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Cheshire Police - child abusers...

Police putting children into abuse ..
to protect their jobs,

Police putting children into abuse ..
to protect the police....

Ellesmere Port Police
betrayed the children...


Children are not safe in Cheshire

1. When I reported child abuses to the police, they ignored me. When I complained to the police, they ignored me. When I reported the child abuses and crimes to the police in public on Facebook - so they could not hide it - they arrested me for harrassment and stalking and put me in prison - HMP Altcourse on remand for most of 2014. Then at my trial in Chester Crown Court on 9,10,11, 12 March 2015, I was acquitted - because I had reported crimes and child abuse. The judge said that he could do nothing about the child abuses and chilren in abuse and the crimes - because Cheshire police had put the victims and not the crimiminals on trial. I went back to Cheshire police to tell them. They refused to talk to me. If I handed them documents, they handed them back. If I sent emails, they ignored them.

Cheshire Police have a criminal agenda to keep the children in abuse.

Girl codenamed 'Alice', suffered lots of abuses and was then forced into more abuses by social workers and police.

Baby P is a very public example of how police and social workers helped the abusers of Baby P.
They say 'lessons learned' , but there have been lots of more Baby P's since.


In Cheshire, Police, CAFCASS and social services covered up rape, sexual abuses and assaults of children to hide there negligence.

John Dwyer is the crime commissioner of Cheshire. He knows about all of this and was happy to force children into abuse and have a man wrongfully imprisoned.

How Cheshire police block me on twitter. A public service that hates the public and refuse to protect the children.

The general image of the police is getting worse and worse. They are commonly known as the biggest gang in the country. Try complaining about them and see what happens.

DI Nigel Parr replied to the complaints on behalf of the PPS (police professional standards) saying that the police had behaved rofessionally in doing the following things to my children and me -

1. Putting my children into abuse.

2. Did not investigate hard evidenced child abuses,

3. Charging the wrong person, fully in opposition to hard evidence ,

4. Destroying my family by wrongfully and recklessly applying bail ,

5. Keeping a man from protecting and seeing his children for 3 years,

6. Throwing a man out of his house and away from his friends and neighbours for a year,

7. Confining a man to open imprisonment for a year,

8. Destroying the family business (circa £1,600,000) ,

9. Destroying my car (top line people carrier),

10. Destroying my children's future financial security,

11. Making me homeless .

12. Promoting domestic violence.

13. Victimising the victims.

14. Putting a man in prison for reporting child abuse.

15. Refusing to investigate child abuse witnessed in the Crown Court

16. Covering up multiple acts of perverting the course of justice by police.

17.Covering up multiple acts of perverting the course of justice by Ellesmere Port Social Workers

18.Covering up multiple acts of perverting the course of justice by two child abusers.

19.Covering up multiple acts of harassment by Ellesmere Port Police

20.Covering up multiple acts of harassment by Ellesmere Port Social Workers

21.Covering up multiple acts of harassment by two child abusers.


Click this link to see the list of criminal, evil immoral characters involved here.



Click here for a table of evidence -
- various documents that show the domestic violence, domestic abuse and corruption.

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