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Chester Magistrates Court miscarriage of justice

Ellesmere Port Police Child Abuse Cover Up

Magistrates abuse children

The Crown Court overturned their bad decision
but the real criminals escaped
and the children were further abused.




1. Chester is very dangerous for children..
and their father's

In Chester,

it is a criminal offense for a father

to stop his child being assaulted.

2. Child abuse and domestic violence.

Domestic violence.
Over many years before 2010, my children and I
had the misfortune to be the victims of
child abuse,
domestic violence,
domestic abuse
from their mother (my wife at that time).

social services
the local authority of Cheshire West and Chester,
and the secret family court
got involved,
and it turned into a nightmare
for the children,
dad and extended family.

This authoritarian abuse
started in 2010
and is still going on now....

That is like a jail sentence for the children
of being locked up
with abusers......

3. When the police get it wrong...

When wrongly charged with assault
because of police negligence in not investigating matters correctly,
my children and I entered a surreal twilight nightmare land.

My lawyer told me that most of the evidence
of Averice's [badmum] domestic violence
and child abuses -
from video files,
from photographs,
from witnesses,
from the children's own testimony,
from social services records -
- almost all of it - could not be used.

As a reasonable person,
living in a supposedly civilised and just country,
you ask
'how do you decide on truth
if most of the evidence is not allowed' ?


My lawyer told me that the government
were responding to criticism
that not enough convictions were being achieved
in cases of domestic violence. The government's solution
to answering these criticisms was to
make it extremely difficult for the defense,
irrespective of more wrongful convictions.

This is what you get with tick the box kid on reporting
of our English authorities.

It is worth noting that
magistrates will convict more readily than a jury;

and in domestic violence cases,
you get a magistrate unless it is serious.
I am told there is pressure on them to convict or be frowned upon.

A senior barrister told me she had once worked for the CPS
(criminal prosecution service) and eventually left disgusted
at the number of people wrongfully convicted

It's just a game that makes
an illusion to the public that the system works.
The truth is that this system is great at shooting down
sitting ducks while the clever experienced criminals run happily along.

During the one day trial, I was flabbergasted that
the CPS prosecuter kept winking at the judge.
I was looking around the court for the cameras
that would confirm this was all some bad joke.

But it was real.

4. The magistrates summing up went like this -

1. The mum had a history
.... of being abusive and violent to the children
.... and the dad.
...................................... (- THJ Barnett said this never happened -).

2. The mum had (at the very least)
...... been over chastising the toddler.

.......................................(- THJ Barnett said this never happened -).

3. The dad had gone to the rescue of the child

............................... . ....(- THJ Barnett said this never happened -).

4. The mum had
...... substantially assaulted the dad
....... by kicking him in the face

................................... ......(- THJ Barnett said this never happened -).


5. We feel the father overreacted
..... in his defense of himself and his child,
......and is guilty of assault of his wife.

6. The assault is raised to agravated assault
..... as the child he was protecting was present.

So there you go,

in Chester, it is a criminal offense
to stop your child being assaulted.

5. The mess and abuses propogate...

Social services played judge and jury,
from the very start, long before any court cases,
they promoted that mum was good and dad was bad.

This is what prejudice in dealing with families does.

They hid the evidence that mum had frequently hit the children,
and promoted hard that dad had assaulted mum.

and they called the children liars to their faces
in order to try and achieve this.

6. Father's must abandon their children
to any assault....

This is the law of magistrates in Chester, Cheshire, England.

What should we make of it
that it is supposedly
a crime to defend your child from assault

and then it is a more serious crime
because the child you are defending
is present ?.

'If the law supposes that' said Mr Bumble ,
..'the law is a ass -
a idiot.

If that's the eye of the law,
the law is a bachelor;
and the worst
I wish the law is that his eye
may be opened by experience -
- by experience'
(Charles Dickens - Oliver Twist).

7. the mess goes on and on...

Consequently, from this miscarriage of justice,
there were more abuses at the hands of
probation - social services - the secret family court.

The case was apealed to the Crown Court
and the dad found innocent;
which means that Averice [badmum] had lied to the court
and perverted the course of justice;
and not only got away with carrying out domestic violence,
but convinced the police to victimise the victims.

No wonder TH Judge Barnett was desperate
to make a judgement in favour of the local authority.
He was desperate to hide that the whole system
has been demonstrably

(see Chester Family Court )

Click here for a table of evidence -
various documents that show the domestic violence,
domestic abuse and corruption.

You can help rescue the children and bring these criminals to justice - from your computer - Page with email addresses. .

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