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Chester Crown Court - April 2011.


Ellesmere Port Police cover up child abusesCorrect

Crown Court v Magistrates

The crown court is a serious court

The family court and magistrates courts
are a bad joke of negligence and open perjury.



A story of Justice v Injustices....

1. See magistrates page first.

Reminder -

The magistrates court had found me guilty of assault for:
1) Protecting my child from an assault,
2) Protecting myself after me being assaulted
by a mum who had assaulted us all for years.

You have to understand that these magistrates
are not very clever people who rule over us mortals -
- actually, evidence to date is damning
- that they are grossly incompetent.

2. Crown Court Appeal.

I appealed and was acquited
when the case went to Chester Crown Court.

Extract From Summing up. (from Court Transcription)
Now this all blew up on an occasion when in the middle of the night
the little boy
started being difficult wanting a drink.
There was for want of a better phrase a bit of a row about this,
it ended up with the appellant going into the bedroom,
confronting this situation, his wife was on the bed with the child
either trying to restrain the child or holding the child forcibly
as he suggests, he threw the bed covers back and
she kicked him and her foot made contact with his chin
He then pushed her to the face and it would appear
that within a short time the situation had calmed down,
there was no further violence of any kind
that night.


The defendant, the appellant, is a man of good character
and we are conscious that that means that
we might be more likely to believe him on his evidence
than somebody who is not

(his wife)
and that we may ask ourselves why should he do something like this,
i.e. attack his wife criminally at his stage in life, with a good job
and many people who speak very highly of him.
His explanation is that what he did by pushing her away
was doing no more than what he considered was reasonable
in all the circumstances in order to release his child
who he considered was being
unlawfully and incorrectly chastised by her

in the circumstances.

3. TH Judge Barnett

of the secret family court in Chester subsequently says
the violence of mum on the children never happened.

As well as knowing about the Crown Court and police,
he sat and heard a recording of mum slapping and deriding her daughter,
had an email of mum saying she had hit the daughter
and frequently shouted at the children
allowing them to fight and leave marks on each other,
saw photographs of violence and abuses,
had testimony,
had hard evidence of the mum frequently lying to the court,
had hard evidence of perjury by the social workers.

He says it was merely once that she slapped her daughter.

Judge Barnett reported deliberate lies in his judgement
to protect the authorities.





Judge Barnett is a criminal who
covers up child abuses,
covers up domestic violence,
approves of repeated thefts,
commits perjury
allows perjury
and abuses children

I ask that TH Judge Barnett
be brought to account.

He has brought dishonour to the court
and further abuses to the children.

4. Probation.

After leaving the court, I was contacted almost immediately
by phone. Probabation reported that they had destroyed
all of my case files

They can try to hide what they initially said and did,
but I still have most of th files and a witness......

5. Police.

The police said they could not prosecute my ex wife
for all of this domestic violence
and the assault on our toddler
and the assault on me
because of the legal technicality -
- that the time was over six months.









The police had promoted domestic violence
and the victimisation of the victims
(totally without regret or apology).

6. Social services.

In a meeting after this court case,
with school teacher's present,
social worker Barbra Goldsmith
asked Averice ( mum ) if she had ever hit the children.

Averice told the group that unequivically
she had never hit her children.

As dad proceeded to get out his laptop
which had
and audio recordings
of Averice abusing the children,
Averice ran from the room crying.

7. Social services.

In another incident where mum
had terrorised Alice into a fit
(with neighbours present as witnesses),
the social worker Barbra Goldsmith
gave mum a severe telling off.

Later social workers -
- Andrea Blears
- and Helen Jones
tried repeatedly to cover up
social services negligence
and reported frequently
that the abuses never happened.

Click here for a table of evidence -
various documents that show the domestic violence,
domestic abuse and corruption.

You can help rescue the children and bring these criminals to justice - from your computer - Page with email addresses. .

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