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Chester's Dirty Little Secrets: 1- 2

Child abuse cover up in Ellesmere Port

Child abuse cover up

Have you ever been bullied ?
Have you tried complaining to the bully ?
It doesn't work,..... does it ?



Try complaining to any one of these
about the other,
and see what happens....


click on image..



I tried complaining to Cheshire West and Chester authority
after they had started destroying my family
and propagate the abuses of my children.

Complaining made them behave much worse....
and they spent over £500,000 to cover up their abuses
and gag us and destroy my family.
They used your tax payers money to do this.

Protesting against INJUSTICE.

Did you ever watch the BBC News
and wonder why those fathers wore superhero costumes
when they were protesting
about the secret family courts in England ?
I used to believe it was because they were kind of mad.

Many of us believe it has never been necessary
to hide when you are being truthful
. ..
- .and then I met the English social services
and the English secret family courts

and it ruined my children
ruined me and
ruined lots of family and
ruined lots friends around us

Very very sad...
and proved to lots of people




that the people in these authorites are abusive.

Why is the loving, decent father who is writing the list of abuses below
forced to be anonymous ?

Up until a few months ago,
he would have been gagged or imprisoned
for writing this by CWCCC
( Cheshire West and Chester County Council)
and the secret family court in Chester .
Only now, due to recent changes in the law,
can he even be allowed to write about this.
The authorities do not want you to know
what they have done to him and his children.
They do not want you to know
what they have been doing to other children and families.
The authorities are experts at covering things up
and promoting themselves as 'probably good'.

They rely on you always saying
'the authorities must have done it for a reason' -
- in a pleasantly stupid manner,
without any critical thinking

If you research the authoritarian abuses in -
Hillsborough, and so so many more,
- we get the same pattern of bad people in power
using those powers to abuse others

1. Cheshire West have destroyed my family.
I live on my own now
and the children are desperate to live with me.
Cheshire West say they have done nothing wrong.

2. Cheshire West have not only
covered up the domestic violence
and covered up domestic abuses
suffered by my children,
but have created emotional abuses of the children and me
in order to hide their negligence.
Cheshire West say they have done nothing wrong.

3. Cheshire West have allowed
the mother who carried out these abuses
to force onto the children
that they are liars

for telling about being abused -
- this is a nasty psychologically damaging process
Cheshire West say they have done nothing wrong.

4. Cheshire West social workers Helen Jones
and Andrea Blears
have promoted along with the mum
to tell her neighbours and the two schools where the children go
that the children are liars.
Cheshire West say they have done nothing wrong.

5. The children reported further assaults
and undesirable behaviour
from one of mum's new boyfriends.
Mum herself told the children he was a pervert
and to keep away from him.
The social workers told the children they were liars for reporting this.
Cheshire West say they have done nothing wrong.

6. On one occassion, the pervert boyfriend
pushed my daughter onto the couch
and stood and stared up her skirt
When my daughter complained,
the evil social worker Helen Jones told her she was a liar.
Cheshire West say they have done nothing wrong.

7. The local authority has spent
over £500,000 of your tax payer's money
in taking me to court 45 times in this one family case alone.
Just look at all that tax taken from your pay packet,
and the chief executive of Cheshire West
(Steve Robinson)
has not just wasted your money,
he used your money to abuse children.
Cheshire West say they have done nothing wrong.

Steve Robinson was challenged to a public debate
on this case and the person challenging him
was ordered to be silent or imprisoned.
Cheshire West say they have done nothing wrong.

8. Cheshire West, police and social workers,
between themselves,
have destroyed the family business of £300,000
that was in the process
of joining a £1,000,000 joint venture
that would have secured my children's security for life.
All parts of the authorities say they have done nothing wrong.

9. The local authority
issued imprisonment documents
on me
for writing poetry about domestic violence.
The court stopped them.








Cheshire West said they had done nothing wrong.

You do not have freedom of speech in England.

10. The social workers involved
have written many lies and smearing reports
both within their own system and to the courts
as blatant perjury.
Cheshire West say they have done nothing wrong.

11. The secret family court has allowed
and swept under the carpet
an almost continuous stream of perjury
by the mum, social workers and CAFCASS.




The social worker Helen Jones
told a health worker professional from the NHS
that nothing mattered as 'we will win'.
Cheshire West say they have done nothing wrong.

12. I alone paid for the mortgage for my family home
for almost twenty years.
My ex wife was yet again assaulting our toddler boy
when I stopped her, she reported me to the police as assaulting her.
The police never investigated properly
and charged me with assault.
I was not allowed near my family home
or on the street where my friends and neighbours lived.
It took almost a year to get cleared in criminal court
of the supposed assault. The police then said they could not
arrest my wife - who had lied to them and perverted
the course of justice as well as carrying out domestic violence
and domestic abuse, child abuse and assaults.
The police say they are professional and not responsible.

13. I had to hire a rented house close to my children
and furnish it for the children to stay
as well as for an office for business
at a cost of just over £40,000 of my cash.
(my business was registered at the family home
and had extensive paperwork and computer systems there).
The police say it has nothing to do with them.

14. After telling lies to the police
and getting me thrown out of the house,
my ex wife destroyed the infrastructure of the family business
to hide evidence of her abuses.
She erased computers, destroyed papers
and cancelled the company email, internet and website.
The police gave her protection to let her do this destruction
without anyone stopping her.
A well respected and hard worked on high tech company
vandalised and destroyed with police protection for the destroyer.
The police said it was none of their business.

15. While under police protection,
she destroyed goods recieved worth over £5,000
that were delivered to the family home for the business.
The police said it was none of their business.

16. She destroyed all mail
which resulted in the police destroying my family car
(top range people carrier).
The police said it was none of their business.

17. I had reported at the time,
that my ex wife had been assaulting our little boy and me.
The police said they could not investigate it
until I had been to criminal court -
- they said that whoever reports first in an assault is the winner
and the other person has to be cleared in criminal court
before they will investigate the allegation
of the other person being the criminal.
This was told to me both by the desk seargant at Blacon custody suit
and by the seargent at Ellesmere Port Police station.
By the time I had been to criminal court
and was cleared,
the police said it was technically too late to investigate
the assaults carried out by my ex wife.
Cheshire police promoted domestic violence

and the further victimisation of the victims.

18. When I complained to the police,
DI Nigel Parr
replied on behalf of the PPS saying that
the police had behaved professionally
in doing the following things
my children and me -

1. Arresting the wrong person,
2. Destroying my family,
3. Keeping a man from seeing
....and protecting his children for a year,
4. Throwing a man out of his house
... and away from his friends and neighbours for a year

5. Confining a man to open imprisonment for a year,
6. Destroying the family business (circa £300,000) ,
7. Destroying my car (top line people carrier),
8. Destroying my children's future financial security,
9. and leaving me in ruin - my current situation in
.... 'ChestersDirtyLittleSecrets' .
10. Promoting domestic violence.
11. Victimising the victims.
The crime commissioner for Cheshire (John Dwyer)
knows about this and he is keeping it very quiet from the public
that he has sat and comfortably watched all this happen
( he was kept updated on matters).

19. As TH Judge Barnett succinctly comments
(but without any concern for the injustices
and abuses carried out by the authorities)..

.... '(this entire fight with the negligent and abusive authorities) ..
... .' has totally consumed him' ..(the father).

This is a judge who thinks it is perfectly reasonable
that a decent father and law abiding citizen
should be treated as above, collectively by the authorities.

I offer to swap places with THJ Barnett -
- but he knows what a very bad deal that is.

I think THJB is a dreadful person. How did he get to be a judge ?

20. The authorities hired a one man band psychologist
(Dr Alwin
) who gets his business from these authorities.
He carried out psychometric testing and clinical discussions.
His clinical comments almost entirely contradicted
the psychometric test results
from the tests he chose to use.
Unsurprisingly, his clinicians comments
fell mostly in line with what the authorities wanted to portray dad is bad.

21. It was pointed out to TH Judge Barnett
with reference to a number of authoritive articles
explaining that it was normal to go with
the psychometric test results
in preference to the clinicians views

when there was a conflict.

TH Judge Barnett pronounced that the authoritive
reference articles were wrong.
He believes he is known as a prominent psychologist.

I think the man is ignorant.

22. Evil social worker Helen Jones lied in reports
saying that I was mentally ill.
I had an honest and very decent NHS psychiatrist
report that I was not mentally ill.
Helen Jones never had any psychiatrist say she was not mentally ill.

23. Various NHS people had copies of all of the court documents.
The local authority were furious about this
and again were looking to have me imprisoned
for showing the documents to anybody.
One NHS psychologist said it was
clear that social services had engaged with me in a very adverserial way.

They even offered to coach the social workers
to be better behaved in working with their clients.
Of course, THJ Barnett avoids bits like this.

24. My ex wife asaulted our daughter in February 2013
before my daughter was to come to my house.
My daughter refused to go back to mum's house.
Social services came with police
and forced her to go back
As a result of my daughter being assaulted by the mum,
social services reduced my contact with the children
to one supervised visit of 3hrs/week.
In court they wanted 3hrs/month supervised contact
in order to cover up their negligence.



The corrupt TH Judge Barnett allowed them to impose
a gagging regime of
3hrs/fortnight fully supervised,
no telephone calls,
no emails,
no letters,
no holidays -
- for life.





25. TH Judge Barnett supported the social workers
in their request to only allow the children to be with me
3hrs/fortnight based on their perjury and lies.
The social workers want to gag my daughter and me
from exposing their negligence and abuses,
and so they have tried to keep us apart as much as possible.

That's how evil social workers are.

That's how corrupt the Judge is .

That's how corrupt Cheshire West are.

and you the public pay them lots of money to do this.

26. Various social workers repeatedly wrote in reports
how much my daughter liked them.
Interestingly enough, police records say she hated them.
My daughter has told everybody how much she hates the social workers.

27. Social services have only now informed me
that the contact with my children is to be reduced to 2hrs/fortnight
and they are moving the contact to Birkenhead -
- knowing full well the father has no transport or money
as a result of the authorities negligence and abuses.
The children are not allowed to phone, email or write to their father.
The father is not allowed to make any contact whatsoever
outside of the 2hrs/fortnight supervised.
They are trying to prevent all contact
between the children and the father




because social services
want to cover up their massive abuses of this family.

28. My children are now forced against their wishes
to live in the same house as their abusive mum and her pervert boyfriend.

29. Evil TH Judge Barnett have approved of the mother,
pervert boyfriend and social workers
telling the children directly,
and telling other people around them
that dad is bad,
dad hit the children and
dad is mentally ill.
ALL the opposite of documentary evidence and witnesses.





This is dreadful emotional abuse of the children
in their efforts to cover up the authoritarian negligence.

30. THJ Barnett said that
although my daughter would absolutely make mum's pervert boyfriend vanish,
he was happy that she could coexist in the same house as him.
He acknowledged that
she detested and was scared of him.

What does this tell us about THJ Barnett ?

27. My children now live in the poverty
classification for our country
thanks to
THJ Barnett,
social services and

28. With the complete and utter destruction of all finances,
I now wait to be evicted from the rented house.

29. Mum shares what was the family house with the pervert boyfriend.

Neither she or the pervert have ever paid a penny to the
mortgage of this house that I paid the mortgage on for 20 years.

They now get the interest of the mortgage paid for by benefits
paid by you the tax payer.

They destroyed the future financial security of the children
and mum and pervert live primarily on benefits
paid by you
the tax payer.

You can thank evil judge Barnett for wasting your money
to promote abuses and immorality.

29. I only survive through
handouts from friends
eating dandelions
from the garden and
scavenging food in restaurants

when people leave the table.
There is nothing left.

30. The benefits people tell me
I cannot get any benefits

because I have interests in the house
that I paid the mortgage on for 20yrs;
that one that my ex wife, having lied to the police and gotten me thrown out,
still lives there with her pervert boyfriend
and the two children.
I cannot get access to the house or the equity.

31. I ride my pushbike in all weather
because my wife destroyed the documents
and the police disposed of my car
and now I have no money for transport.

32. All of the lawyers and barristers involved
have big fancy cars
and nice holidays
and nice houses
paid with my children's poverty

33. I am a grown adult consultant physicist
who had a global reputation as an expert in his field.
There is a long trail of people who I have helped
and who have helped me - for which I am truly grateful.

34. This list is not exhaustive. There is much much more.
This is how the authorities in Cheshire West and Chester
treat you abusively; and they are desperate to hide it.

My children and me are very real.
You could be living right next door right now, but would not know.

Follow this link (Emotionally abused)
to see how this well respected loving father
emotionally feels like as a result of
1. suffering years of domestic violence on his children and himself,
2. then all of them abused by negligent police,
3. then all of them abused by social workers
4. and finally abused by the secret family court system.
This whole thing is like something from the Twighlight Zone
mixed with a horror film
mixed with the Bourne Legacy.

Please help us

by putting this story to all possible newspapers,
members of parliament
everybody you know

The current system is much worse
than anything you ever read in any spy,
abuse or Charles Dickens novel.

I am fighting onwards for decency, morality, justice
for my children.

For now I have to be anonymous
and have chosen the pen name of Dr Morality.
Please join us in helping ourselves,
helping others, and especially
by creating a less psychologically toxic world for all of our children.

Click here for a table of evidence -
various documents that show the domestic violence,
domestic abuse and corruption.

You can help rescue the children and bring these criminals to justice - from your computer - Page with email addresses. .

Also link here to know more About Moral Propositions.

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