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High Court of Justice Chester
Claim B90MA438 for 16th Jan 2016.

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As P1 , but with specific objectives below -
1. To move the venue to a suitable location - ie Chester.
2. To apply for a judicial finding of facts through the high court sitting in Chester.
3. To dismiss the applicants short term injunctions, on the basis of abuse of process.

There is a large number of files behind this case. The author - Mr Dobbie, a consultant physicist - is used to large scale complicated data work.
So, this web page is not just a convenient way of interfacing the information, but a helpful way of controlling and analysing the data and evidence.
For the case before The High Court of Justice, Queens Bench Div. Manchester on 11th Dec 2015, a brief GUI is supplied by the minimum data of this web page "QueensBench11Dec2015.htm" .
Two additional pages are offered to indicate the scope of the criminality and abuse of process by CWaC & Co.
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P1. Crimes.
P4. Chronology.
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1. Move the venue to Chester.

1.1. Health. Mr Dobbie is diagnosed with ICD10:F43 - anxiety and distress at battle fatigue level - like PTSD but with the stress still present.

1.2. Health. Mr Dobbie is on ESA Support group. He suffered severe physical health deterioration during the period of CWaC & Co abusing him and his children. In particular, living in poverty and false imprisonment accelerated joint, sciatica, spinal, joint, blood pressure, heart arythmia problems. He now infrequently leaves the house and cannot walk much more than a few hundred metres without chest pains, hips pains, dead leg, back pains, breathlesness.

1.3. Health background. NHS reported Mr Dobbie's mental health state was not organic, but was CAUSED by the authorities treatment of Mr Dobbie and his children. CWaC were wilfully instrumental in this, including wrongful loss of children, wrongful destruction of business, wrongful destruction of personal finances, wrongful homelessness, wrongful imprisonment, wrongful sectioning.
1.4. It was directly the lying of CWaC to Cheshire police which had Mr Dobbie wrongfully imprisoned on remand for almost a year. CWaC told Cheshire police that there were no abuses of the children. Mr Dobbie was acquited in Chester Crown Court because they accepted on evidence and witnesses that Mr Dobbie had reported crimes and abuses to his children by Mrs Dobbie, and not as CWaC had reported to Cheshire police.

1.4. Money. Mr Dobbie is on ESA Support group. That is his total income £125/wk. and full housing benefit in a small studio flat.

1.4.1. Money background. Mr Dobbie had created a high tech business - DrRheology - that was recognised globally in a specialist market of rheology and processing. That business crashed due to the excessive harassment he received by CWaC trying to take the children off of Mr Dobbie after he had 100% custody of the children based on CAFCASS reporting Mrs Dobbie's abuses and violence to the children. CWaC went to extremes, not only covering up rape while our daughter was in Mrs Dobbie's house, but covering up severe abuses by Mrs Dobbie. They also fabricated lies and smearing, some very bizarre. They reported Mr Dobbie mentally ill because he wore rugby shorts in his house. They issued imprisonment documents because Mr Dobbie wrote poetry. The scope of harassment was wide, frequent and intense.

#Ref: VenueQ1.v.1.0

2. Application for a judicial finding of facts.

2.1. There seems to be a problem with authorities analysing the evidence available and identifying the criminal acts involved .
2.2. It took Chester Crown Court 4 part days to come to the conclusion Mr Dobbie was reporting crimes.
2.3. It took senior NHS psychiatrists and psychologists three weeks of examining Mr Dobbie and his evidence to come to the conclusion that Mr Dobbie was not deluded and his evidence backed what he was reporting.

2.4. Cheshire West and Chester have done everything since 2010 to cover up the abuses of the children and entered a spiral of criminality to cover up their own crimes and negligence. They even hid their own initial reports admitting some of the the violence and abuse by Mrs Dobbie on the children. They stopped a judicial finding of facts about the children's abuses that was requested by Mr Dobbie and the children's psychologist. They stopped Cheshire police from interviewing the children.

2.5. This case has become like the Dreyfus affair, in that CWaC have resorted to avoiding the basic evidence, and instead reverting to smoke and mirrors of CWaC written reports that self support their position.

2.6. It is relatively easy to show that the fundamental evidence, gives the same result as happened in Chester Crown court - Mr Dobbie is reporting a host of crimes. To this end, a judicial finding of facts can be carried out with relative ease to show the crimes, rescue the children and start the proper criminal justice system taking action.


3. Dismiss the applicants short term injunctions.

3.1. The applicants short term injunctions and other injunctions are a considerable abuse of process.

3.2. CWaC & Co have tried to cover up a large amount of criminality that they have participated in.

3.3. The even lied to Cheshire police to have Mr Dobbie wrongfully imprisoned on remand to gag him.

3.4. Mr Dobbie is not some mad schemer or personal terrorist. He is a widely respected man by hundreds of students, friends, doctors , professors, ministers, Salvation Army officers, priests and many people both locally and globally.

3.5. Mr Dobbie has carefully crafted his campaign to expose the wrongdoings of CWaC & Co both in particular, and in general.

3.6. Mr Dobbie has presented in Parliament to a standing round of applause, with those present supporting Mr Dobbie's campaign and tactics.

3.7. Mr Dobbie is working with IPCC, PPS, HMIC, College of policing, Home Office and a number of MP's to remedy the wrongdoings not only in CWaC & Co, but abuses to children across all authorities.

3.8. Mr Dobbie has the moral high ground by far.

3.9. Mr Dobbie is legal, because he needs the child abuses to stop, he wants the criminality to stop.

3.10 Mr Dobbie is reporting things not only derivable from the public domain, but in the public interest.

3.11. The applicant is abusing due process to cover up crimes that were previously accepted in Chester Crown Court.

3.12 The applicant is abusing due process in order to remove criticism of Cheshire West that are within the requirements expected of public duty.

3.13. The applicant is abusing due process in order to cover up child rape.

3.14. The applicant is abusing due process in order to cover up child sexual abuses.

3.15. The applicant is abusing due process in order to cover up child abuses.

3.16. The applicant is abusing due process to keep children in abuse.

3.17. The applicant is abusing due process to criminally cover up perverting the course of justice.

3.18. The applicant is abusing due process to criminally cover up harassment.

3.19. The applicant is abusing due process to criminally cover up false imprisonment.

3.20. The applicant is abusing due process to criminally cover up destruction of property.

3.21. The applicant is abusing due process to criminally cover up gross misconduct in public office.

3.22. The applicant is abusing due process to promote criminal activities.


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