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Against Claim B90MA438 by Cheshire West and Chester council along with directors
Steve Robinson, Gerald Meehan, Mark Palethorpe and staff Sarah Huges and
Judith Griffiths .

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A prominent feature with bullies, manipulators, controlling people, psychopaths and such is that they accuse others of the bad and criminal behaviour that they commit. The claims of CWaC and the applicants is such an accusation. CWaC's abuse of process here is easily demonstrable as yet another act of criminal harassment.

Other people have been falsely accused of harassing CWaC. CWaC have put on orchestrated public displays in Civic Way. Children's social care staff have put on an exaggerated public display pretending to be scared of people who complain about them. The situation is close to farcical.

Tom Dobbie <anima.tom.dobbie@gmail.com> 18:09 02/02/2016 Reply to Helen, John, Ged
Dear Helen, John, Ged, et al
I am conscious that CWaC acted criminally in the previous court appearance. I had supplied defense information more than two days before the appearance, and that is registered with the server at Manchester; and I did bring that evidence and more to the court.
By some slight of hand, the judge somehow managed to avoid the evidence already sent as well as excluding the evidence in front of him.
This was like the situation of a dead body in front of us, but a coroner reporting there was no dead body because he did not bother to look for it before, and was refusing to see it in front of him now.
If that is the genuine state of English law, then it is worse than farcical. However, I think we were watching the usurping of English law by the law of freemasons; this being extreme contempt of court by those practicing it.
To ensure no more trickery on this tactic by CWaC, I have contacted a friend who will help fund and submit the defense bundle as required.
I would like to have clarification how the justice system deals with a criminal body like CWaC that destroys a persons finances and health and then continues on criminally to abuse process in order to gag them further. It should be clarified if it is, or is not, simply a case of no money = abused and gagged. Regards,
Tom Dobbie <anima.tom.dobbie@gmail.com> Attachments13:36 02/02/2016 Reply to Justin, John, John, Home, Lisa.Wilson, contact, Helen, John, Ged, Dear Helen and John,
1. I am becoming quite anxious and distressed which is difficult to control. My knees, ankles, hips and spine in particular are on fire and feel as if i am being stabbed. My head is on fire.
Why am i telling you this ?
Because you have no idea how the actions of people at CWaC affect people who you are abusing.
2. The anxiety (diagnosed ICD10:F43) is entering a nasty feedback loop because of your lack of response to me taking enormous effort to supply the evidence of extensive abuse and criminality by CWaC.
3. The dvd's, 100 pages of hardcopy and documents attached here show the enormous extent of abuse, criminality and cross authority corruption are waiting for you to pick them up to be included in the bundle for Friday's case management meeting. Please pick them up as i am in no position to travel or organise this. http://www.moralpropositions.com/downloads/_Qb/summary/QBEvidenceSummary.htm Regards, Tom Dobbie
DAWSON, Helen <Helen.Dawson@cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk>
Attachments29 Jan . Dear Mr Dobbie, Thank you for your email.
The Claimant Court Bundle needs to include a copy of the defence documents that you are filing with the Court. Therefore please can you let me have a copy of these defence documents (and DVD with working URLs ) which you’ve advised you’ll be filing with court on Monday.
Since you have indicated that your Defence includes your Chronology, I have now added the Chronology to the Claimant Court Bundle ( pages 180 to 195 ) and updated the Index ( attached ). When I receive a copy of the defence documents (and DVD with working URLs ) on Monday I will arrange for these to be added to the Claimant Court Bundle. Regards, Helen Dawson

Tom Dobbie <anima.tom.dobbie@gmail.com> 10:11 28/01/2016
Reply To "DAWSON, Helen" <Helen.Dawson@cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk>
subject: Re: Injunction proceedings - hearing 5th February 2016 mailed-by: gmail.com
Dear Helen,
1. I have still not received any hardcopy mail as described in your email.
2. I can supply a DVD rom with basic printed material to include in your bundle tomorrow. I had to wait until having access to a printer. Also, there has been technical problems decoupling other private material that does not concern this case. These are being worked on now to ensure privacy for other people. There may be URL's now connected / disconnected from the original date of submission as a result of making the DVD workable on local computer mode.
2.1. Can your people pick up the pack from my home address tomorrow at 12.00 please.
3. Complaint. I had previously told you that my health and monetary reasons were very significant impediments to me attending court in Manchester.
3.1. While forced to attend Manchester, your barrister was sniggering and condescending about my health troubles, even though the judge had documentary evidence of the difficulties. This behaviour was similar to previous attendance in court when Helen Jones and Judith Griffiths were giggling and skipping into the court in Chester at the prospect of getting me imprisoned for writing poetry.
Is it standard practice in CWaC to be aloof, condescending and deriding (wrongfully) in court against clients ?
3.2. For your records, the outing to Manchester not only cost me money that was allocated to my housing budget, but the hangover of the psychological problems resulted in a lot of narcolepsy for 3 weeks after the attendance. This slowed me down considerably in setting out the submission of evidence.
3.3. It seems CWaC have little concern for how they treat people and the resulting impositions on their lives; this is exactly as the children's care group behaved repeatedly to myself and others. That CWaC does not want to change this behaviour is part of my civic duty to report. Regards,

Tom Dobbie <anima.tom.dobbie@gmail.com> Attachments22 Jan to Justin, John, John, Home, Professional, Manchester, Dear Ged Kelly,
1. I have no information on where to send the evidence and findings requested by your court. We agreed electronically and I sent a copy to CWaC and the only address I have to contact anybody at any court is yourselves at Manchester.So I copied you the electronic address to the electronic data I was asked to produce.
2. While compiling the evidence, it became quite clear that CWaC had wilfully and criminally mislead the court. They came to the court with deliberate dirty hands. This is a serious crime, not just of contempt, but of perverting the course of justice, misconduct in public office, smearing, harassing, etc ....by ALL of the applicants.
3. So, I was reporting these crimes along with the evidence to yourselves, since it was your court they wilfully lied to.
4. If my method of reporting is technically wrong, then please advise if I should use the same forms as previous.
5. I enclose one hardcopy of the introduction page of the evidence and one URL that lets the rest of the documents be seen or downloaded or whatever. URL http://www.moralpropositions.com/downloads/_Qb/summary/QBEvidenceSummary.htm Regards, Tom Dobbie

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