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Ellesmere Port Schoolchildren Child Abuse

Ellesmere Port Schoolchildren Abuse Cover Up

Child abuse cover up NOW

In Ellesmere Port




It happened to lots of children before in WREXHAM
only 20 miles from where it is now happening to Alice and Ben....

1. Abducted women and children
trafficked into slavery by evil judge Barnett....

Can you imagine what dreadful lives are experienced
by the children and women who are trafficked as slaves ?

Think of just how evil judge Barnett of Chester is.

He has trafficked Alice and Ben into slavery
to the very people who abused them.


click on image






He trafficked them even though Alice told him
numerous times about the domestic violence
and child abuses she and Ben had frequently received.

He trafficked them even though Alice told him repeatedly
of how scared she was of mum and her pervert boyfriend.

Like all child traffickers, the evil judge Barnett of Chester,
did it for money. The money he saved the authorities.
The securing of the £170,000 money he gets payed.

2. Please help rescue Alice and Ben..

What has happened in Cheshire West
has overtones of the abuses that took place in Wrexham
and were covered up by the local authority
to save them paying compensation to the victims.
Some of the children in Wrexham went on to commit suicide
because of their abuses and then enforced invalidation.
This was legalised torture and murder of children.





This case in Cheshire West and Chester
involving Alice and Ben
also has the same glaringly obvious mistakes
by the authorities that they made with BabyP
and other failure cases. .

3. Fundamentally ...

In this case in Cheshire West,
just like Wrexham,
the victims - Alice and Ben
- have been victimised....

by the authorities involved.. Cheshire West and Chester

4. Alice and Ben need your help...

Please help us expose this ongoing child abuse
in Cheshire West
who covered up and perpetuated
the domestic violence,
domestic abuse
child abuses
suffered by two schoolchildren
and their dad.

The children had been physically
and emotionally abused by their mother
and the social workers

The social workers
repeatedly told these two children
that they were liars
for telling about the abuses
they had received from their mother.
The social workers and the mother repeatedly
carried out a process of INVALIDATION
doing psychological damage to the children







5. Smearing, lies and pejury...

The social workers
repeatedly wrote reports
to cover up the mother's abuses of the children
They repeatedly perjured the court in Chester
with highly unethical reporting
to hide the mother's violence.
They repeatedly made
smearing reports about the father

6. Disgraceful deliberate miscarriage of INJUSTICE.

On October Monday 28th October 2013
TH Judge Barnett in the family court in Chester
produced a public judgment on this matter.
He awarded custody of the children to the abusive mother
and sided with the negligent and perjuring social workers
all to cover up their negligence

(see document list below).





7. Can a whole system be corrupt ?

The judge, social workers, CAFCASS, police,
local authority have all bee tested in Chester -
and failed miserably.

Every part of authority was more than willing
to sacrifice the well being of these children
in order to cover up what started merely as negligence.

Hillsborough demonstrated that authorities
are willing and capable of mass corruption
and lengthy abuse of ordinary people in efforts
to cover up and protect the authority.

see our page Social Services In Crisis.
for an idea of the extent of the failing
of this gross public authority corruption
across England and much of the 'developed' world.

8. Recent changes in the English law -

- on the secret family courts (see Munby),
means it is only now possible to report

such incidents as we are here.

9. Evidence....

There is hard evidence -
- media evidence,
- witness accounts,
- the mother's admissions,
- the children's testimony,
- the father's testimony,
- the older brother's witness account,

- the children's blogs. ( link to some blogs).

There is a transcript of a recording
with the mum hitting the older child,
while decisively telling the younger child
that the one being slapped is bad
(link to transcription).

Note; This kind of behaviour is referred to as
toxic parenting. In this nasty example
(recording of mum slapping child),
it not only creates fear in the older child,
but gives both children the idea that
hitting people and deriding them verbally
is what you do as normal practice.

Social services in Cheshire West
supported this by telling the children
they were liars
about mum hitting them.

10. Example from the Evidence Page.

The young schoolgirl's blogs.
About the violence and abuses
to her and her brother by this bad [mum].

Blog1 shows incidents where this [mum]
carried out regular domestic violence
and abuses on the toddler
and the older child
starting when they were very young
and up to the age where
this bad [mum]'s particular boyfriend (the pervert)
was pushing the first year secondary school girl
onto the couch and looking up her skirt.

Blog2 has two transcriptions
(sanitised to protect the children's names)
of the mum slapping and being toxic in her parenting.
In the nappy changing recording,
this time, she did not hit and slap the baby
(happened about 50% of the time).

11. Another Example
from the Evidence page

Alice's older step brother's witness statement.

Download the stepbrother's sanitised witness

The schoolgirl's step brother
is much older than her.
He was 4 when dad married for the second time.
Before getting married,
the new woman behaved great with the little boy.
After getting married, she frequently abused him;
she was very angry that dad paid money
to this little boys mum,
and she hated the imposition
of having this 'other' child in her house.

The step brother not only had to put up with
being abused himself,
but he was badly affected
by not being able to intervene
and protect his little sister and little brother

Click here for a table of evidence - various documents that show the domestic violence, domestic abuse and corruption.

You can help rescue the children and bring these criminals to justice - from your computer - Page with email addresses. .

Also link here to know more About Moral Propositions.

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