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Real stories.... real lives....


The books open, and each day, each of us writes a new page..

This page is being updated regularly - because the children are still in abuse .....


Real Story No 1.

Page1. Chapter 1.
This real story is about children being abused, in this - The Age of Child Abuse. Only some of the names have been changed, in order to protect the children.
BUT the names of the criminals in authority will be proudly displayed. These are evil people, going about being paid by you to act pretentiously, getting smiles and accolades and handshakes and awards, while in reality, they are evil nasty people abusing others - oh my, that sounds like Cyril Smith, Jimmy Saville and a whole lot of others. Well, I can assure you, there are plenty bad people still out there pretending to be nice, and this story is about some of them.

Normally you cannot write a story like this for fear of being imprisoned, or being sued. I can write it - because of two reasons -
Pt.1. Cheshire Police already arrested me and put me in prison on remand for most of 2014 ( yes, guilty without trial and off to prison for a year - for reporting child abuse to Cheshire Police ) , only for a four day Crown Court trial in Chester on 9, 10, 11, 12 March 2015 before Judge Woodward had me acquitted. I was acquitted because I had reported crimes. The judge said he could do nothing about the child abuses and other crimes that I had reported, because the real criminals were not on trial.
When Cheshire police were told, they all ran away and refused to talk to me. They still refuse to this day to investigate serious crimes committed by mum, her boyfriend, Cheshire West and Chester employees and Cheshire police employees. If you don't believe me, just come with me to any police station in Cheshire and see them turf me out and lock the doors.
Anyway, much more details of all that adventure to follow. There are bits that are tragic, sad, heart wrenching, but don't feel too bad, there are also a lot of absurdities. You cannot believe how utterly stupid Cheshire Police can be ...but you'll need to wait for that.
Pt.2. Yes, the second reason they will not take legal action against me is that I am up to my neck in evidence that shows what I am saying is true. Chester Crown Court already approves one lot of evidence, and there are other authorities who have verified huge lumps of hard evidence.
So, there we are. It is a public brawl between Cheshire authorities and me. A real David v Goliath. I have all the evidence, they have all the money and the troops. Who will win in this war against criminals in power. Welcome to a ringside seat of what could have been Cheshire's Baby P.

They say the system cannot be beaten, but this father does not know how to stop,
he will go to any lengths to rescue his children.

The authorities criminally abused their powers to stop dad rescuing his children. The police then criminally assist the authorities, they arrested dad, they falsely charged him, they stopped him protecting his children -
it was like putting a policeman at the gate of the chicken house, with a fox inside,
and the police stopping anybody from protecting the chickens. Well done Cheshire police who advertise they are out to 'serve and protect' .

Cheshire West and Chester (now we're starting to get personal ) they helped his wife to abuse his children, they helped his wife and her pervert boyfriend steal his house, they helped the criminal abusers to destroy his business, they helped the abusers destroy his finances, they helped the abusers make him homeless.
All of this took place between June 2010 and Sept 2013.

When dad, let's start calling him Edmond ( a nice name, and one that protects the children, but not the vile criminals), put complaints in to the police, then Ellesmere Port Police (yes, more detail please), they just ignored him. As you can well imagine, Cheshire Police are big buddies with Cheshire West and Chester. They all go to the same mason's lodges; they are all in each other's pockets, they cover up for each other. So, poor old Edmond, he just was not going to get Cheshire Police to act lawfully against their back slapping and drinking and paying buddies.

Edmond got more concerned about the criminality of the police in covering up child abuses and
a whole lot more crimes. So, in his best civic duty, he reported louder and louder to the police. Even the Cheshire Crime Commissioner John Dwyer (oh, this guy is a real criminal, you can see him by following this hyperlink Evil Dwyer ).

What can a decent citizen do to protect his children when the law is run by criminals ? "Turn on the lights" kept going through dad's head. Criminals cannot stand publicity. So Edmond reported the abuses and crimes to the police in public, (using facebook, yes lots of details on good old facebook ) .

Cheshire police gagged Edmond by arresting him for harassment and shoving him in HMP Altcourse in Liverpool on remand for most of 2014. That pleased all the criminals outside the prison.

I am awaiting to put the recorded interviews and transcriptions with the police here - all of them. If you ever wanted proof as to how low IQ and stupid police are, then you need to hear these recordings. That famous psychological state described commonly as 'the deer in the headlights' is encountered so many times you have to keep replaying the recording to ensure you have heard correctly.

A link jumping to stories from the prison will be inserted here soon.

Now, on with the main story. Having been arrested and incarcerated for almost a year, Edmond was preparing for the trial at the Crown Court in Chester. Please remember that reporting crimes of child abuse to the police is such a serious crime that they lock you up without trial for a year and then put you on a 4 day trial at the most serious of courts, the ones where mass serial killers are tried. That's a measure of how the gangsters running the authorities in Cheshire will abuse their powers in order to protect themselves and destroy those who oppose them.

Just to ensure their chances of being seen to be right and getting a conviction, police and Crown Prosecution Services ( cps ) each ensured their parts. CPS tried to keep as much evidence out of the trial as possible that proved Edmond was reporting crimes of child abuse and others.

The police, well, top marks. They arrested Edmond on 8th March. The day before the trial started. The police put him in Blacon jail in Chester overnight, so he would be presented to the court coming from cells in handcuffs. The police call it a custody suite, to make it sound posh and acceptable to the public.

So, instead of preparing for the trial - reviewing evidence, getting a good nights sleep, getting washed+shaved+dressed+routine+medications, being with friends - they stuck him in a jail cell overnight without medications, and distressed. You have to remember that Edmond is clinically diagnosed with ICD10:F43 (distress, anxiety and fatigue running at the extreme level of battle fatigue - every single day - as caused by the authorities abusive treatment of Edmond and his children it says in the psychiatrists reports ). So, this removal of medication, removal of a safe familiar environment, removal of a familiar sleeping routine, removal of family; and instead, sticking his face back into the distress - was a major abuse carried out by Cheshire police. The police will not admit it, because they don't admit anything, but this was yet another torture session for Edmond.

The crown prosecution and police took extra efforts to try and ensure they could hide evidence

To be continued.


more to follow.
Who's who guide to the criminal, evil immoral characters involved see the page Bad People



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- various documents that show the domestic violence, domestic abuse and corruption.

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