Evidence of child abuses and crimes

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written by Helen Jones
and approved up to and by Steve Robinson.

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An astounding act of criminality; perjury after perjury, smear after smear, cover up after cover up

Why the CWaC written chronology document is very important.

In the abuses of Aurora Dobbie, Orion Dobbie, Graham Dean and their father Tom Dobbie - there can be no more important document than the 'CHRONOLOGY' written by Cheshire West and Chester social worker Helen Jones. This document shows unambiguously that employees of CWaC all the way up to the chief executive Steve Robinson set out to maliciously, deliberately, criminally and in a prolonged manner , to abuse the children and their dad.

It took Chester Crown Court 4 intermittent days to conclude that Tom Dobbie was reporting crimes - serious crimes.
It took NHS psychiatrists, 3 weeks of intermittent time to conclude that what Tom Dobbie was reporting was true, and not some delusion, or some artefact of mental problems.

It has taken Cheshire police 5 years of indulging to extremes in making a mess of biblical proportions (how it was described in Chester Crown Court ) in abusing the children and dad.

Was it that they could not see the clear evidence in front of them in that time ? and if so, have Cheshire police employed people with such low abilities that the public are grossly overpaying money for ? or was it that did not want the truth as backed up by the evidence to be known ?

The only explanation that is supported by the evidence and behaviour of the police involved, is that they had intent to keep the children and dad in abuse. That explanation is supported by the facts.

Criminals in Chester police along with criminals in Cheshire West and Chester, have worked hand in hand intimately in creating the abuse of a family, of victimising the victims, of helping criminals to abuse children and harass and torture (yes, the UN definition of torture is met ) the children and dad - all in order to cover up what started as negligence by them and spiralled further and further into criminality.

This one document (Chronology) lies at the heart of this. It shows how the criminality was known, accepted and spread across operational and senior people both in CWaC and Cheshire police.

An overview of the Chronology with integrated commentary is available here

Some major points in analysing the case and this document are presented below.

#Ref: ChronologyIntro.v.2

CWaC Helen Jones lies to court under oath.



Click on the words above that show Helen Jones deliberately lied in reporting that there was no sexualised abuse - even claiming two authorities had investigated it.

Also, Helen Jones had talked in detail with Mrs Dobbie. Mrs Dobbie had talked to the police.


Extract from police report,

that Helen Jones said in court under oath that she had seen. //

Time 07:59 Date 15/03/2011 Division Western BCU NSPIS Incident No.98 Incident Location 7 Cannock Close Great Sutton Ellesmere Port CH66 2WS Reporting Officer LEE Rank PC No 5260 All parties involved were notified that information contained in this database may be disclosed to a third party. There were NO objections to information being disclosed Incident Officers Report Informant Sarah Evans telephoned police informing that her eight year old daughter MYA ELYCE EVANS 13/12/02 disclosed to her on Sunday Afternoon an incident that occurred at a friends house whilst playing on Saturday 12th march 2011. After liaising with CID, DC MINES advised to obtain a blue book from EVANS.

Risk Assessment Referral passed to CWAC Social Care for initial assessment due to concerns re sexual harm to Aurora and Mya. A referral will also be passed to their counterparts covering the Deeside area (North Wales) is respect of Thomas' sexualised behaviour #Ref:302v.1

Jones praises mum who did everything to hide abuses.

[Helen Jones says mum was good not to have Liz and her sex pest son back again in order to protect Aurora.]

Note: It was the neighbours child and father who reported to the police. Mrs Dobbie had no intention of reporting it.

Note: DC Jess Barlow interviewed Aurora and ended up mostly speaking to Mrs Dobbie; Mrs Dobbie being the person who wanted this hidden and played down. So, police worked with the abuser.

It was only as a diversion to stop a judicial investigation of the abuses that Mrs Dobbie finally admitted in court that there had been some sexualised abuse to Aurora. This was in 2013.

. #Ref:303v2

Mrs Dobbie had lied under oath to court before.

[Helen Jones says mum was good not to have Liz and her sex pest son back again in order to protect Aurora.]

In court in 2006 - Mrs Dobbie said that her husband Tom was controllling and manipulative because he did not want her friend Liz visiting with her sex pest Thomas.

Mrs Dobbie said she had no intention of ever giving up her friends for anybody.

Mr Dobbie won custody of Aurora then because Mrs Dobbie had clearly lied on a preposterous scale over numerous subjects.


CWaC covered up all reports of the rape, sexual abuses.

[Helen Jones says mum was good not to have Liz and her sex pest son back again in order to protect Aurora.]

Social services never included the incident in CIN meetings or Core Assessment or other reports. Susanne Leece chaired a meeting with police, school teachers, nurse, Mrs Dobbie, social workers, Mr Dobbie.

No mention was made of this
any of the other hard evidenced abuses
even social services previous reports
Mrs Dobbie's admission of violence and abuse.


Cheshire West legal telling each other details about the rape.

Helen Jones of CWaC had read these documents (under oath in court)

The email copy
From: WILLIAMS, Debbie (Solicitor)
Sent: 05 August 2013 14:04
To: KIRKBRIDE, Jefferson
Subject: FW: Information

The email shows that the legal team also knew about the incident, but were quite content to perjure the family court, lie to everyone and keep child abuse covered up and keep children in abuse.

Steve Robinson approved of all this criminality - he knew about it from Tom Dobbie's email.

CWaC have now hired Barbara Crawford who worked at Jacob's in Ellesmere Port dealing with family law matters. This is a severe conflict of interest as Barbara has details of many cases CWaC are trying to cover up - including Mr Dobbie's. Barbara Crawford was involved in the Dobbie case in 2006 representing Mr Dobbie who won custody then of Aurora. The case proved Mrs Dobbie abusive and violent and an extreme teller of untruths in court, even under oath.


Police professional standards cover up child sexual abuses for CWaC.

PPS Miles Dignam replied shortly after the Chester Crown Court case saying he would not accept any complaints. Based on the number of emails informing the police about all the details, he deemed me vexatious. He made numerous blatant other errors.

In response to raising new complaints, miles replied #Ref:308v1 on next table cell.

He has managed to criminally say that there was no child rape or child sexual abuses (he took his lead from CWaC )- even with the North wales police report and Cheshire police report saying there was rape. He took as authoritive the word of the people who are shown to blatantly lie on these issues.

Like Rawlinson, Miles has sold out to CWaC and criminally betrayed the children.

Miles has perverted the course of justice and commited misconduct in public office.


Miles Dignam letter of
26th October 2015 where he betrays the children by covering up the abuses and crimes - leaving the children yet again in abuse.










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