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Mental Molecules - Can you guess ?

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......Chemistry and Consciousness

..............Q. Are we morally a function of our chemistry ?
..............A. Yes.





Q. What do you do when the chemistry is wrong ?
A. Go see the NHS mental health specialists !!

Examples of some pretty small molecules
that make a huge difference
to how our brain percieves things.


Caffeine molecule








3D java model (external link)

Effect of caffeine on a spider spinning it's web.


click on picture



Alcohol ( Ethanol)







3D jave model (external link)

Well know HARM
resulting from drinking alcohol.


click on image














3D jave model (external link)












3D java model (external link)










3D java model (external link)











3D java model (external link)












3D java model (external link)























3D java model (external link)

other 3D model










3D java model (external link)


(Magic mushrooms)


click on picture






3D java model (external link)


Lysergic acid diethylamide







click for bigger picture.

3D java model (external link)







click on image





3D java model (external link)


Neural correlation
with consciousness 1.



Click to enlarge.




There is a more detailed version of this below.

Neural correlation
with consciousness 2



Click to enlarge




The concepts above are fundamental
in understanding consciousness.

Please contact if you need to discuss,
or know more.


Note. We are not in favour of recreational drugs.
There is an endemic confusion over the use of drugs,
but at the same time,
a huge number of dreadfully ruined lives.

The dad featured in our case studies
is a consultant physicist.
He doesn't like the idea of recreational drugs
as he has a very high level of visualisation
that he feels would be 'mangled'
by the use of recreational drugs.

He also likes nice wine and champagne,
but truly hates the feeling of being drunk.

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