daughter - crying
daughter - ‘mum, i’m sorry’
daughter - cries out
mum - ‘you do it to me (daughtername), I’ll do it to you’
daughter shouting - 'go away’
mum - ‘you’re doing it again’
daughter - sobbing
toddler with mum - ‘ga ga ...’ (copying mum shouting at daughter
mum - ‘come on’ (to toddler)
daughter - crying
daughter - ‘mummy, I was going to switch the light on’
mum - ‘ you were going to bang the door closed’
daughter - ‘ I wasn’t’
daughter - crying
daughter - ‘ goodbye mummy’
toddler (happy) - ‘goodbye’
daughter - 'go away I said’ (to toddler)
daughter - ‘I can’t do a single ...mutters‘’’’’’’’
toddler mutter - ‘’’’
daughter mutters - ‘’’’’’’
mum mutters - ‘’’
daughter - ‘thank you’
mum to toddler - ‘come on darling, she’s nasty’
daughter shouting - ‘no, you are’, ‘you’re the idiot’
mum to toddler - ‘she’s nasty (toddlername), hold on’
mum out loud - ‘not nice behaviour
toddler muttering - ‘’’’
mum out loud again - ‘not nice behaviour
daughter - crying
mum out loud to toddler - ‘horrid behaviour

Averice had a lengthy history
of slapping and shouting
at her children
as well as lashing out at her husband.
There were witnesses to this. Social services were desperate
to try and cover up
their initial and ongoing negligence.
They aligned with the mother
in saying that
when the children told of the abuses they had recieved
that they were just telling lies.

All of the blogs were supplied to Cheshire West and Chester Social Services and to Cheshire Police.

Evil social worker Helen Jones
told the police - DI Nigel Parr of the PPU -
that nothing needed to be investigated
as nothing was new.











Transcription of a recording of
mum (Averice Deadborn) changing Ben
( changing toddler's nappy).

Click here to listen to Audio of toddler screaming for dad
to rescue him from his mum.
. [mum]'s talking has been removed
for sanitisation under Munby rules.

Start transcription of recording.

mum laughing, ‘that’s better’, just a minute’
toddler cries, and cries, ‘no’, ‘no’, cries, ‘no’, ‘no’, ‘no’, cries, cries
mum ‘SHUT UP BEN !' (angry)
toddler cries, cries, cries,
toddler ‘no’, ‘no’, ‘no’,
toddler cries, cries, cries,
toddler ‘no’, ‘no’, ‘’ , cries,
toddler screams, ‘no’, ‘no’,
toddler screamsdaddy’, ‘daddy’, ‘daddy’,
toddler screams cries, cries, ‘no’,
mum mutters ‘’
toddler 'no ’, ‘no’, ‘no
mum ‘empty your bum (toddlername) ’
toddler ‘no’, screams,
toddler screams, ‘no’, ‘no’,
toddler screamsleave me’,
toddler ‘daddy’, sobbing,
toddler sobbing
mum ‘arms up’
toddler sighs .

End of transcription.

Cleaning the baby's nappy made Averice very angry
and she would frequently slap the baby
while changing the nappy.
The father took over most of the nappy changing,
and to this day, the little boy wants dad to be at the toilet with him.

[dad] is so, so sorry that what is recorded,
happened again
and again
to Ben
and his older sister and brother
had to see and hear this
and again.

- and 50% were much worse than this
when [mum] would also be slapping him.

[dad] gets sick every time he hears it;
because he heard it in reality
too many times.

The evil social worker Helen Jones
was smirking and sniggering in court
when this was being played to the judge.

There is one of the hospital records where [daughter]
had been knocked out.
[mum] had been running at her very angry
and [daughter] in desperation to get away from her
was knocked out after hitting the wall.
[dad] went in the ambulance to the hospital with [daughter].
Interestingly THJ Barnett was not clever enough
to see how the medical records
tallied with the domestic violence (or, he just did not want to see it).
Photograph evidence.Slap marks on Alice.
These are available, but we are not showing these here. They were shown to the evil judge and evil social workers who all said that no such violence took place. Alice and dad testify that the violence happened and the photographs are real.

Holes kicked in doors by Averice.

This bad version of a mum - Averice Dearborn,
not only frequently lashed out at her family,
she kicked holes on doors,
smashed mirrors,
smashed a £240 microwave
by throwing it out of the door.

Click picture for bigger picture of a hole kicked in one of the doors. Again, the evil social worker Helen Jones was smiling and sniggering at the abuses created by [mum] on the children and [dad]. It seems Helen finds it a good thing for children and men to be abused by a women.

Alice's older brother (step brother).

Evidence statements were produced
by numerous people.
Social services simply ignored EVERYBODY
(including the children)
and all evidence
that would confirm ss had been negligent.

The older brother's witness statement,
original and updated can be downloaded here.







Alice's older brother has given evidence in a Crown Court, given evidence to police, been videod by Cheshire Police and still, the police are trying to bury this.

Alice writing to the criminal Judge Barnett of Chester.

Click on picture to Download and look at on bigger screen















Even though he heard recorded evidence, and read social services evidence of mum's violence, and though he read mum's admission of violence, and though he read CAFCASS report on violence, and although he heard the brothers evidence, - Judge Barnett said that Averice only hit Alice one time.

A mum (not this one) who never liked children and left her family. More honest than the mum above who was violent and abusive to her children.



Click here for a table of evidence - various documents that show the domestic violence, domestic abuse and corruption.

You can help rescue the children and bring these criminals to justice - from your computer - Page with email addresses. .

Also link here to know more About Moral Propositions.

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