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Ellesmere Port Child Abuse Blogs: 1 - 2

Child Abuse Covered Up by Police in Ellesmere PortCorrect

Alice and Ben abuses

Abused by their mum.
Abused by mum's pervert cohabiting boyfriend.
Abused by Cheshire West social workers.
Abused by Alan Rawlinson of CAFCASS.
Abused by evil judge Barnett of Chester.


and all the abusers covered for each other....

1. Alice started by saying -

'Every time mum hit me....'


Q. What do you do when a child tells you she has been abused many times ?

A. If your the abuser, you tell everyone she is a liar.

A. If your an evil social worker who has already been negligent in this case,
..... you support the abuser more and tell everyone the child is a liar.

A. If you are a judge who is faced with owning up
..... that the courts have supported ongoing child abuse
..... and perjury in this case,
..... you say the child is a liar.

Q. What do you do when the bad people are those in authority ?

A. Pray, hide, subordinate, tolerate, coexist, live a dreadful life.....
all very, very quietly - schhhhh ...or .......Expose them ...

2. Recorded evidence
played to evil judge Barnett of Chester
who then reported that
it never happened.

Transcription of Blog1.
Schoolgirl Alice is talking about her mum
hitting Alice's little brother Ben
who was a toddler in nappies.

< start of transcription of blog1 >





When Ben was younger,
he used to be scared of mum,
because she like hit him and slap him
and stuff like that when he was like naughty,
and he was like dead young as well,
and you know like,
you didn't have to slap him,
you could just tap the hand and sit him outside to sit on the step.
but she had to slap him and hit him and yell at him
and then she would send him outside
and he'd wee himself.
and like, it got to a certain point, where like
'mum is it not obvious to you that he is gonna pee himself when you put him outside'
and she wouldn't even care.
she wouldn't listen to you.
when she put him outside I'd sit and I'd go
I bet he'll pee himself,
but because I was scared as well ,
I didn't want to go 'mum, you're just going to make him pee himself' ,
so I knda said it in a friendly way,
but, you know,
you needed to,
or she'd go mad and slap me

<end of transcription of this part >

Notes on Blog1......

The evil social worker Helen Jones
at Alice telling about this.

Mum (Averice Deadborn)
liked to play violent computer games
and watch violence and bad behaviour on television.
She was highly addicted to programs
like Big Brother and the violent series Dexter.

Averice would get very angry with her children
Alice and Ben
if they interfered with her 'me time'.

Averice had a cold relationship with her own mother.
Hitting was the normal form of chastisement in her family.

Averice confirmed in court that she never, not even once -
- had an intimate conversation
with Alice.
Averice's parenting style was cold, controlling, and narcissistic
(search 'Daughter's Of Narcissistic Mothers' ).

The supposed experts in the authorities -
social services,
Dr Nick Alwin
(the freaky psychologist who will write anything to get money )
and THJ Barnett
all reported
that Averice's parenting style was quite acceptable.
( in their attempt to cover up ) .

3. More recorded evidence
played to evil judge Barnett of Chester
who then reported that
it never happened.

Transcription of Blog3
Alice talking about her mum
assaulting her little brother

< start of transcription of blog3 >





i'm doing a blog because
i thought i may as well talk to an inanimate object
since people think I cannot talk to people .
ok, so

the first thing I want to say that people haven't listened to me about is
like when I was little,
when my brother was little,
he was abused
when ,
there was one time when mum was spanking him,
and he was like in his room,
and ehm,
she wasn't letting us in,
me and dad,
me and dad were trying to push in,
and like you know
when you laugh when you've got nerves,
i was really laughing 'cos i had nerves,
and em
I was nervous
and she was swearing at us saying "Fuck Off!"
and stuff like that.
you could hear her spanking Ben,

and he was trying to get out,
(subdued) i didn't like that.

<end transcription of this part >

Note on Blog 3......

The evil social worker Helen Jones also laughed
at Alice telling about this assault on Ben.

This was a dreadful assault on Ben.
Averice frequently told dad he was interfering with her
because dad would physically have to intervene
and stop her hitting the children

She learned a new technique to prevent him stopping her.
She dragged toddler Ben into a bedroom
and put her back to the door while pushing her leg against a bookcase
preventing anyone getting into the room.
She would then set about slapping him while restraining him.
This was so, so awful.

When social services were told about it, they put it in their words -
that the atmosphere was a tense between the mum and the dad
which had negative influences on the children !!!!

Social services are evil people.

< start of transcription of blog3 pt2 >

second thing is about when mum used to do my hair,
she'd like pull on my hair,

'n cos i had really frizzy hair when i was younger
it was a bit like an afro,
it was a bit tuggy
so she'd pull my hair
and it'd get caught in some curls
and she wouldn't like stop
and try and pull the comb out,



click picture.



she'd just carry on and it would make me cry.
it was really sore

<end transcription of this part >

Note on Blog 3 pt2......

Averice had Alice crying many times for years.
Averice brushed Alice's hair in a nasty aggressive way.
Alice would cry and sob.
Averice seemed to need this control and retribution
over her own daughter.
Nobody ever else made Alice cry when doing her hair.

Quick note to help understand the transcription.
One of mum's boyfriends -
- originally described and called 'pervert' by mum and daughter.





< start of transcription of blog3 pt3 >

she had a boyfriend called Pervert
he'd look at magazines and stuff,
and if you know about the sun,
it has page 3,
people call it that,
but if you don't know what it's like,
it's got pictures of women and they are naked,
they've got their underpants on,
but they don't have a bra on
and he would look at that ,
and i was in the dining room doing some homework
and i looked out the window and he was under the canopy looking at it,
and mum walked out into the garden
and all of a sudden he flicked the page
as if he hadn't been looking at page 3,
as if he'd been looking at sports.

<end transcription of this part >

The evil social worker Helen Jones also laughed at Alice telling this.

4. More recorded evidence
played to evil judge Barnett of Chester
who then reported that
it never happened.

Transcription of Blog5
Alice talking about her mum
on the night mum assaulted Ben
and assaulted dad .







< start of transcription of blog5 >

on the night that Ben was assaulted,
I woke up,
and Ben was screaming.
..I was woken up by Ben screaming,
and then I heard mum squeal and dad groan,
so I went through thinking 'what is going on here?
' i walked through and (little brother) was screaming
'mummy I want a drink!'
and dad walked out of the room,
and i was like ' what just happened? '
..so I went over to mum and had a little cry
and she said it wasn't important to just go back to bed
and i went back to bed then I went downstairs
.. well i went to sleep for a couple of minutes,
well i don't know for how long
because i didn't have the time or a clock near me
..so i went downstairs to see if dad was downstairs
or if he'd like left - like whhh ..
. so dad was downstairs and I went to cuddle with him.
so i was sitting with him
and he was looking on a computer laptop
at domestic violence advice
then I started crying.
"don't daddy ! please don't get divorced ,
please don't break up
so, I went upstairs again,
because i couldn't be bothered crying,
I couldn't be bothered doing anything
I just wanted to sleep.
so in the morning i went downstairs
and Ben was on the couch still asleep
and dad was on the floor dozing,
and mum had no injuries on her whatsoever,
from the previous night,
so no one looked that harmed at all.
no one had been hurt.
so i don't know why mum squealed,
'cos no one pinched her
and I don't know why dad groaned
'cos he didn't look hurt ,
but you know,
they could have been internally hurt,
i don't know .
so we didn't speak. me and mum stood there like 'awkward !!'
and those two lay on the floor and the couch.
that was how it happened.

<end transcription of this part >

Note on Blog 5......

This was Averice's assault of Ben and dad
when she then went and told lies to the police
and the dad being arrested and charged with assault
for stopping Averice assaulting the child.
Dad was cleared in criminal court
(Chester Crown Court - transcript of trial available )
almost a year later
The police then said it was too late on technical grounds
to charge the mother with assault and child abuse and did absolutely nothing
but stand around watching the chaos they had created.
The dad was not allowed to be near his own house,
street or friends for almost a year
and had the family business destroyed
by a woman under police protection.
Social services negligently followed the same negligence as the police.
It was like watching the keystone cops; only a freakish scary version.

5. More recorded evidence
played to evil judge Barnett of Chester
who then reported that
it never happened.

Transcription of Blog9
Alice talking about her mum
having lied to the police
get dad out of the house.





Click on image for bigger version
showing Alice texting to dad that she
is not happy living at mum's house.

< start transcription blog9 >

(see Note on Blog 9 below for comments).
I think I might name this one like 'why am I not listened to ?'
.. are people deaf or something,
but the thing is like
me and Ben we used to see dad,
we do now because what happened was like after my mum and dad split up,
dad was accused of abusing me and (little brother) ,
so he was moved away ....mumbles ....
and me and Ben were living with mum.
so, when we were with dad, we only saw him once every fortnight,
like once in two weeks..
once ...
in two weeks .
i used to feel dead sick when I was going home
oh god
I didn't like it
because I felt so sick and everything.
i felt sick every time I was leaving because I missed my daddy so much .
didn't ever want to live at mum's
God's sake,
the bitch Andrea Blears.

< end transcription of this part >

Note on Blog 9....

Alice was scared of her mother who had frequently hurt her
and said abusive things to her
as well as nasty controlling things.
Social services believed that Averice,
a 42 yr old abusive woman ,
would genuinely change her ways by going on a parenting course
(2hrs/wk for 6 weeks).
My daughter was frequently sick
being taken back to her mum's house under police escort.
The police had to do this job
because mum had a very nasty row
with the woman and daughter
who used to take the children in and out
of the 'no entry zone' imposed by the negligent police for almost a year.

Andrea Blears - anothe evil social worker
on contract to Cheshire West
- so she got paid even more money to be evil.

6. More recorded evidence
played to evil judge Barnett of Chester
who then reported that
it never happened.

Transcription of Blog10
Alice talking about her mum
doing an abusive controlling act.






< start transcription blog10 >

I remember one time
when I was having a birthday party
(at dad's)
and mum didn't let -
I was like,
I was dead excited
"ah yeah mummy
I'll be at dad's and we're gonna invite lots of people 'round"
and right in front of me,
she was stood in front of me ,
and she phoned each one of my friends up,
and cancelled it.

she's a bitch.

< end transcription of this part >

Note on Blog 10....

The children were at [dad]'s rented house 50% of the time
before social services started more lies and smearing
to get the children in sole custody of the mother.
The situation was agravated enormously by one of mum's boyfriends
(the pervert).
My daughter's birthday was to land on one of the days when she was at my house.
Her friends used to frequent my house and play with both children,
have frequent dinners and stay overs.
Mum was determined to spoil the children's time at dad's
as much as possible.
On this occassion she phoned my daughter's friend's mothers
and told them not to let their children go to the party at the dad's house
as she told them lies that dad was a violent man - and that's why he was arrested.
.Social services found mum doing this kind of thing perfectly ok;
and so did TH Judge Barnett.

7. The man who Averice called a pervert

and who subsequently abused Alice and Ben.






The Pervert originally introduced himself to our family
as a stalker of women
and he described his various goings on to support this
He trailed the schoolgirl babysitter all the way down the street one time
before she swore at him.
This man leered out through his curtains into our house windows,
and also watched the children from closed curtains in his own adjacent rented property.
Averice told our children he was a pervert and not to go near him.
She also ordered the curtain closed at all times
so he could not look at people in our house going in and out of the bathroom.
(Click on image for bigger)

Within a few months of [dad] being wrongly thrown out the house
by negligent police,
this [pervert]
was frequently going through the back fence
and "indulging" with Averice

Alice told CAFCASS that this man was having noisey sex with [mum]
and that [mum] kept a knife by the bedside table








Alice told of how this man had
shouted and bullied her
leered at her,
how he had grabbed Ben by the neck
dragging him upstairs screaming

Evil social worker Helen Jones told the police
they could not investigate
or other incidents.

Alice told of how he had leered numerous times at her.
He had pulled her onto his knees and rubbed her hands on her.
He even asked her for a kiss.
He told the children that
he was going to beat up their father with a baseball bat.
He went to dad's house on more than one occassion
and threatened [dad] that he would get him
when dad couldn't keep watching his own back.

Alice later reported that -
Pervert had pushed her onto the couch
and looked up her skirt
(school uniform).

There are lots more of these abuses reported by the children
that the social workers are covering up to protect themselves.

General Notes.

In this historic website,
the first publication of our case studies is about the one family.
What we see is abuses cascading like a domino effect
as the errors and negligence propagate catastrophically
through each part of the authorities involved.
It is a damning indictment on the competence of local government.

See notes on what we can and cannot show to the public (page Sanitisation )

The blogs and recordings are a selection of many parts of evidence
showing the authorities are corrupt and have tried to cover things up.
Obviously, there are no recordings of extreme violence and abuse
because under those circumstances,
[dad] was rescuing the children from violence and abuse.

It is worth noting that the police wanted [dad] to record and photograph everything.
The social workers did not want [dad] recording or photographing anything.
The local authority said that [dad] recording or photographing any of the events
of where the children were abused by [mum] ,
was not only wrong,
but was an act of [dad] abusing [mum] and the children !!!
An amazing act of abuse on [dad] by the local authority.

The social workers do not want anything recorded
so that they can write lies and you cannot disprove it.
These are evil abusive people.

Like many before him,
THJ Barnett is here hugely swayed to support the authorities

and not believe the victims:





See the YewTree Report on how
Jimmy Saville carried out many many years of sexual abuse on children
and nobody believed all the victims !

Given his dreadful covering up in favour of the authorities in this case,
it seems certain that THJ Barnett would certainly have believed Mr Saville
and not believed the victim children.

TH Judge Barnett, in siding with the perjuring social workers,
declared the Pervert was decent enough
for [daughter] to coexist in the same house as him;




the judge also said
'Alice' was scared of this man,
in her head about this man,
and would make him vanish if she had a magic wand.

If this is what THJ Barnett does to children
he has to account publicly for,
then I wonder what he has done to children
he does not have to account publicly for.

TD Judge Barnett
tells us he is a good Sherlock Holmes
and has great experience in these matters.
Why then did he put children
into the highest possible category of risk ?

Alice and Ben were sacrificed
to 33 times more risk of abuse
from the pretend to be wise
TD J Barnett.

(see statistics on child abuses).

Notes on mum's particular boyfriend - the Pervert,
who now lives in the house with her and the two children -
- thanks to the corrupt judge.

Note1. The evil social worker Helen Jones
says this pervert was a good man
and good role model for the children.
She said Alice was a liar
for reporting this man
as looking up her skirt
after pushing Alice onto the couch.

Note2. Dr Alwin the partisan psychologist
said this pervert's behaviour was ok from his view..

Note3. THJ Barnett said that
although he believed that
had indeed called this man a pervert
and told the children that he was a pervert,
mum later discovered the true pervert
and he was ok ??????

that although 'Alice' wanted this man to vanish forever,
and although 'Alice' said she was scared of Pervert,
and although 'Alice' screamed in her head about Pervert,
TH Judge Barnett said
it was perfectly ok for 'Alice' to coexist in the same house as this man.
Note4. The babysitter who Pervert also had stalked
said he was a pervert, dirty old man and a freak.
[daughter]'s best friend said he was a nasty peice of work.

Note5. [dad] had Pervert Mr R as a neighbour for a time
when Pervert rented the house next door.
On the first ever discussion on meeting [dad],
the pervert said he stalked women. It only got worse from there..

Note6. It shows you how utterly rotten these people in authority are
to sacrifice children to an abusive manipulative controlling mum
and a pervert
in order to cover up their own negligence.

Click here for a table of evidence -
various documents that show the domestic violence,
domestic abuse and corruption.

You can help rescue the children and bring these criminals to justice - from your computer - Page with email addresses. .

Also link here to know more About Moral Propositions.

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