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Social workers are predators of humans.

Your children are NOT safe ...

Criminal social workers ....
are abusing children and families and criminally destroying lives..

Vile people put children into abuse, and keeping them there...

Real Story : The abusers of Alice, Ben, Graham and dad in Cheshire
They put children into abuse, to protect themselves, and their organisations.

The debate.

There is a fascinating debate about social workers.
Group1, is the collective pool who have had social workers involved in their lives. The absolute bulk of them say that social workers are essentially very bad people who ruin lots of lives.
Group2. is the social worker clan, who say they are wonderful heroes of humanity and greatly over tasked and greatly under appreciated.
Group3 is the public who have never had social workers involved in their lives.
Group4 is the investigative branch of the public - the newspapers etc.

DECLARATION - I, the author of this page, am in group 1. After 5 years of my children being repeatedly abused, I am fully at war with the entire tribe of social workers, their managers, their backers, their propagandists, their ideologists, their teachers.

I have challenged various social workers, their teachers at the highest levels and the propagandists to public debate - recorded for transmission - that the enterprise called 'children's services ' is not just unfit for purpose, but creates much more abuse and destruction of people than if the enterprise simply vanished.

There is an enormous bag of evidence that things are badly wrong in social services.

There is an accumulation of destroyed lives that most members of the general public would turn to mass shootings or suicide bombing if it happened to them. Our society is having a huge injection of distress and anger at high intensity levels; just imagine your children being abused and social workers employing police to prevent you rescuing your child, and that abuse situation going on for not hours, not days, not weeks, but years. Fanciful ? Already happened to large numbers in Wrexham, Rochadale , Rotherham, and on and on.....

What do the outraged public get as a pill to placate them ? - "Lessons learned" or "Lessons learned" or "Lessons learned"
and on and on and on......all while the abuses are going on every single day. I'll add a link here later to give you the numbers - really scary what the government can hide from you when they employ secret courts to cover this lot up.

Anyway, nobody will satisfy my desperation for public recorded debate so I have to go on alone. I am used to writing and presenting all sorts of factual things to the required dry articulate style. I am also a creative writer and poet (mostly existentialist) and understand psychology and communication. So, this is a colourful ditty below, but the thing behind it is an evil monster the likes of which we have not seen since the concentration camps - it is very very bad. Accordingly, I try to use my creativity to effect proper understanding - the correct semantic irrespective of the syntax or pictures. .

Also see the paintings of Russian Albina Kumirova who brings out the subject well.

Predators v Grasers
Social workers v Families ..........

1st. The predators (social workers) exist in packs

Sometimes, their bosses cooperate.

Their troops form orderly structures
The bosses go to meetings
The group close ranks to protect themselves.
The boss makes those below like him

Any newcomers of the wrong kind, get killed.
It's a lesson to the others. Group belonging is everything.
2nd. The grasers. There are plenty of them.
They mostly behave like each other with many things in common.
The predator just sees targets. There is no concern for the pain or fear of the grasers.

Grazers know something's not good, but they hang around anyway.

Some 'grasers' with the help of MP's have moved out of the jurisdiction of the predators.

Predators chase the grasers

Social workers chase families.

Going for the throat stops the grazer running away and asphyxiates it.

Social workers gag their children and adult victims.

Predators celebrate another meal.

Social workers celebrate another private bonus or promotion.

Bosses like trophies.

Some grasers are just too big to go after.

Social workers don't go for their bosses, or their bosses bosses. They like easy targets.

There are far more grasers than predators.
However, the grasers all behave the same, they don't care who's being eaten as long as it is not them.
Perhaps, just perhaps.....there are some who are different....
Imagine, what happens when they become aware....
Until then, the enemy destroys and hides.....


The Heroes Who Try To Patch Up The Casualties
NHS Mental Health picks up huge numbers of children and adults who develop mental health difficulties
AS A RESULT of social workers abusing them .



Click here for a table of evidence -
- various documents that show the domestic violence, domestic abuse and corruption.

You can help rescue the children and bring these criminals to justice - from your computer - Page with email addresses. .

Link here to know more About Moral Propositions.

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