Evidence of child abuses and crimes by Cheshire West and Chester council


Claim B90MA438 by Cheshire West and Chester council along with directors
Steve Robinson, Gerald Meehan, Mark Palethorpe and staff Sarah Huges,
Judith Griffiths sets out to pervert the course of justice and undertake to
abuse due process by gagging Tom Dobbie, Edmond Dantes and Dr Morality
from reporting these crimes and making the above parties answerable under the law of England.
This www hyperlinked document is both a summary of the defense and a statement to the police
and the government of serious crimes across authorities in Cheshire - and to iiCSA


There is undeniable and extensive evidence
of criminality by the applicants, including this application.

P0.0 / General introduction. Police and social services in Cheshire have made mistakes and were negligent when they get involved with a distressed family in Ellesmere Port where a mum was being violent and abusive to everyone. Mum manipulated police and social services exactly the way BabyP's mum did. This abuse by proxy is used extensively by nasty women against anybody they don't like. Social services and police are very amenable to this manipulation as their policies on domestic violence are already hatred crime against men (see the now highly discredited Duluth model) . The authorities attempts to cover up the mistakes leads to a spiralling number of criminal and abusive acts against the children and dad. Evidence of this behaviour is easily found with a little research. Worryingly, the more you research the worse the incidents and acts become in terms of breadth and depth. Direct involvement as well as reasearch over 6 years by dad, a consultant physicist who has lectured all over the world including NASA, comes to dreadful findings of a child services system fully out of control, not only in Cheshire or England, but globally. In reporting his findings, while trying to rescue his children from the ongoing abuses, dad has been wrongfully arrested many times, wrongfully imprisoned 3 times, more than 35 times before various courts,/ bankrupted, / made homeless, / sectioned - forced into isolation from protecting his children and being with his family and friends (all of these come to a staggering amount of abuse that is classified way beyond what is classfied as torture by UN).
This current case - B90MA438 -is another attempt by Cheshire West and Chester council and leading child abusers and criminals inside it trying to stop dad from reporting their crimes and abuses of power. Their defense to legally gag dad is that no crimes or abuses or cover ups have taken place. This claim is extraordinary given the level of evidence showing abuses, crimes and cover ups. However, that CWaC and Cheshire police have managed this over 3 years is a testiment to the effect of high level corruption and criminality in Cheshire authorities that central government wishes to ignore.
That courts in Chester, Liverpool and Manchester have all AVOIDED taking action against these criminals when evidence has been presented shows the very basis of the industrial scale child abuse going on in UK and other countries. Government are pretending it's a few bad apples, when the reality is that the very systems designed to protect children are rotten to the core. This local authority of Cheshire West and Chester has behaved criminally to children all the way from social workers to chief executive Steve Robinson. Their freemason mates in Cheshire police have helped to cover up by simply blocking the reporting of crimes as well as not investigating or simply downgrading the crimes reported (with hard evidence).

P0.1. / The very act of applying for this injunction and lying materially is a criminal act freely and wifully undertaken by all of the applicants. CWaC perverted the course of justice in witholding disclosure and commiting fraud with unclean hands. Queens
A party seeking an interlocutory injunction is under the following duties before the application is heard.
Duty of disclosure; A party is under a duty to make full and frank disclosure to contracts which are material to the proceedings including those facts which a defendant might have been expected to bring forward in opposition to the injunction.
Material non disclosure by the applicant is a ground for discharging an ex parte injunction without any haring in the merits of the application.
Fraud and unclean hands: The courts will always deny the application for an interlocutory injunction if such application contains an element of fraud or the applicant comes to courts with dirty hands. (so why did QB Judge allow temporary injunction in Manchester - this judge has acted negligently at best , and given the number of judges who favour CWaC criminally, then this may be another freemason judge acting criminally for CWaC ).

P0.2. / The first core claim of the applicants that there is no substance to the cover up of child abuses is fully refuted. The evidence of Aurora Nisha Dobbie (10/06/2000 blogs, letters to court, personal word , media ), Graham Anthony Dean (24/10/86) , Thomas William Dobbie (13/04/58 : also known to police, courts, solicitors, barristors, judges and close family and friends by his pen name Edmond Dantes ) , media , documentary evidence all show abuses that CWaC have repeatedly tried to hide in documents , in courts and in replies to MP's.
This evidence has been shown to police and CWaC previously who have simply pretended it doesn't exist. DI Nigel Parr concluded there was no evidence in the blogs of Aurora because 1. He couldn't play them !! and 2. Helen Jones (CWaC ) told DI Parr there was nothing for him to look at and yet. HJ declares she knows of the abuses in voice recording, but repeatedly fails to report it on written documents.
The clearest example is Helen Jones reporting no sexual abuses - she records in the report Aurora would not talk to her (HJ) therefore nothing happened. Helen Jones admitted she had read the North Wales and Cheshire police reports of the sexual assault. Even CWaC legals knew about the first sexual assault.
2b. Now, there is the issue of Barbara Crawford working for CWaC. Barbara Crawford was employed by Jacob's solicitors in Ellesmere Port. She represented me in the 2006 case against Mrs Dobbie for custody of Aurora in which we won.She also represented me again in 2013. It was highly evidenced that Mrs Dobbie had lied obtusively to the courts. Barbra Crawford was still at Jocob's during much of the current debacle which started again in 2010. She left Jacob's and transferred to CWaC in 2015. She has details of this and lots of other cases where CWaC have left people angry. It's a kind of conflict of interest and insider trading combined.

P0.3. / The second core claim of the applicant that there is no substance to the cover up of crimes is fully refuted. The evidence of Aurora,Nisha Dobbie, Graham Dean, Tom Dobbie, media , documentary evidence all show crimes that CWaC have repeatedly tried to hide in documents, in courts and in replies to MP's. Example 1: of sexual assault cover up.
Example 2: of complaint sent. Complaint acknowledged. Complaint lost and CWaC refuse to answer.

P0.4. / I propose to the courts that I calculate the total amount of misery, psychological damages, physiological damages, monetary damages, time in false imprisonment, no of criminal acts committed, and this data is used to set the minimum punishment that each of the applicants receives - proportionality is requested.

P0.5. / Three professors and two Ph.D's have looked at what is presented and concluded that CWaC have enacted criminally on all accounts.

P0.6. / Three legals have looked at this and are horrified at what these people have gotten away with.

P0.7. / Eleven random people (a proxy trial by jury) have been shown this and conclude that CWaC are guilty on all accounts.

P0.8. / The people of UK and many other countries await to see the details of this in a manner that protects my children.

P0.9. / We expect CWaC to either hold on to no action, or act criminally and try to obtain a summary judgement by a corrupt freemason judge in their favour. It doesn't matter; Pandora's box is open.

P0.10.. / I request the police to take action through the serious crime provisions.

P0.11 / . I request Theresa May, the Home Secretary to take action now,
or resign in disgrace for both allowing all of this criminality, and allowing it to go on and on.

Links to analysis and evidence.


1. Child abuse crimes commited.

See evidence cascading below. A quantitative analysis is planned but not yet executed.

1.1. Aurora hit and abused by mum on many occassions. See evidence cascading below.

1.2. Aurora terrorised by mum into fits on many occassions. Evidence not yet included as extreme privicy is being maintained.

1.3. Aurora emotionally abused by mum on many occassions. See evidence cascading below.

11.4. Mum allowed Aurora to be sexually assaulted yet again by mum's friend's son in 2011. Even though mum was not going to report this and that mum is saying that she is going to take action - only after this has been exposed. Helen Jones reports mum is heroic to not let her friend back.
Mum, Andrea Blears, Helen Jones et al all kept this unreported as long as possible. It was refused to be reported at the CIN (children in need ) meeting chaired by Sussanne Leece in 2011 by ALL CWaC employees and Cheshire police - even though they all knew about it. In their standard manner of bullying, abuse, smearing, they record Mr Dobbie as being 'uncooperative' because he wants honesty and transparency and will not accept lies. See minutes of that meeting.where sexual and other abuses are missing and yet most attending know about them.

1.5. Mrs Dobbie allowed Ken Redman to sexually groom Aurora and he sexually approached her repeatedly. See EmailsTWD from contact. Cheshire police interviewed Aurora once about this and assisted CWaC to cover it up by asking Aurora inapproprite questrions. There are clear guidelines on sexual abuse and voyerism by cps. Ask and I'll get you a lot of people who will tell you Cheshire police did this wrong; like CWaC, they did not want to find a crime as it shows they are negligent.
Redman, who knows Aurora hates him, who has frequently shouted at Aurora, put pornography on her tablet computer, pushed his way into her room to watch her dressing, - he now pulls her onto his knees and starts rubbing his hands over her. He asks for a kiss.

1.5.1. Cheshire police knew Aurora hated this man. Cheshire police knew CWaC wanted it covered up. So Cheshire police asked Aurora .." If your dad had pulled you onto his knees and done this, would you have objected" ? Unbelievably unprofessional. That any child of a loving parent would answer anything but no. They said it was a sexual act, but had not breached THEIR threshold test for criminality..

1.5.2. CWaC reported there was no sexual abuse because Aurora would not talk to them.

1.5.3. I have an audio recording of Helen Jones admitting she doesn't believe anything Aurora says; but follows everything the manipulative controlling abusive mother tells her. .

1.5.4. Aurora reported in contact that Redman had pushed her onto the couch and stood staring up her skirt. Helen Jones called Aurora a liar 3 times in the contact centre for reporting this. How did HJ 'know' Aurora was a liar ? Because HJ says so.

1.5.5. We had a meeting with Aurora, HJ and Mrs Dobbie. The latter two asked no open questions and repeatedly talked angrily at Aurora calling her a liar.

1.5.6. HJ reported to the court that Mr Redman had phoned her saying Aurora had apologised to him.

1.5.7. In the next contact, Aurora told Sarah Horner that Mrs Dobbie threatened Aurora and made her say an apology to Ken Redman. Evidence in audio recordings and Emails

1.6. Extreme invalidation of Aurora by mum, mum's boyfriend, CAFCASS guardian, social workers.

1.7. Judge Barnett has made an incompetent mess of trying to justify going with CWaC. He admits freely that Mrs Dobbie and Redman lied in lots of court appearances and totally manipulated the social workers when he agrees about Mrs Dobbie calling Redman a pervert.
1.7.1. Barnett shows he is happy to cover up abuses and crimes by remarking about the first cafcass report - not that it shows violence and abuse by Mrs Dobbie and Redman, but, it shows Mr Dobbie is not willing to agree with the covering up of the abuses. This is Barnett's Law , not English law or Children's Act Law.


Graham Anthony Dean - Evidence Summary.

Graham Dean Video Evidence
GAD Witness Statement    
Video55-who I am Video56-ReportingAbuses Video58-AvrilAbusesAurora
Video59-AuroraHair Video60-Fights Video61- AvrilAbusesOrion
Video62-AvrilAbusesOrion Video63-AvrilThrowsOrionAboutRooms Video64-AvrilAbusesTom
Video65-CWaCwereInformed Video66-CrownCourtWitness Video67-PoliceWitness
Video68-AvailableNow Witness Statement1 Dwyer Offered Witness Statement


Aurora Nisha Dobbie - Evidence Summary.

Aurora Blogs and the transcription of these blogs.
Witness Statement        
Blog1 Blog2 Blog3 Blog4 Blog5
Blog6 Blog7 Blog8 Blog9 Blog10
Blog11 Blog12 Blog13 Blog14 Blog15
Blog16 Blog17


An innocent child who evil social workers abused over years.

AuroraEarlyBlog Blog20
Other Media


Bullying, coercision, slapping, belittling of Aurora getting her to cry went on for years. Social services forced Aurora to have her hair cut short to try and stop this, but never recorded any abuses.


Orion being taught to hit and belittle Aurora by mum. Mum and CWaC say mum only ever hit Aurora once.


Mum in her normal controling and manipulative role spoiling whatever good things were happening for her children at dad's house.

LeterToJudge1 LetterToJudge2
Allowed Abuse Ken Abuse More Ken Abuse AuroraPoorly Photograph Summary

Compare CAFCASS report with Core assessment with CIN reports .

The Cheshire West and Chester social services reports cover up the sexual assaults, the abuses and the mental health issues with mum.


All written in same period (roughly) and the two CWaC controlled reports cover up all the children's abuses and support the 'victim' mother and smear the man. ALL CRIMINAL.

After the CAFCASS report, the guardian was removed and a friend of the freemason CWaC's put in place - Alan Rawlinson. A man who said everything was pivotal around the abuses. A man who never visited the children until 5 months after his appointment to the role. A man who said in court that the children's distress was very high. A man who testified under oath in Chester family court that there was no sexual abuses - and that a penis forced in a child's mouth was neither rape nor a sexual assault. A man who agreed wholly with Helen Jones perjuring abusive CHRONOLOGY document.



Tom Dobbie - Evidence Summary

( Crown Court criminal transcript, Crown Court submission accepted, Crown Court accepted FaceBook posts, NHS report, Clatterbridge report, video statements

Tom Dobbie Video and other Evidence
Tom Dobbie Witness statement. Crown Court Criminal Transcript Crown Court Submission FaceBook Posts Accepted in Crown Court

NHS Report 1

Hardcopy only

NHS Report 2

Hardcopy only

Adrian Meldrum Reference

Prof Rob English Reference

Rob Business Concerns

Ruth Russell Witness Statement. Richard Ziubrzynski Reference Dr Saumil Vadodaria Reference Carolyn & Lydia Bull Witness Statements.
composite Video1CheshireSurprises Video2WifeSurprises Video3StepChildAbuse
Video4NowWantedChild Video5ComputerBeforeChild Video6DontDareCriticiseHer Video7WifeLeftBaby
Video8Abduction Video9Prohibited Video10MoneyEverything Video11Kidnap
Video12BadCheshirePolice Video13BadPolice Video14PoliceLies Video15DarthVader
Video16CutPasteLies Video17PregnantAgain Video18CycleOfViolence Video19SoughtHelp
Video20DoNotDoNot Video21UselessSocialWorkers Video22MumAssaultsChild


Told to hate men in situations of domestic violence


Ultra Stupid


Criminal self protection


Preys on vulnurable lone women


50 / 50



Cafcass report child abuse.


Lying, smearing, perjuring


Run children's services


Gag gad to prison for 1 year


Allow crimes by their cronies





Injunctions by CWaC

Helen Jones perjures repeatedly Alan Rawlinson approves rape Repeated bullying and threats of imprisonments by CWaC

Background Information in the following 11 cells of table.

Psychology of bad people

MP John Mann

5yrs Prison sw




Traffic Short

Nancy Schaefer1

Nancy Schaefer2

CPS False accusations

CPS Corruption

CPS destroys kids



( Ph.D. Thesis )



Maltreatment (NSPCC)





The Jillings Report..(.Bryn-Estyn children’s home in Wrexham.) ....
.... Link .........Download PDF

This shows the extent that police and local authority (social services and their mob) will CRIMINALLY go to in order to cover up child abuse and crimes against children.

List of Public Figures Convicted of Child Sex Abuse ... Link ......Download PDF .....


Websites against domestic violence WhiteRibbon

Other Evidence

Helen Jones et al maliciously tried to have dad imprisoned for wrinting poetry

Helen Jones actions were fully approved by Judith Griffiths, Gerald Meehan, Steve Robinson

. Photograph Summary Helen Jones perverting the course of justice, lying under oath, harassment of Aurora Dobbie, harassment of Tom Dobbie and many other crimes. One hard example; she lied to the court about what Orion had written.

Helen Jones, without medical qualifications, reported to the court, and told the children, and told Mrs Dobbie and Mr Redman that Tom Dobbie was mentally ill. Cherrybank were furious at her lies.

Helen Jones lies to Cherrybank staff that Aurora was never sexually assaulted (compare North Wales police and Aurora).

Sarah Hughes lied to Cheshire Police about the children's abuses and the crimes carried out by CWaC and about the abuses of the children.

This directly resulted in Tom Dobbie being wrongfully imprisoned and consequently sectioned in order to prove his reportings were true and not as a result of delusion. Chester Crown Court ruled that Tom Dobbie had reported crimes.

She was approved to do this by Judith Griffiths, Gerald Meehan, Mark Palethorp, the ex policeman who was discharged from the police force and now runs the complaints section and Steve Robinson.

Sarah Hughes discussing the abuses of the children with Tom Dobbie.




Cheshire police informed Tom Dobbie that CWaC had refuted what Tom Dobbie reported as child abuses and crimes.

Awaiting Cheshire police recordings of interviews and entries.

CAFCASS reported child abuses at mum's house while social services were ignoring it and covering it up.

Sarah Horner reviewing things Aurora disclosed in contact.

Aurora threatened not to attend court by Ken Redman.





Mrs Dobbie hides a computer tablet that she stole from dad. Ken Redman had downloaded porn on it while he knew Aurora was using it.

In court in Liverpool , judge Dodds told CWaC they got everything wrong and to try harder to work better with their clients.

So, they worked harder to be better criminals and got Judge O'Leary to agree there was no violence and to give the children to Mrs Dobbie.

Police knew CWaC were covering up the first sexual assault, but acted to hide it. All knew about it up to Steve Robinson. Aurora self harms. SS contact dad because the only person Aurora trusts is her dad.


2. Crimes commited by Avril Dobbie, Ken Redman, above applicants and others.

2.1. Mrs Dobbie allowed child sexual abuses, carried out child physical abuses, allowed child physical abuses, carried out extensive child emotional abuses, allowed child emotional abuses, carried out domestic violence, carried out domestic abuse, coercion, theft, harassment, perverting the course of justice, manipulating and controlling police to carry out acts of abuse and harrasment by proxy, manipulating and controlling social workers to carry out acts of abuse and harassment by proxy.

2.2. Ken Redman, carried out child sexual abuses, child physical abuses, child emotional abuses, theft, harassment, perverting the course of justice, manipulating and controlling police to carry out acts of abuse and harassment by proxy using police, manipulating and controlling social workers to carry out acts of abuse and harassment by proxy.

2.3. Dana Murray, perverting the course of justice by deliberately covering up mum's violence and smearing dad.
2.3.1. Dana Murray, perverting the course of justice by deliberately covering up mum's violence as reported by Aurora.
2.3.2. Dana Murray, perverting the course of justice by deliberately covering up mum's violence as reported by Graham.
2.3.3. Dana Murray, perverting the course of justice by deliberately

2.4. Vivian Saunders, setting out to explicitly break up a family by covering up mum's abuses and smearing the dad and fabricating what the children wanted or said. Social services at Civic Way were demonstrably followers of the Duluth model incorporated into Cheshire West Police and aimed at breaking up families and always putting children with mum by any means possible ( ie CWaC hired femnazi thugs and had a policy to allow them to carry out their agaenda).

2.5. When the abuses of the children was reported to CWaC social services in 2010, CWaC legal sent a letter to dad informing him not to talk to social services. Compare this with Helen Jones in her Chronology reporting all sorts of hearsay trivia.

2.6. Early 2011. CAFCASS write a report saying the children should stay 100% with dad. This was based on numerous interviews and discussions with the children. It was 100% opposed by CWaC. The CAFCASS report showed lots of abuses and violence by mum - in line with CWaC's own Carlyn Harley document of 2009. Yet again, mum was requested to have mental health treatment, as per 2009, 2010.
2.6.1. With dad getting custody, this drove CWaC into a frenzy. They had been shown to be grossly wrong, and criminal.
2.6.2. CWaC responded by setting off on a forceful program of family court appearances to get the children removed from dad - even with everybody reporting the children wanted to be with dad.

2.7. See the CHRONOLOGY analysis of Helen Jones document.
2.7.1. A document that was approved by judith griffiths, gerald meehan, steve robinson, alan rawlinson, gary hogan, CWaC legal, CWaC barrister, mum, mum's barrister - and yet it was so utterly dreadful and full of lies that even judge Barnett (friend of the freemasons Robinson et al ) could not stomach it and had it removed from the bundle.
Irrespective, all of the above people accepted approved and supported this CHRONOLOGY, a document so full of lies it beggars belief.

2.8. See the assembly of complaints to CWaC ( submitted document or html cross referenced version )
The complaints were so numerous ( and real) that they were assembled into one document at the request of Judge Barnett. When this collection of complaints was sent to CWaC , Judith Griffiths answered on behalf of CWaC with the most criminal and amatuerish of replies. She said there was nothing of substance and judge Barnett would answer all the rest. Judge Barnett refused to answer the rest and said it was not in his remit if CWaC were a load of criminals.
CWaC refused to answer the complaints after being informed of the unacceptable reply from Judith Griffiths.
2.81. LGO said they could not intervene as the complaint had not gone round 3 times in the CWaC system.
2.82. Ofsted said it was none of their business.
2.83. Cheshire police said it was not their business if CWaC was behaving criminally (that's why CWaC employ ex police officers with dubious history and also why you have freemasons at the top positions in each organisation ) .
Nett result, CWaC never answered the complaints, yet told Mp's Andrew Miller and Justin Madders that they had.

CWaC knew that they had NEVER answered these, yet applied to have this injunction and temporary injnction based on their being no possible substantiated evidence. CWaC also claimed they had tried to answer all claims.
On this, one of multiple parts of evidence, CWaC have demonstrably abused due process. As they criminally applied for this injunction , it can no longer be deemed a valid injunction as they have acted criminally (case law).

2.9. Alan Rawlinson, under oath in Chester family court, said that it was not rape or a sexual crime for a penis to be forced into a child's mouth. All CWaC persons present agreed with Rawlinson. They were all collectively covering up child rape.

Hard evidence of gross misconduct across CWaC social care.

The document 'CHRONOLOGY' written by Helen Jones of Cheshire West and Chester council, and approved all the way to Chief Executive Steve Robinson, is the most blatant evidence of Cheshire West lying, smearing, covering up child abuses.

Amongst the many criminal acts exuding from this document are -
1. Helen Jones Covering up the rape of Aurora by Thomas Sinnot.
2. Covering up the numerous sexual approaches to Aurora by Ken Redman.
3. The covering up of a host of abuses of the children.
4. The alignment of social services with Mrs Dobbie in still trying to cover up her assaults on children and dad, and promoting dad falsely as violent.
5. Nearly every single entry is designed to smear Mr Dobbie,
5b. and, nearly every single one of them is wrong.
6. The chronology by Helen Jones starts in July 2010 in order to cover up social services own report by Carolyn Harley in 2009 with Mrs Dobbie acknowledging to social services her violence and abuses.
7. The document was accepted and approved by Mrs Dobbie as well as Rawlinson, Jones, Griffiths, Hogan, and all managers up to Steve Robinson.
8. Judge Barnett realised it was so utterly blatant in perjury that he asked it to be removed. Nobody else even questioned it, and yet all knew the details that showed it was dreadful perjury.


Document by Cheshire West to the court saying there had not been any sexualised abuses of Aurora.



It starts at July 2010 in order to cover up previous assaults and abuse by Mrs Dobbie on the children - that were even reported by previous social workers.

This document and it's analysis were known by DI Nigel Parr and John Dwyer and his senior team.

Below is a copy of the CHRONOLOGY with notes. It is clear that the intention of producing this document is to carry out crimes.




Below is a recording of a brief discussion with Helen Jones. Orally she admits mum's physical and emotional historical abuses of the children - that she fully excludes in her reports like the CHRONOLGY above.
Everybody reports Aurora as terrified of Redman (CAFCASS report) , but she sets up a bizarre experiment to try and prove Aurora is not scared of Redman.
She states openly, she believes mum, but not Aurora.




Tom Dobbie reporting of the lies and perjury by Cheshire West. Copied to court and police and ignored by both. Shows CWaC are lying and covering up.





CWaC were trying to cover up their criminaliity by hiding behind a family court judge.

The rulings of a family court judge, even when the judge is perjuring himself, has no ruling in a criminal matter which needs to be addressed by police and a criminal court. The CROWN COURT has already heard some of the evidence and accepted there is child abuse and other crimes that should be addressed by the police. Especially since the police had assisted the criminals to further victimise the victims.





CWaC replied to Andrew Miller telling him lies that everything had been investigated correctly and that nothing happened.


Consequential sexual abuses by 58 yr old Redman of child after the rape by mum's friend's son that mum covered up.

Aurora reported a number of sexualised approaches by Ken Redman. The social workers again went to lengths to cover up. Even Cheshire police using wrong procedures interviewed Aurora when I took her to Ellesmere Port Police Station.
They asked her the very wrong leading question "if your dad had pulled you onto his knees and put his hands on you and asked for a kiss, would you have been upset ? " ....
Professionals from Barnardos and other organisations confirm this procedure was totally inappropriate. #Ref:4v1

Also, when Ken Redman went further again and again, Mrs Dobbie and the social workers worked very hard in opposing Aurora reporting.
In court, they stopped a finding of facts.
In front of Aurora they called her a liar. In the document attached, Helen Jones told the court a lie, she said Aurora had apologised to Ken Redman. Aurora is recorded in contact with Sarah Horner saying mum threatened her to apologise to Ken Redman.

Abuse, coercion, criminality. All evidenced.


Document reporting crimes.











A mum who repeatedly emotionally abused her daughter.

'Aurora' own words - in audio and transcribed.

Click on audio picture to hear.

Click on PDF to read a list of some of Aurora's blogs about abuses.







Transcription of some of Aurora's blogs in which she describes Orion and her being abused by mum and Ken . .






Mum delight in making daughter cry.

Aurora's mum had Aurora crying and screaming almost every time she washed or brushed Aurora's hair. It went on for years. There was no crying or screaming when anybody else did Aurora's hair.

Older brother Graham had witnessed this on numerous occassions.


The babysitter friend Lydia even saw Aurora being spat on and head butted by mum because Aurora was crying and screaming.
Police were offered Lydia Bull as a witness and did nothing about it.

Click on picture to access video.



Click on picture to access audio.

Aurora reports Ken had threatened her not to give evidence in court (7min). Aurora reports stolen property that mum had of dad's mum has hidden in her house. (this was the 7" tablet that Ken Redman had put pornography on - knowing Aurora used this tablet).





Mum frequently hit children leaving marks on them.

Mum frequently slapped, hit and threw the children about. She often employed telling one child that the other child was bad. This is abuse on many scales.

Click on audio picture to hear.













Transcription of a recording of
Mrs Dobbie hitting her daughter Aurora
with her toddler son Orion in hand.

Aurora - crying. ".. mum ‘’ – (cannot make out)
Aurora - ‘leave me alone, I want to go to the child(ren's) home..’
FAST SLAP Aurora - crying
Aurora - ‘mum, i’m sorry’
FAST SLAP AGAIN Aurora - cries out
mum - ‘you do it to me (Aurora), I’ll do it to you’
Aurora shouting - 'go away’
mum - ‘you’re doing it again’
Aurora - sobbing
toddler with mum - ‘ga ga ...’ (copying mum shouting at Aurora
mum - ‘come on’ (to Orion)
Aurora - crying
Aurora - ‘mummy, I was going to switch the light on’
mum - ‘ you were going to bang the door closed’
Aurora - ‘ I wasn’t’
Aurora - crying
Aurora - ‘ goodbye mummy’
toddler (happy) - ‘goodbye’
Aurora - 'go away I said’ (to Orion)
Aurora - ‘I can’t do a single ...mutters‘’’’’’’’
toddler mutter - ‘’’’
Aurora mutters - ‘’’’’’’
mum mutters - ‘’’
Aurora - ‘thank you’
mum to toddler - ‘come on darling, she’s nasty’
Aurora shouting - ‘no, you are’, ‘you’re the idiot’
mum to toddler - ‘she’s nasty Orion, hold on’
mum out loud - ‘not nice behaviour
toddler muttering - ‘’’’
mum out loud again - ‘not nice behaviour
Aurora - crying
mum out loud to toddler - ‘horrid behaviour


Toddler abused by mum.

Orion used to wet himself as a toddler when mum shouted at him. He was very scared of her. While in nappies, she hated soiled nappies and changing Orion. She would frequently slap him, shout at him or throw him about during nappy changes.

This was known to health workers and family. It was agreed that dad always changed Orion to stop mum loosing it with her toddler for this reason alone.

Click on image to hear the audio.













mum laughing, ‘that’s better’, just a minute’
toddler cries, and cries, ‘no’, ‘no’, cries, ‘no’, ‘no’, ‘no’, cries, cries
mum ‘SHUT UP Orion !' (angry)
toddler cries, cries, cries,
toddler ‘no’, ‘no’, ‘no’,
toddler cries, cries, cries,
toddler ‘no’, ‘no’, ‘’ , cries,
toddler screams, ‘no’, ‘no’,
toddler screamsdaddy’, ‘daddy’, ‘daddy’,
toddler screams cries, cries, ‘no’,
mum mutters ‘’
toddler 'no ’, ‘no’, ‘no
mum ‘empty your bum (toddlername) ’
toddler ‘no’, screams,
toddler screams, ‘no’, ‘no’,
toddler screamsleave me’,
toddler ‘daddy’, sobbing,
toddler sobbing
mum ‘arms up’
toddler sighs .

End of transcription.


Toddler abused by mum and Ken Redman..

The original CAFCASS team reported Orion as wanting to live at dad's. and not liking Ken Redman.






Orion in school wishes and feelings said he did not like being shouted at by mum and Ken. Please remember that mum, social workers and Ken are all working hard to gag the children from disclosing the assaults and abuses. You see it in the social services reports and court submissions.







Orion in school wishes and feelings started to remember the night mum assaulted Orion and dad, and she then mum phoned the police lying and saying that she had been assaulted.








Brother gave evidence of child abuses.

Aurora and Orion have an older step brother Graham. He was a witness in Crown Court about the abuses of the children. He remembers many abuses but one incident of Aurora sticks too frequently in his mind. It was where mum would sit on top of Aurora and wait until Aurora's mouth opened, then she would spit in it. This was to try and stop Aurora screaming when she was being hit.

Graham gave evidence to social services, cheshire police and CAFCASS. Cheshire police even video recorded him and said they would play it to Aurora. They still are covering this up.


Graham with Aurora when she was younger. Graham became unwell and needed counselling because of the abuses of Mrs Dobbie to the whole family.








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Summary of child abuses.

Aurora & Orion's mum not only hit them and shouted at them but frequently kicked and punched objects, breaking mirrors, smashing the microwave, kicking holes in doors...


Click on picture below.









Click for summary of evidence Mrs Dobbie's abusive and violent behaviour from photographs and video.
Mr Dobbie took photographs after experiencing violence and abuse to Graham, Aurora and him over previous years. In a family court trial in 2006 Mrs Dobbie lied extensively, and was shown to have done so blatantly. Mr Dobbie got custody of Aurora and Mrs Dobbie left to live with her sister and brother in law in Scotland. She had previously had an affair with her brother in law.


Child reports she is distressed because police arrested her dad - her protector.

When mum assaulted Orion and dad, she then phoned Ellesmere Port police saying she had been assaulted. The police arrested dad without investigating in line with cps procedures. Dad was put on bail not to go near his house. This meant he could not protect the children - as instructed by the first set of social workers. This put Aurora and Orion into more abuse by mum for almost a year.














Child tells judge she is scared.

Aurora tells the judge in a letter that she is scared of mum who might hit her again for writing to the judge.












CAFCASS report Aurora and Orion abuses pt1, pt2. Redacted.







. CAFCASS report Aurora and Orion abuses. Full report non redacted below.




. CAFCASS report Aurora and Orion abuses pt3 .


Non redacted in file system or use full report already supplied.





. CAFCASS report Aurora and Orion to stay with dad and mum to get mental health assessment due to her excessively violent and abusive behaviour. . pt 4. Redacted.
Non redacted in file system or use full report already supplied.




CAFCASS forced to bury child abuse report.

CAFCASS Guardian Carole Hobson and CAFCASS Rachael Farrington Allan interviewed the children and wrote the above report. After this was reported, the local authority of Cheshire West and Chester had Carole removed. They then had their child abusing Alan Rawlinson put in place in order to cover up for Cheshire West. Cheshire West refused to answer complaints and questions about this. CAFCASS wrote an initial reply confirming Rawlinson had made mistakes, but then refused to follow up with the full reply and cited Mr Dobbie being vexatious as a reason for them not to reply on proven criminality.#Ref:37v1

Child abuser assisted by CWaC and police to harasses Mr Dobbie and criminally threaten him and steal his property.

Ken Redman made sexual approaches to Aurora. Assaulted Orion. Told the children that he was going to beat up their dad with a baseball bat. Threatened to kill dad. Threatened to destroy dad's finances. Threatened to get dad whenever I wasn't looking.

See Police cava. Ellesmere Port police, when told of these, said it wasn't their business. They said it was a matter for the civil courts.

CWaC told the children KR was a nice man and they should do more to like him.


Ellesmere Port police arrested Mr Dobbie on these occassions below. They did this because Redman said to them he felt threatened because -
1. he thought that Mr Dobbie had possibly made a sinister laugh.
2. he saw Mr Dobbie collecting his urgent medicine.
3. he was stalking Mr Dobbie on the internet and seen Mr Dobbie had invited the public to a public trial.
4. he was stalking Mr Dobbie on the internet and saw Mr Dobbie was conversing privately on the internet (Mr Redman admitted this in Chester Crown Court.
Harassed Mr Dobbie by having him arrested yet again - on the night before the Crown Court trial. Resulting in wrong medications and no sleep for most of the nights of the trial.

Compare that with - Ellesmere Port police and CWAc have helped Mr Redman to
1. abuse Mr Dobbie's children
2. repeatedly harass Mr Dobbie,
3. threaten to kill Mr Dobbie,
4. steal Mr Dobbie's house (which Mr Dobbie single handedly paid the mortgage on for 18 years before police negligently threw him out on behalf of Mrs Dobbie & Redman)
5. destroy Mr Dobbie's car,
6. falsely imprison Mr Dobbie 3 times,
7. destroy Mr Dobbie's property and finances making him homeless and pennyless.


This is Redman







Redman coming to confront Tom Dobbie in front of Mr Dobbie's house and shout at him and threaten to kill him.

Cheshire police said they were not interested.

The fact that while holding a baseball bat in front of the children, he told them that he was going to get Mr Dobbie - Cheshire West never reported it, but did tell the children he's a really nice man.









Ken Redman on another occassion coming to Mr Dobbie's house and shouting at him saying he knew about Dobbie's company and finances from Avril Dobbie and would destroy his business.

Cheshire Police had already allowed Ken Redman and Avril Dobbie to destroy the infrastructure of the DrRheology Ltd business under police protection to do so (bail : see previous IPCC submissions never answered).


Repeated malicious intent

to pervert the course of justice and deliberate misconduct in public office and harassment carried out by CWaC social workers and employees.



Example 1 Smearing in reports and to the court. .




Example 2. Professional looks at CWaC sw reports and says they are very bad and wholly misleading.



CWaC refuse to handle complaints.

Complaint of repeated malicious intent to pervert the course of justice and deliberate misconduct in public office and harassment carried out by CWaC social workers and employees.

2 Page reply by Judith Griffiths and further refusal to investigate fully aAuthorised up to Steve Robinson.





Example 3.
Compiled Complaint to CWaC




and addendum.




Example 4 Judith Griffiths 2 page reply.





Harassment on a grand scale.

In order to further harass and gag Mr Dobbie, CWaC served imprisonment documents on him because he wrote poetry.

The social workers were laughing and skipping into the court thinking they were getting Mr Dobbie imprisoned and gagged to cover up their criminality.
Helen Jones was actually crying when they were told they could not imprison Tom Dobbie.


The imprisonment documents.




Helen Jones desperation to have dad imprisoned and gagged at all costs.




Yet more Harassment.

6th Nov 2015 and CWaC send another attempt to further harass and gag Mr Dobbie.

The legal used says " having provided no evidence .."
and yet they have access to these unredacted pages here and the various documents hard evidencing criminality and child abuse.



John Richardson letter to harass Tom Dobbie say "..despite your having provided no evidence .."












Anyone who will sign a legally binding document saying they are part of my legal team can have accesss to the original documents.

This set of pages are only accessible to PPS Cheshire, two MP's , Home Office, MOJ. and legal. #Ref:38.v1

Government Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

The sexual abuses were part of the large number of overall abuses of the children that Cheshire West and Chester helped to cover up. As Such, the full gamut of child abuses were reported to the governments child sexual abuse inquiry (CSA) .

See the response document in ~Ref:58V1 from the inquiry confirming that the evidence supplied has been lodged and will form part of the investigation.






Click to enlarge.
This is the redacted copy. Unredacted available along with emails between the inquiry and dad.









Steve Robinson was regularly informed.

Click to enlarge one of the numerous emails informing Steve Robinson of the abusive and negligent behaviour of the gang of thugs employed in children's services.
Informed, and requested to improve. Responses ? Set his rottweillers on me and kept my children in abuse and allowed his abusers to abuse other children and parents. Even NHS wrote to children's services offering to teach them how to behave properly with 'clients'.





REF numbers are not checked and synchronised at the time of the initial issue of this document.

When legal action is to be taken against CWaC then the entire information system will be audited and made highly controlled.


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