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Article: Machiavelli - abuse the individuals

Ellesmere Port Police Child Abuse Cover Up

Machiavellian - 'evil is necessary'

The 16th-century Florentine writer who advised politicians
"...it is far safer to be feared than loved."





1. Machiavelli wrote:

"...there will be traits considered good

that, if followed,

will lead to ruin,

while other traits,

considered vices

which if practiced

achieve security and well being

for the Prince."

2. What is taught
to those who rule the masses -

According to certain schools of political philosophy,

leaders should be indifferent to good or evil,

taking actions based only upon practicality;

The international relations theories
of realism
and neorealism,

sometimes called realpolitik

advise politicians

to explicitly ban absolute moral and ethical considerations

from international politics,

and to focus on self-interest,

political survival,

and power politics,

which they hold to be

more accurate in explaining a world

they view as explicitly amoral and dangerous.

Political realists usually justify their perspectives

by laying claim to a higher moral duty

specific to political leaders,

under which the greatest evil

is seen to be the failure of the state

to protect itself .

3. Alice & Ben need your help.

The evil judge Barnett of Chester
sacrificed the well being of Alice and Ben

to protect those in power

social services,
the local authority of Cheshire West and Chester,
judiciary of Chester secret family court.

He left Alice and Ben as slaves in abuse.

By modern CPS rules in England,
he should get life imprisonment.

4. Feedback and about.

Click here for a table of evidence -
- various documents that show the domestic violence, domestic abuse and corruption.

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