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Police inspector Nigel Parr ...abuses children..



Children are not safe in Cheshire...

The Criminal Child abuser
Nigel Parr

1. When I complained to the police,

... DI Nigel Parr replied on behalf of the PPS (police professional standards)
saying that the police had behaved professionally
in doing the following things to my children and me -

1. Putting my children into abuse.

2. Did not investigate hard evidenced child abuses,

3. Charging the wrong person in domestic violence, fully in opposition to procedure and hard evidence ,

4. Destroying my family by wrongfully and recklessly applying bail ,

5. Keeping a man from protecting and seeing his children for 3 years,

6. Throwing a man out of his house and away from his friends and neighbours for a year,

7. Confining a man to open imprisonment for a year,

8. Destroying the family business (circa £1,600,000) ,

9. Destroying my car (top line people carrier),

10. Destroying my children's future financial security,

11. Making me homeless .

12. Promoting domestic violence.

13. Victimising the victims.

14. Putting a man in prison for reporting child abuse.

15. Refusing to investigate child abuse witnessed in the Crown Court

16. Covering up multiple acts of perverting the course of justice by police.

17.Covering up multiple acts of perverting the course of justice by Ellesmere Port Social Workers

18.Covering up multiple acts of perverting the course of justice by two child abusers.

19.Covering up multiple acts of harassment by Ellesmere Port Police

20.Covering up multiple acts of harassment by Ellesmere Port Social Workers

21.Covering up multiple acts of harassment by two child abusers.

The crime commissioner for Cheshire (John Dwyer) knows about this and he is keeping it very quiet from the public that he has sat and comfortably watched all this happen ( it is proven that he was kept updated on matters).

How Alice saw the police wrongfully arresting her dad, and removing the only protection from being assaulted and abused by her mum and mum's boyfriend
(who mum nicknamed 'The Pervert )

The police have a policy of spreading hatred of men in matters of domestic violence. They have a silent policy to remove and abuse the man and do not investigate - even if the man is stabbed or beaten senseless.

see www.whiteribbon.org for the true detailed government data on domestic violence.






Click on the image

Extract from CAFCASS report that DI Nigel Parr had seen - yet he still asked, " don't you have any 3rd party reports of the abuses of the children " ....
based on Nigell being unable to read documents in front of him he reported there were no abuses of the children --- just in line with what Dwyer and Robinson wanted.

click on image for big copy..

Download .....Evidence of local authority crimes, abuses, perjury,

Download ..... 1 Example of the many smears and perjuring acts by Cheshire West Social Services. Approved by Steve robinson and John Dwyer.

Download ........Awaiting sanitisation. Crown Court Petition with references to evidence - Sanitised to protect Children's names.

Dowbload ......Sanitised. version of witness statement on cruelty and abuses to children. This witness gave testimony under oath in the Crown Court in Chester . This witness was recently twice interviewed by Cheshire police who fully agreed with his testimony, but decided to hide the evidence.

Download ....Sanitised version - Expert in social work and child welfare who looked at the local authority reports and said they were clearly criminally negligent due to the high level of misreporting, smearing and gross one sidedness.

Download ....Awaiting sanitised version. Blogs created by one of the abused children. Cheshire police knew about these all the way up to John Dwyer.
Cheshire West Social services knew all about these up to Steve Robinson.




Click here for a table of evidence -
- various documents that show the domestic violence, domestic abuse and corruption.

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