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Nigel Wenham ...abuses children



Children in Cheshire are not safe..

Another of the Cheshire gang of Criminals
Nigel Wenham ..............Abuses Children

Click on image to see this criminal
and child abuser Nigel Wenham





this evil man is covering up child rape
child sexual abuses
child abuses
and a whole bag of crimes ...
....he is also spreading hatred crime
....and he's getting paid your money to do it


.This is not conjecture
This is not slander
This is reality...corpus delicti ....we have the corpse.

This awful man has no morals and pretends to be honorouble.

Click on image to see how a little girl
witnessed criminal police taking her dad away -
- the man who protected the children from a bad mum
who frequently battered the children.







Cheshire police have a policy to always
believe what women say in matters of domestic violence.
Even if she is standing over the man with a bloody knife....
You are in severe danger if you are a decent hard working
father with children.....Cheshire police will destroy your family
force you to lose your house
put you in prison if you complain....
....it all happened to me....

Click on this one page extract that shows how the original CAFCASS guardian reported the abuses of the children, at the same time as Cheshire West were reporting everything was fine.
Police refused to investigate the children's abuses because they had wrongfully arrested dad when mum was assaulting the children and him.
One of the police sergeants when questioned by PPS that he did not investigate the children's abuses because he ASSUMED that dad was making it all up because the police arrested him.





Cheshire police put dad on bail not to go near his house.
Dad told them that mun had a history recorded by health and social services
as abusive and violent to the children, and dad was set as the primary carer by social services to protect the children,
(There are social services reports showing this).
On being told this, yet again, this police sergeant at Blacon in Chester
picked up the phone, phoned the abuser mum, and asked her if she was ok.
He then smirked at dad and said - "She's ok ".
This should have been televised ......that is how low an IQ Chester police have.
.... and Dwyer approves of these criminals and half wits in his employent.

Be afraid,

be very afraid for your children in Cheshire

The reality is, he is willing to cover up dreadful crimes and abuses of children and others while parading around taking accolades and pretending he supports justice, law and decency. I cannot express my revulsion enough at this animal pretending to be a man. Right now, in 2015, this man abuses his power to cover up crimes and to stop the very investigations that would expose him. Now, what of his senior officers, and the others who are helping him cover up ? They are every bit as guilty as him.

So Cheshire Police, can we get the investigation going and clear out most of your senior police officers - ALL guilty of helping this man cover up his putrid crimes.

This evil man kept hildren in abuse

This evil man authorised the arrest of Tom Dobbie for reporting crimes.

This evil man had Tom Dobbie put in Altcourse prison on remand for most of 2014 to gag him.

This evil man covered up and enabled serious crimes against Tom Dobbie.

This evil man had his officers repeatedly harass Tom Dobbie.

This evil man was identified as a criminal when Tom Dobbie got to Chester Crown Court on 9,10,11, 12th March 2015 and found not guilty.

Judge Woodhouse said that he could not do anything about the child abusers as they were not on trial.

The debacle of Cheshire police carrying out this protracted abuse of children and Tom Dobbie was described in the Crown Court as a mess of Biblical proportions by the authorities. Even after this Crown Court trial, John Dwyer and Cheshire police refused to investigate
what was monumental abuse and criminality by them.

John Dwyer - evil - happy to leave children in abuse - as he smiles and shakes your hand.

Even after this Crown Court trial, Nigel Wenham and his boss John Dwyer had Cheshire police refuse to investigate what was monumental abuse and criminality by them.

Nigel Wenham lies to the public on the police website -

Detective Chief Inspector Nigel Wenham, from Cheshire Police's Strategic Public Protection Unit, said: "Child sexual exploitation is an issue that Cheshire Police and its partners take extremely seriously and it is important that we all continue to work together to deliver a greater understanding of this complex subject.

"Much work has already been done locally to provide a real focus on child sexual exploitation and to target victims and potential victims - encouraging them to be aware of the signs of child sexual exploitation and to seek help and advice if they feel they are at risk.

"The latest phase of the campaign is focusing on schools. It is about raising awareness of the issue amongst teachers and others working with young people - encouraging them to familiarise themselves with the signs and behaviours associated with the issue. The packs will be offering advice and guidance on what they can do to help young people who they believe may be in danger of being sexually exploited.

"We all have a duty to protect those who are most vulnerable within our communities and everyone involved is working hard to tackle the issue. We are ensuring the appropriate advice, support and safeguarding is in place for victims and potential victims.

"It is important to remember that there is not one type of victim or offender - child sexual exploitation can happen to any young person.

John Dwyer, Police & Crime Commissioner for Cheshire said: "I take this matter very seriously and have called together leaders from all of the organisations who have a role to play in tackling child sexual exploitation.

"Our role is to ensure that we can be satisfied that everything that can be done, is being done and will continue to be done by all agencies at all levels. However, this is an issue that needs to be tackled across the whole of society including education, and everybody has a role to play ensure child sexual exploitation does not become the norm."

So, he covers up child rape and child sexual abuse behind our backs, and while smiling at our faces tells us he is the good guy. Actually, that is standard for sociopath manipulators.


Click here for a table of evidence -
- various documents that show the domestic violence, domestic abuse and corruption.

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