Evidence of child abuses and crimes

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of submitted documents

Against Claim B90MA438 by Cheshire West and Chester council along with directors
Steve Robinson, Gerald Meehan, Mark Palethorpe and staff Sarah Huges and
Judith Griffiths .

Index of submitted pages

Overall, there are some 500 documents of various sorts comprising almost 5Gb. Only a subset of these are included here, and hyperlinked in a manner to reduce errors and make comprehension easier.
. Mr Dobbie and his academic team are used to working with big projects with thousands of documents, some very complex. It seems that CWaC staff and some usurpers of the justice system have made use of this modest number of documents to try and confuse the situation and cover up the abuses and crimes. In particular, they use hearsay of hearsay to create confusion and plant false ideas. Andrea Blears reports in particular were simply reiterations of what Mrs Dobbie wanted her to say, with a few bizarre smears and embellishments thrown in for a bit of cheap sadism ( the invisible Andrea Blears saga where she reports in court that Mr Dobbie talks to women on the internet - but she has no explanation as to how she knew this, so we assumed she was invisible and had burgled Mr Dobbie's property to stalk him - to date, this national security threat has not been answered).
To reduce the hearsay and information noise, Mr Dobbie takes documents ad data back as close to fundamental data as possible, and then optimise the possible convergence of the data. When this is done, it is very clear that lots of child abuses have taken place, that CWaC have behaved criminally by directly abusing the children in invalidation (emotional abuse) Parental Alienation (emotional abuse) Isolation (emotional abuse) and impoverishment (neglect) and forcing the children to live in anxiety and fear.

The information here is hosted and triplicated on a number of websites and cloud sites for security reasons.

The information for this court case is a number of html pages P0 to P8 hosted, but unlinked to the website moralpropositions. Moralpropositions has a multiplicity of purposes, including mental health support for a group of people. The pages are protected from web crawlers and privacy is very high.

As a web is a dynamic structure, the author (Tom Dobbie) has assured the court that a frozen version will be supplied on dvd at the time of submission. There were technical issues making the hyperlinks on media work from the dvd image and so a whole DVD image with new hyperlinks had to be created. It was agreed with CWaC that this version would be frozen on Monday 1st to DVD's for CWaC and the court. These would be issued by Tom Dobbie to CWaC on the Monday.

The original reason for using electronic evidence was the shear volume of material to be printed , along with the need for multiple copies and having to plough through a large amount of data. Only a limited number of hardcopy documents have been included and these and all of the files included are shown in the evidence below.

Main Website Pages - P0 , P1, P2, P3, P4, P6, P7, P8

Hardcopy Sent with bundle
Pages Designation notes
-1 example Cheshire West Smearing  
0 Conflict of interest - Barbra Crawford  
1 Witness statement Tom  
2 Witness statement Graham  
3 Witness statement Ruth  
4 Witness statement Debra  
5-14 Printout of webpages for Summary  
15-17 Printout of webpages for P1 crimes  
18-21 Printout of webpages for P2 people  
22, 23 Printout of webpages for P3 Rawlinson Said a penis forced into a child's mouth is not sexual abuse . Approved by CWaC.
24, 25 Printout of webpages for P4 HJ Chronology  
25b Complaint CH16V1  
25c-25e Complaint CH16V2 - rape cover up  
25f Complaint CH17V3  
26-41 Criticism of HJ Chronology - inc no sexual abuse  
42 Aurora letter - Pervert  
42b Aurora letter - Bribes and fear  
42c Aurora letter - Thomas, rape, Helen Jones  
42d-42f Police notes on rape  
  Printout of webpages for P5 police only  
43a,43b Printout of webpages for P6 damages  
44 Printout of webpages for P7 admin  
45 Printout of webpages for P8 index  
46-51 Cherrybank. report HJ states no sexual abuse/ we win/ conflict by CWaC
52-54 Cherrybank report Tom Dobbie distress caused by authorities
55 Justin Madders Steve Robinson lies saying everything answered
56 CAFCASS report P8 with notes Lots of abuses reported while CWaC say none.
57-66 CAFCASS report Children go to dad. Mum mental health req.
67 Prof. Billington. Invesyigating abuses critical but CWaC stopped all investigations
68-88 Aurora Blogs and lists of abuses. All covered up by CWaC
89 What happened to the 40 page complaint ?  
90 CWaC say they are not investigating.
91 TWD to SR Overview of complaints and stop harassing Tom Dobbie
92-97 CWaC, police, mum agree one slap only inc diary of violence handed in to CWaC in 2009
98 Aurora scared to go to mum's yet again  
99 Aurora now self harming because forced to be at mum's house. Aurora not talking HJ again.
100 Contact notes.HJ approves mum stealing to children
101-104 Contact notes. Children allowed to be abused by mum. Dad not allowed to talk. Gagging of children.
105, 106 Redman uses police to abuse Aurora by proxy
107, 107 Aurora forced to hide abuses by mum's threats
109, 110 Aurora losing friends because of Avril's malicious behaviour to Aurora's friends mum.
111 Children don't know if dad dead or alive because CWaC lied to police and dad's wrongful imprisonment
112-152 Main complaint of TWD to CWaC social workers behaving criminally, abusive, harassing.
TBA Signature for copy recieved at court & dated
TBA Signature for copy received at CWaC & dated.
Morality DVD copy of linked pages

URL linked documents to P1 to P8.

Blogs - Transcription Of Aurora Blogs.pdf
Media - AuroraHair.mp4
Helen Jones reporting no sexual abuses - ../evidence/pic/WhatHJreported.jpg
Even CWaC legals knew about the first sexual assault. - ../evidence/doc/13 08 06 CSC cover up of abuses.pdf
CWaC have repeatedly tried to hide in documents, in courts - ../evidence/doc/13 03 03 Robinsin Desist.pdf
of sexual assault cover up - ../evidence/doc/12 11 13 Sex Assault Complaint.pdf
complaint sent. - ../evidence/docs/14 06 05 Complaint.pdf
acknowledged - ../evidence/docs/14 06 05 Complaint Receipt.pdf
lost and we refuse to answer. - ../evidence/docs/14 06 11 CWaC no replies.pdf
See minutes of that meeting - ../evidence/doc/11 12 06 CIN.pdf
EmailsTWD - ../evidence/doc/12 10 29 Aurora groped.pdf
GAD Witness Statement - TBA
Videos - Graham Dean
Aurora Witness Statement - TBA
Audio - Aurora Blogs
WashingBrushingHairAbuses - AuroraHair.mp4
SmackingRecording - TBA
BirthdayPartyRecording - TBA
Photograph Summary - ../evidence/doc/PhotoSummary.pdf
CAFCASS - ../evidence/doc/11 07 27 CFCASS assessment.pdf
CORE ../evidence/doc/11 09 26 Core Assessment Aurora.pdf
CIN -../evidence/doc/11 12 06 CIN.pdf
Tom Dobbie Witness statement. - TBA
Crown Court Criminal Transcript - TBA
Crown Court Submission - TBA
FaceBook Posts Accepted in Crown Court - TBA
NHS Report - TBA
Clatterbridge - TBA
Adrian Meldrum Reference - TBA
Prof Rob English Reference - TBA
Ruth Larkin Reference and Witness Statement. - TBA
Richard Ziubrzynski Reference - TBA
Dr Saumil Vadodaria Reference - TBA
Carolyn & Lydia Bull Witness Statements - TBA
Tom Dobbie - videos
John Mann MP - video
To be completed


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